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Daily Astrology March 2019, Daykeeper’s Daily Success Guide

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 1, 2019

Daily Astrology, March 2019 - Daykeeper Daily Success Guide

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

Daily Astrological Forecast, March 1–25, 2019

Friday, March 1

Early this morning, social Venus squares rebel Uranus; even Moon in Capricorn might lose her cool. If you’re able to keep yours, this is actually a highly creative aspect that can give a creative edge, fueling work and people connections with passion.

The Venus, the love planet, also joins wounded-healer Chiron, great for healing co-dependence and issues around self-esteem, financial freedom and independence.

With waning Moon joining strict Saturn and intense Pluto, the tone is serious. And today’s numerology of 1 sparks our desire to get things done. Organize, tie up details for a business deal, get a permit, balance the checkbook, set a limit, attend a 12-step group, practice mindful listening and patient learning.

Independent work is favored over partying or team activities, unless you have a great, creative partnership with someone focused and productive.

In general, be particularly selective of the company you keep.

I’m worthy of financial freedom and I strategize for it now.

Saturday, March 2

If you have work or business to do, get it done this morning, when Moon in executive Capricorn makes a comfortable sextile to Mercury in creative Pisces. Communications, writing and promotion go great before 10:47 am (1:47 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC. Get on track with goals, follow up on messages, calls and people connections. Clear the decks to focus on intentions and goals for Wednesday’s New Moon.

At 11:06 am (2:06 pm ET), Moon enters Aquarius, accenting the potential of today’s sextiles from both Venus and Moon to Chiron, the wounded healer.

Now, we can do something meaningful to apply the healing energy of love: journal, go to therapy, follow through on the intention to help someone, connect with our inner child, seek out someone close to our souls, pray for the children.

No child in the world is truly alone or without support and protection. The Divine Guardian is with them all, watching over them, supporting them, defending them and moving in whatever way is necessary to insure their spiritual, emotional and physical integrity now.

Sunday, March 3

If you’re in need of down time, take it now. Moon in Aquarius brings out our creativity and independence. Towards the end of her cycle, and making a square to feisty Mars in stubborn Taurus, she’s apt to forget her social skills. We can use today to read, research non-official versions, retouch a creative project, edit, or do armchair activism.

If you do go on an adventure, keep it low-key. Save proving your point for another day; avoid an unnecessary argument.

I honor my inner voice, and take time to listen now.

Monday, March 4

Today’s constructive numerology of 4 helps us direct the expansive potential of a sextile from Moon to Jupiter in productive ways.

We can finish something, reconnect with friends and clients, give or take a class, find inspiration for writing, production or teaching, and do PR.

Midday is particularly propitious for promotion and communication.

I release others to their true place, and I flow with my true good now.

Tuesday, March 5

Moon enters Pisces in the wee hours, connecting us with the energy of tomorrow’s New Moon portal.

Mercury stations to go retrograde, opening a vortex to non-linear thought that is best used for meditation and connection with light beings.

Ponder your intentions for tomorrow’s New Moon, and begin to create the images you’ll use to support them.

Guardian angel, please direct me in visualizing the highest and the best beginnings now.

Wednesday, March 6

At 8:04 am (11:04 ET), the New Moon in Pisces opens a portal to begin anew. A conjunction from both Moon and Sun to ruler Neptune intensifies Moon’s otherworldly vibrations, while sextiles to both Mars and Saturn provide outlets for practical action and manifestation in work, creativity, and anything that needs a magical touch.

Today’s numerology of 6, related to Jupiter and abundance, makes this a highly fortuitous day to renew our intention and efforts, particularly for something related to sleep habits, dream work, being able to act on our dreams, finding happiness, centering in love and compassion, connecting with angels and spirit guides, achieving forgiveness, overcoming procrastination or an addiction, releasing past ties and situations from the past.

The Sabian symbol for New Moon at 15-16 Pisces says:

A HAPPY CREW IS REPAIRING BEACH PIERS WRECKED BY STORMS. Constructive results of apparently destructive forces. Stimulus to new accomplishment; glad response to needed work.

I invoke my guardian angel and spirit guides to renew my enthusiasm and help me work with what I have now.

Thursday, March 7

Moon in Pisces is great for creating constructive images in relation to intentions for yesterday’s New Moon.

It also favors meditation, dream work, prayer, intuitive consultations, forgiveness, blessing water and contact with light beings. Or make and enjoy music, poetry, or another artistic genre, enter the watery element and go for a swim, or meet with a soulmate or spiritual group.

At 11:08 am (2:08 pm), Moon goes VOC, although in the sign of the fish she continues to perform, entering Aries at 12:27 pm (3:27 ET). Her conjunction to Chiron can bring out the Aries ram’s touchy side, but if we pause to connect, it can light the way to healing self-esteem and recovering our confidence.

Pisces/Aries/healing activities favored under this configuration: journal and meditate to keep your cool, take a bold step to manifest your New Moon’s intent, exercise, get a physical or a tune-up for the car, knock on a door you had tried before, take your teenager to a tryout, finish a proposal.

I consult my center and act on my guidance now.

Friday, March 8

Waxing Moon in Aries makes an early sextile to sweet Venus, giving a touch of charm and possibly lust to our interchanges. Serve yourself to your partner for breakfast, send someone flowers, or go on an adventurous brunch date: a picnic hike, a ferry trip to the city or a visit to a new restaurant just to try it.

Today’s powerful numerology of 8 and the strength of a sextile from Sun to constructive Saturn can facilitate a breakthrough in work, business or another practical concern.

Now is the time to take a step towards our dreams, get something done, do physical work that requires skill but not necessarily patience, or to get both our nerve and our presentation together and contact someone in a key position we had tried to get through to sometime before February 20, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow.

I don’t give up on myself. I move forward in whatever way I can now.

Saturday, March 9

Moon in restless Aries makes morning squares to heavies Saturn and Pluto. These tense transits can precipitate an unnecessary upset or even an accident. Sleep in, walk around the yard or block, or do a chore that takes an act of will.

At 9:14 am (12:14 pm ET), Moon trines Jupiter, then goes VOC for the rest of the day. Although this influence doesn’t support satisfying outcomes, it brings a certain cheer that can be enjoyed by sharing a table game or a low-risk adventure. It also works for decluttering in preparation for the productive Moon in Taurus that begins at 11:10 pm (2:10 am ET).

I make a space for joy, and enjoy my freedom now.

Sunday, March 10

This is a creative day. Today’s numerology of 1 works with the waxing Moon to favor doing something different or original. A sextile from dynamic Mars in grounded Taurus to Neptune in dreamy Pisces facilitates intuitively guided action, particularly for others in need or for a mystical or creative endeavor. And, Moon in fertile Taurus connects with ruler Venus to bring out her most romantic and artistic side.

Favored: make a dream board for romance or prosperity, do inner and magical work to improve self-esteem, enjoy singing or music, take in an art exhibit, share a good meal, work on business or something else intended to last.

People connections are better this afternoon than tomorrow morning, although the Mars-Neptune connection calls for a certain caution with charming strangers.

Avoid driving on rainy roads or while under the influence.

Before going to sleep, make sure you have a journal or notebook on hand to write down tonight’s dreams.

We are surrounded and shielded by Omnipotent Grace, now and always. Thank you, Mother-Father.

Monday, March 11

With Moon sextile Neptune, early morning is great for dream interpretation, visualization, prayer, and contact with light-beings.

As for connecting with others, since Moon also joins feisty Mars, it’s better to wait until after 11:34 am (2:34 pm ET), when Moon trines Saturn, followed by fortuitous aspects to Sun, Pluto and Jupiter that make this afternoon great for business, refinancing a home, or for that matter, anything requiring confidence, change, and power.

I am made in the image and likeness of power, and I’m doing important things now.

Tuesday, March 12

Yesterday’s great energy of accomplishment continues early this morning, until Moon leaves Taurus and enters Gemini.

Moon is in sextile to wounded healer Chiron. With these energies, we can focus on communications that heal—repeat mantras and affirmations, present a proposal or idea that we presented before, journal, follow up on calls to siblings and friends, bless a wand, and share messages related to our life purpose.

Wand blessing (repeat while holding your wand or power stick):
I bless you, dear wand, and consecrate you to channel my spirit power now.

Wednesday, March 13

This is a power day, with Sun in imaginative Pisces in sextile to intense Pluto and square expansive Jupiter. Moon in busy Gemini connects with Venus and Neptune, planets of personal and spiritual love.

Today’s numerology of 4 wants to direct it all constructively, while tomorrow morning’s trine from dynamic Mars to Saturn the builder puts drive into our work. We can channel these energies by: scheduling a meeting with someone influential, starting to consult a coach or therapist, presenting an idea or proposal (with Mercury in shadow, present it again), pushing through resistance to follow up on important communications or documents, relaunching a promotion, or making an activist move or statement.

Devotional activities and connections with light beings are also quite effective.

I am agent of universal good, and I move in that certainty now.

Thursday, March 14

In one of the year’s most auspicious aspects for productive action, Mars’ trine to Saturn perfects this morning. Use it to move on something related to business, health, finances or success.

Gemini Moon emphasizes communications: share ideas and follow up on contacts related to the intentions clarified at last week’s New Moon.

Moon reaches her First Quarter at 3:30 am (6:30 ET), going VOC for the next several hours and triggering the Sabian symbol for 23-24 Gemini:

CAREFREE CHILDREN SKATE OVER A SMOOTHLY FROZEN POND. Capacity to use every opportunity, even in the hardest environments, for self-recreation or relaxation. Appreciation.

We can make a pause to find joy—or enjoyment—in the midst of our challenges. Remember to leave important actions and purchases for after 2:49 pm (5:49 ET), when Moon enters Cancer.

A sextile to Uranus in prosperous Taurus can be stimulating and productive, although there’s a potential for touchiness or, with Sun joining Mercury in intuitive Pisces, for being oversensitive. However, this combination is quite intuitive, and we can use it well to retouch a promotion, connect with clients, in prayer, consulting a medium, oracle or angel, or praying for ourselves and others.

Affirmation (this is particularly powerful if done before going to bed, while envisioning your Guardian Angel embracing you with its wings or your guides floating above you):
I call on my guides to show me what I need to know for my healing now.

Friday, March 15

This is another sensitive day, with Moon in receptive Cancer in trine to mystical Neptune, and Mercury in psychic Pisces square Jupiter, planet of angels.

Daytime is great for re-launching a promotion, creating a dream board to visualize intentions, and communication with others for work, altruism or creative endeavors. Make calls, send messages, but be selective, as yesterday’s psychic portal is still in force.

Evening is best for reading in bed or enjoying creativity on your own.

We are not exposed to any harmful influence, the Divine Guardian watches over us now and always.

Saturday, March 16

If you need to research or persuade others of something, this morning’s sextile from Mercury the messenger to Pluto the powerful opens a perfect window. It also facilitates using words for healing (conversations, writing, therapy, mantras and affirmations), as well as psychic consultations (although with Pluto in the picture, handle with care).

Moon in Cancer connects with confident Jupiter and Sun, helping us express our needs and create warmth and atmosphere for those we are with, whether we’re there to help, sell to, negotiate with, or accompany them.

At 5:57 pm (8:57 ET) Moon enters Leo, sign of divas, followed by a rebel-without-a-cause square to Uranus in Taurus. With the strong, fixed nature of both signs, it’s safer to keep to keep a low profile and save romance, socializing and PR for another day. Play solitaire, work on an independent creative activity, do crossword puzzles, or write in your journal.

Archangel Chamuel, please fill my connections with your rays of harmony and love now.

Sunday, March 17

Moon in Leo can give a touch of flare to “St. Patrick’s Day”, the national day of Ireland. According to Nigel Pennick in The Pagan Book of Days, this was originally the day of Trefuilngid Tre-Eochair, a divinity who was later Christianized (note how the early name includes the word tree). Barbara Walker in The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects says that this god in turn descended from an earlier, triune goddess. The god was related to the shamrock because he produced “three basic kinds of beneficial trees.”

We can honor these and all the spirits of Spring by planting a tree, hugging trees, praying for them, and taking part in activist measures to support one or many of our green friends.

An evening sextile from Mercury to Mars gives force to our communications. Promote a product or cause, tackle editing, or insist on a connection you tried making before.

The forests of the world are not alone or without protection, the Divine Guardian watches over them, shielding them, caring for them and moving in whatever way is necessary to protect them and help them now.

Monday, March 18

If you can, take a break for fun. Moon in playful Leo makes undiplomatic aspects this morning, before making a trine to Jupiter at 8:19 am (11:19 ET), and going VOC for most of the day. A spring ritual, an informal brunch party, a matinee, enjoying romance or friendship—any (or all!) of these can be especially enjoyable today. Do all or any in a spirit of relaxation and without much concern for the outcome.

At 6:41 pm (9:41 ET), it’s back to business as Moon enters Virgo, making a trine to Uranus that unleashes our mental aptitudes. Study, design or retouch a strategy, edit copy or another key text. Do something that requires speedy thought or haste.

In the One Mind, all thoughts are already formed, and perfect thoughts flow to me and through me, now and always.

Tuesday, March 19

Moon in Virgo makes a great day for spring cleaning and decluttering, organizing garden or yard. An afternoon contact with Chiron is great for doing something practical related to healing: establish and renew a diet, hygiene or exercise regime, or get dental work or surgery retouched (not something new, with Mercury retrograde).

Other harmonious options: fix something, troubleshoot and help, reorganize the desk, analyze, volunteer, finish an old project or give something a final touch.

Take care not to project your stuff onto others, or be overly critical.

I get concrete with wellness, and wellness becomes concrete for me, here and now.

Wednesday, March 20

This high-powered day includes two power portals: Spring Equinox and the Super Full Moon in Libra. Moon’s productive moments are either early or late, with a long VOC in between.

It’s wise to start with meditation or journaling, so that the trine from pushy Mars to intense Pluto doesn’t knock us off center. If we are in harmony and think things through, this aspect can lead to breakthrough results from a bold step we take. Also, with Mercury’s early sextile to Saturn, our words and communications leave a lasting mark. This is a perfect moment to solidify a proposal or seek out someone in a position to make a difference.

Steer clear of emotional blackmail or manipulative dynamics (Mars/Pluto pitfalls).

We’re best to work early, since Moon goes VOC at 8:22 am (11:22 ET). She does this on a square to Jupiter, planet of angels, empowering Virgo’s mission to serve. This influence is the backdrop of the Sun’s entrance into Aries at 2:59 pm (5:59 pm), marking the Vernal Equinox, a crossroads of the ascending Sun, known in pagan lore as Alban Eilir or Ostara.

In Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, this annual quarter was associated with the New Year, a time when the goddess would symbolically conceive the solar child to be born at the next Winter Solstice. It’s a day burgeoning with fertility. The ancient Mexica did a ritual to bless the young corn; and they would also review personal progress on intentions seeded at the previous Winter Solstice. With the Moon VOC, the portal is best applied in subtle ways: praying for the planet, meditating on your progress since last Winter Solstice, connecting with plant spirits.

We can get back in gear when Moon enters Libra at 6:28 pm (9:28 ET). She becomes full just 15 minutes later. Although the Full Moon is usually a time of culmination, this is the Seed Moon, associated with new life and beginnings. Her energy is great for gardening and for anything related to personal growth. At the zero Libra, she opposes the Equinox Sun, taking a double shot at so-called critical “Aries degree”. Things we start now can have long-reaching effects.

The Sabian symbol describes:

PIERCED BY A DART OF LIGHT A BUTTERFLY IS MADE PERFECT. The symbolic death that is an initiation into spiritual reality and wisdom. Sudden awakening, coming for inner light.

As for Moon’s aspects: Libra’s feisty side is brought into relief by a grand trine involving Luna, restless Mars, persistent Saturn and demanding Pluto. Sun joins wounded healer Chiron. This active, intense portal calls for sobriety. Look at what bothers you, see what you may be projecting onto others, assume your shadows, and commit to multiplied efforts in work and healing. Act on them tonight.

I bless the plants of Spring, and ask them to imbue me with their spirit of growth now.

Thursday, March 21

The excitement continues as Venus in Aquarius makes a fixed, wee-hour square to Mars in Taurus. Contacts can generate tension, although a morning sextile from charming Venus to Jupiter, planet of angels and promotion, favors promotion, altruism, business, and connecting with angels. Still, group and internet activities tend to flow more smoothly than one-on-one.

With Mars making an afternoon quincunx to Jupiter, avoid coming on too strong. Use Libra Moon’s aspects to dreamy Neptune and Mercury in Pisces to create beauty through writing or artistic expression.

Angels of connection, please guide to maintain a high wavelength in my relationships now.

Friday, March 22

Tense aspects and a long VOC make today best for inner, creative work and healing.

Try to make people connections between 8:59 am (11:59 ET), when Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter, and 11:10, when she goes VOC on a trine to Venus. After that, cultivate love for your body, your space and yourself, and enjoy the healing power of beauty.

Moon finally gets back on course at 7:16 pm (10:16 ET), when she enters Scorpio and makes an opposition to Uranus the rebel. Enjoy an action film at home, do crossword puzzles, and write to your representative.

We’ll do best to save outings and connections requiring charm for another day.

I enjoy beauty, and its energy lifts my vibration now.

Saturday, March 23

Moon in Scorpio favors inner work and enjoying nature, a deep talk or passionate encounter. We may also use Scorpio’s courageous and deep-digging powers to do research, back something up we feel strongly about, close a cycle, declutter, visit a therapist, attend a 12-step group, or consult an oracle, psychic or spirit guides.

Avoid superficial gatherings. Meditation and forgiveness will help us avoid the potentially aggressive outbursts of Scorpio Moon.

I release myself and others from judgment, and radiate love to all now.

Sunday, March 24

This morning, Moon’s sextiles with constructive Saturn and ruler Pluto in grounded Capricorn bring out the productive potential of this Scorpio Moon. Using this deep, intense energy, we can attend/participate in a healing event, close a cycle, make a life-altering decision, apply courage to change, and move toward a major goal.

Do it by midday (early afternoon ET); Moon opposes co-ruler Mars this afternoon, best applied in downtime, journaling, enjoying nature or taking a hot bath. Avoid potentially risky situations or unnecessary arguments.

At 7:24 pm (10:24 ET), Moon goes VOC on a square to Venus, making for sweeter, relaxed, sensual evening.

At 11:06 pm (2:06 am ET), Moon enters Sag, calling us (perhaps despite the hour) to thought and action.

I stop waiting for people and situations, and move to manifest my intentions now.

Monday, March 25

Moon in Sagittarius trines Sun, bolstering confidence and facilitating emotional expression. Today’s numerology of 7 favors intellectual focus. Have brunch with friends, connect with light beings, renew a foreign contact, take or give a seminar or lesson, speak your truth, design an alternative strategy to accomplish a goal or manifest an intent, knock on the door of a publisher or colleague you’ve sought out in the past, go for a hike or to the gym.

And… avoid overdoing things!

I invite the Divine Mind to prosper through me now.

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