The 2012 Galactic Alignment: Right There for All to See

by Linea Van Horn on May 1, 2012

2012 Galactic Alignment, visible in night sky

For the next several issues, I’ll be writing about the extraordinary sky alignment occurring now, during our lifetimes; an event so rare, it takes 30 years to complete and will take almost 26,000 years for it to repeat. I speak of the visible alignment of the winter solstice point of our familiar zodiac with the immense power of the center of our galaxy. It is this alignment the Mayans used as a foundation for their complex calendar system; a unique combination of individual cycles which interact with gear-like regularity and which will all concurrently end/begin anew at the same time, supposedly late in this very year.

While a whole cottage industry has sprung up around this 2012 event, most don’t realize that this alignment is very easy to observe once you know what to look for. Our cultural disconnect from the sky not only prevents us from seeing an exceptional and monumental astronomical event occurring right before our eyes, but we also entirely overlook the spiritual significance of the event.

It’s been almost ten years since I first presented this material in San Francisco, and that talk was based on several years of investigation. I’ve updated the information as I’ve learned more, and am excited and honored to have this new venue in which to discuss this alignment and its implications for all who seek to understand it. I’m incredulous that we are now here, at the point of maximum opening to the heart of our galaxy.

Our earth is being flooded with intense energy due to this alignment. From what I understand, Earth herself is drinking in this energy and preparing for a shift in dimension or consciousness, taking us earthlings with her, in a change never before attempted by any other planet. Apparently we are under the guidance and protection of many beings that are more evolved than we are. There are light-workers on the planet, working away, people whose job it is to absorb and transmute the intensity of these galactic energies so the rest of us don’t get fried. It’s my belief that there is an astrological signature for light-workers, which I will state in a later issue along with my reasoning for it.

Before we learn about modern-day happenings, however, let’s take a trip to the past.

In the Beginning

Electricity, that manifestation of a modern miracle, has literally transformed our night into day. For most of the vast expanse of human history, the night played a far more significant role in the lives of people than it does for us today. When the Sun went down, we were captive to the night sky. Candles, oil lamps and other means of making light were too precious to be used every day.

Familiarity with the night and the night sky was therefore not just commonplace but requisite. Their lives depended on it. The phase of the Moon meant the difference between being able to see enough to move around at night, or being deadlocked in darkness. The seasonal cycle of constellations was steady, rhythmic, and orderly, offering a way to measure and record time. The peculiar wandering stars, known today as planets, ambled on their own strange journeys, hither and thither, through the seasonal constellations.

And everywhere around the world, humans viewed the dome of the sky as the home of the gods and the source of all creation. Not just common folk, but shamans and spiritual leaders looked to the sky for guidance and timing and strove to make the heavens manifest here on earth.

Imagine Yourself in the Past…

…Any time and any place, where the idea of artificial light is not even in your consciousness. It is a warm autumn evening and you are outside in a large field as the Sun goes down. You take advantage of the fine weather and lay down to watch night fall and the stars appear. The Sun has dropped in the west leaving a faint glow on the horizon. The darkness of the night sky seems to envelope the heavens from above.

You see a faint star, and then another, and soon the sky is full of the twinkling orbs, more than you can count, some bright, some dim, becoming more and more numerous as the day fades away completely. Many stars seem to arrange themselves into patterns or pictures. As you watch, you can feel the motion of the dome of heaven like a tickling in your stomach. Barely perceivable, the entire sky seems to slowly slide overhead, following the Sun towards the west. Some stars are rising on the eastern horizon, invisible just a few minutes ago. In the opposite direction, other stars sink to the horizon, only to vanish until tomorrow.

In the Northern Sky,

…Something odd is happening. You can see the seven stars of the Great Bear walking the heavens. You’ve learned that two of her stars point to another very special star that does not move. Just the way your umbrella spins around its pole, the night sky seems to spin around this special stationary star, including the much-revered Great Bear Mother! It made you dizzy just thinking of it.

The High Man, harbinger of winter

The High Man, harbinger of winter

Down in the South,

…You notice a constellation rising that looks like a huge giant in the sky. He’s so big it’s impossible to miss. You can see his arms and feet. He has a belt of three bright stars in a row, and he even has a sword that hangs from his belt. The belt points to a very bright star which is supposed to be his dog. It’s even called the Dog Star! You know that this giant and his dog are harbingers of winter, and that soon the weather will be turning colder. You shiver.

Amid All the Stars

…Is that dim, misty band of dusty light rising up from one horizon, stretching overhead and down to the opposite side. It looks like some vast ghostly river. Tonight you can see a part that is noticeably wider and even brighter than the rest of this milky band of light. Three bright stars form a triangle around it, and there’s a dark part in the middle, the light splitting into two streams around it, just like an island in a river. The shaman says this river of light holds special power and is the pathway of the gods.

Milky Way and the Summer Triangle

Milky Way and the Summer Triangle

It is this River of Light that holds the key to the 2012 Alignment. Next month we’ll explore much more about this special place in the sky and begin to see why we live in such an extraordinary time. It’s no mistake you are here right now. Good work on getting here! Your life matters more than you realize, because you are planting seeds which will last for thousands of years. Blessings to you and yours!


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Jamie December 27, 2012 at 11:19 pm

Hi, I enjoyed this article very much. And I was struck by the words used – astrological signature for light workers. Have you an article about it yet ? If so, where might I find it? Many thanks, Jamie

niradhara December 26, 2012 at 6:56 pm

thank you for your input on this Linea. i did a 2012 solstice puja at the baneshwar and sapt matrika temples a few days ago. sapt matrika mandir is dedicated to the 7 mothers or pleiadies about 3 or 4 km from the center of the universe baneshwar mandir. i live right inbetween the 2. you ought to come check it out sometime!

Linea Van Horn May 22, 2012 at 9:18 am

Dr. Mari — Thank you for your comment. While I am not personally aware of the ley line or energy axis you mention, the things you mention, such as structures that mirror the sky and intense electromagnetic energies, are exactly the features that identify sacred locations worldwide. There is a distinct connection between the North Star (center of our sky) and the Galactic Center (center of our galaxy). Orion marks the Milky Way on the opposite side — the Galactic Edge, if you will, as my friend and colleague Daniel Giamario has named it. It certainly sounds like the site you mention is designed to point to and celebrate these connections. Blessings to you and yours.

Claudia Johnson May 11, 2012 at 7:46 am

Great work Linea–on all fronts. Thank you.

Rev. Niradhara Mari May 9, 2012 at 3:20 am

are you familiar with Baneshwar, the temple in the middle of Narmada River in Maheshwar MP India? fully named Baneshwar Mahadev Mandir (Temple). if you could please inform me where it is written in the Vedic scriptures that a heavenly line – like an axis – from the North Star passes through this temple to the earth’s centre or variously according to the storyteller, it goes thru the galactic centre – the ‘Centre of the Universe’ is its commonly known name in English. there is also a strong connection to this place and the belt of Orion in my Guru tradition and a scientific energy test was ordered of this point which recorded electromagnetic energy levels off the charts – i believe 385,000 bovis units. i wonder if you might know about this or verify this axis or line?

Linea Van Horn May 6, 2012 at 5:00 pm

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I’m thrilled to have a new venue in which to share this information.

David — I first read about this alignment in 1998 in an article in Mountain Astrologer, but I can’t remember the fellow’s name right now who wrote it. Daniel Giamario and Bruce Scofield were on to it very early and piqued my interest. The alignment was getting underway at that time. It is peaking now, at maximum aperture, if you will, and then will close gradually. That’s why it’s important to act now to take advantage of the greatest opening. I’ll have suggestions for what that means in coming articles, but essentially it is this: Fear not! Release baggage and hangups. Be the best person you can be and plant really good seeds. This alignment is not directly related to the oscillation you speak of, but one of the precessional changes rarely mentioned occurs in declination (see my talk called “Declination: Why Should You Care?” at UAC!), which affects where on the horizon constellations rise and set, and how high they get in the sky. Right now, they are at their northernmost declination, or highest position possible. Gradually over the next 13000 years they will shift southward.

Joelle — there is a very mystical and ancient connection between the Pleiades and the Great Bear, although they are not near each other in the sky. The Great Bear does indeed mark the celestial north pole, around which all other stars rotate (see image in this month’s article). The Pleiades mark both the ecliptic or path of the sun/earth, as well as the Milky Way or our home galaxy. Thus they are both related to highly creative and cosmically important zones in the sky.

I have tons of information on the Milky Way and your questions have encouraged me to write that up, once I finish these pieces on the Galactic Alignment. Blessings, everyone, on this beautiful Weesak Moon. Till soon!

Anne Sweeney May 5, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Linea, thank you for such a beautiful, enchanting piece of writing and for sharing this knowledge with love and enthusiasm.
I was already feeling very attunded to the great cosmic web on this Wesak Scorpio Full Moon – and especially after a liberating Beltanine ceremony – when I came across your article on the alignment and it just added to the wonder!
Its’s so exciting and you make it so with your love and your knowledge.
Linea – you are now in ‘my favourites’. Thank you!

Joelle Brink May 5, 2012 at 7:23 am

Hi Linea,

Recent archaeological research has shown that the new and old world pyramids were all aligned to the Pleiades/Great Bear, probably because it appears stationery in the night sky and thus served as a fixed orientation point for their various astrological systems. There is a lot of lore about the individual stars of the Pleiades in those cultures that were attuned to it. Along with Venus Lucifer , some of them were regarded as portents of war.

Needless to say there’s also a lot of lore about the Milky Way. I look forward to your next post in Skywatch.



D R Bitgood May 4, 2012 at 11:31 pm

Very nicely written. Leaves me thirsting for the next installment.
From your research, when did Earth’s 30 yr. transit of the GC begin?
Is this phenomena related in anyway, to the solar system’s oscilation
above & below the galactic plane? Thanking you so much in advance, for fielding these questions …if you have the time. David.

Betty Taylor May 4, 2012 at 8:04 am

I hope this gets to all those who need to see it!
This presentation just gets better and better.
Thank you.

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