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Astrological Influences, July 2018: The Light Within the Stone

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 1, 2018

Astrological Influences, July 2018: The Light Within the Stone

July is a time to relax, to get off the grid. Or is it? Actually, this month, with two eclipses dripping with intensity and special appearances from Jupiter, Mars, Chiron and Pluto, it’s time to awaken our power and help heal the world. Let’s see when and how.

To begin at the beginning, if you have proposals to send, or something important to start, buy or communicate, particularly something new, do it before July 8, when Mercury enters shadow.

Chiron turns retrograde on the Fourth of July, and also takes a hit from the Moon, giving a different flavor to this supposedly patriotic holiday and its connection to the US Solar Return.

Chiron retrograde is a great time to look at hidden wounds and heal them. The scandal about migrant children will continue throughout this cycle, bringing to light the country’s contradictions and the shadow side of its influences for mothers and families. The Statue of Liberty is a beautiful symbol of the Universal Mother that reflects the country’s Cancer Sun and Aquarius Moon, but she has some strange business going on under her stone skirt.

The so-called “immigration issue” is broader than meets the eye. Each year, thousands of migrants sojourn north, braving hunger, inclemency, exhaustion, and human and drug traffickers, in a desperate search for a better life, or even survival. Some say that the US has no obligation to absorb people from other countries who end up taking jobs away from its citizens. Ironically, the jobs they take are often scoffed at by Americans. What’s more startling: the poverty and violence that move those people to run from their countries are often fomented by covert operations involving the US (some of which are described in John Perkins’ The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man). As big-mouth Jupiter transits Scorpio, sign of shadows, we will continue to see the secrets of these wounds, and their healing potential.

July is a month of motherhood and patriotic sentiments, yet celebrations this year will be less about ice cream cones—much as we love ‘em—and more about ventilating the shame hidden under Lady Liberty’s skirts, with protests overriding the traditional parades and fairs.  Chiron retrograde is in Aries, within orb of the zero point; the wounds and healing will have to do with the military, masculine energy, the underside of these forces, and on an evolutionary level, retrieving our lost essence.

Just one day later, on Thursday, July 5, Sun trines Jupiter. This transit is auspicious on a personal level (check our Daily Success Guide for details). As for the collective, with the planet of publicity shining its spotlight through Scorpio’s shadow, we can expect more secrets about this situation to come to light, including….

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