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Astrological Influences, February 2016: Outpour and Inflow of Abundance

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 1, 2019

Astrology for February 2019

The month has two distinct phases. With Mercury fully direct and a great New Moon in Aquarius, the beginning of the month is about doing, initiating, and connecting with people. It’s the time to finish what we plan to do “sometime in February”.

Later in the month, Mercury enters Pisces and then pre-retrograde shadow, and Sun enters Pisces, coupling with a Full Moon in Virgo—the Chaste Moon, to bring a time of intuition, introspection and healing of our thoughts and programming.

With the new Chinese Year of the Pig, Mars’ entrance in prosperous Taurus, and a Full Moon in grounded Virgo, February, from its extroverted beginnings to its introverted close, promises abundance.

As February begins, we’re emerging from an intense year’s beginning, marked by the call to mastery of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the shakeup of two Eclipses. On the one hand we feel more directed on our paths, and on the other, more aware of all the work we have yet to go, as well as a sense of forces at play that are beyond our personal power.

It’s good to remember that some of these forces are helpful. On February 1, Sun reaches its halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, marking Imbolc, which is followed on February 2 by Candlemas, also a celebration of the growing Sun. According to ancient Mayans, at this time of the year, the Sun’s rays reach into the earth, touching the kernel of life lying within seeds, and stirring them from their slumber. On a human level, this kernel symbolizes the achieving willpower that was reignited at Winter Solstice, when people would ask the newborn Sun to imbue them with its strength. Now, as the seed-kernel of our will and intentions is quickened by the Sun, the divine solar forces appear to celebrate our progress, and help us continue to rise in our best and highest intentions.

February is named for the goddess Februa, mother of Mars. And her restless son happens to make the month’s first major aspect: a square from Mars to Pluto that triggers energies of challenge. For the first three days of the month, it may help to remember this transit’s evolutionary opportunity. It pokes and prods us to consider our path of power and what we’re doing to move on it. Confrontation (goaded by Mars) can produce dire results now; but if we plan for some daily quiet, we’ll be able to breathe and regroup before moving forward. Moon will be at the last of her balsamic phase, which works with Pluto’s influence of termination: the most propitious actions will be for finishing something, setting a limit, or closing a cycle.

On Monday, February 4, we get an exciting New Moon in Aquarius. With Mercury in one of his fully-direct moments (the rare ones when he’s neither retrograde nor in some sort of shadow), we may choose to start a key project or seed a treasured intent. Special Aquarian areas are: friendship, mental and fraternal connection, ideals, the internet, intellect, groups, our life mission.

Some sample intentions for this portal:

I see myself with friendships that resonate with my ideals and stimulate me intellectually.

I imagine myself collaborating with others on sound projects that help the world and benefit all involved.

I would like to develop the potential of the internet to expand and promote my project for (business, healing, women’s rights, and so on).

I see myself developing and applying my intellectual gifts in the area of ________.

I intend to have an internet platform with (number of followers) by (date).

I visualize capable, influential people collaborating with efficacy and compassion for the collective welfare.

I imagine myself helping others as I fulfill my life mission with success and satisfaction.

We can also look at placement of Aquarius in the houses of our natal chart. In these areas, we need and express freedom, and this is an exciting portal to start something that expresses this impulse. With ruler Uranus at the end of its transit through Aries, the house ruled by Aries is also implicated. Between Aquarius and Aries, each Sun and rising sign has multiple areas in which to apply this injection of energy.

I’ve gathered them for your consideration below. As you read through and reflect on them, perhaps you’ll find a single intent that brings both houses into play. Also, Aries is the sign of one’s essence, so look for an urge for the freedom to express or be yourself that’s been pulling on your coattails since 2011, when  the rebel planet Uranus entered Aries. Since Uranus will be fully into Taurus next month, this portal gives us a sort of parting window to empower that intent.

Sun and Rising Sign Tips for the February 4 New Moon in Aquarius Portal


Confidence, self-image, taking the reins of your life, friends, cultural and idealistic groups, public service, your life mission.


Professional standing, key goals, public recognition, work, authority figures, contacts with life’s mysteries and the subtle world, faith, dream work, forgiveness, visualization….

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