Spectacular Night Skies

by Susan Pomeroy on August 1, 2014

Atacama Night Sky, European Southern Observatory

Incredible night-sky images from the clear skies of Chile’s Atacama Desert.

Don Pettit - Christoph Malin - time-lapse photography from ISS

Beyond-words video of the earth and sky from space, using Dr. Don Pettit’s innovative photography from the International Space Station.

Astrology of Galactic Alignment of 2012

Why 2012 marks a major shift in Earth’s evolution.

Milky Way Galaxy, galactic rift, summer solstice ritual

Now is the season to look up at our own Milky Way and spot the upcoming Galactic Center alignment.

Namibian night sky

View the night sky as few today have ever seen it, in this incredible time-lapse video from Namibia.

2012 Galactic Alignment, visible in night sky

We can actually see the 26,000-year 2012 Alignment, clearly visible in our night skies.


Our starry skies offer rich and easy viewing pleasure this month.