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General Astrological Influences: Return of the Goddess and the True God, June 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2018

astrological forecast, june 2018

This month of midyear takes its name from Juno, a Mother Goddess with numerous faces: Juno Fortuna, Goddess of Fate; Juno Regina, Queen of Heaven; Juno Lucina, Goddess of Celestial Light; Juno Moneta, goddess of financial prosperity; Juno Populonia, Mother of the People… and so on. She was once a central figure, but as patriarchy encroached, she was relegated to a role as protector of women, which no doubt had become quite necessary at that time.

Like the warm, easy days of newly minted summer, this goddess is at once fertile, luminous, sexy, bright, protective and magical. As the month begins, the stars favor her potential for sweetness, intuition and prosperity.

Besides such magic, direct action is favored through June 26, when dynamic Mars goes retrograde, shifting our assertiveness inward, as we will see further on.

In fact on Friday, June 1, the Mars, the King of Motion, jumps to attention with a trine from Mercury the messenger, ruler of Sun in Gemini. If you have an idea to share, a promotion to launch or a proposal you’ve been holding back on for lack of confidence, get it out.

The entire weekend is good for promotion, as well as for art, and Eros. Venus, planet of love and prosperity, trines Jupiter; a romantic, sexy combination that lasts through Saturday, June 2, and favors starting a relationship, meeting new people, anything requiring charm, harmony and diplomacy. On the next day, the goddess planet trines Neptune, stoking the fires of creativity and love—both spiritual and romantic.

Don’t set that microphone down just yet. On Tuesday, June 5, Sun joins Mercury in Gemini, air sign of its rule. Fully apply your verbal abilities to something important, and think before you speak. Care is doubly in order since on this day, affectionate Venus opposes intense Pluto. Inner work, writing, self-dialogue and web promotions are more propitious than situations requiring personal interaction or PR, because direct contact may devolve into power struggles or obsessions. Try generating love for yourself, for others, and for prosperity itself, or in some way working on financial programs and relationship patterns (you’ll find affirmations for this in our Daily Success Guide).  If a challenging situation appears, work on your thoughts to overcome your sense of vulnerability; things will work out and you will gain mental power in the process.

Mindfulness still applies on Wednesday, June 6, when mental Mercury squares Neptune, planet of blur. We can create great affirmations and mantras, soften our attitudes through metta and forgiveness, and contact the angels, but contacts with those often slow folk called humans can be confusing or disappointing.

Fourth Quarter Moon in Pisces

Life—and interactions—become easier for the next several days. We should focus on speaking our minds, and promoting our message, ideas, or for that matter, products or services before Tuesday, June 12, when Mercury moves from Gemini into sensitive Cancer, our thoughts and connections take on a more emotional tone, and summer’s intuitive magic glows more brightly.

The next 17 days are good for therapy, dream work, making a daily date with our inner voice (and releasing hypersensitive reactions that can be triggered by this transit), developing empathy, expressing our emotions, and keeping an intuitive diary. The sign of the crab has a Midas touch for business, so sales and contacts with key clients are also favored, particularly before June 26, when promoter-planet Mars goes retrograde.

Speaking of voices, on June 13, we have an important chance to start anew, particularly in communication, thanks to the Supermoon in Gemini. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 23 Gemini is:

THREE FLEDGLINGS LOOK OUT PROUDLY FROM THEIR HIGH NEST.  Conscious self-establishment in the soul and its 3-fold nature. Innate self-confidence. Superiority of real being.

Blending tones of Gemini and Cancer, reason and intuition, this lunation presages the other-worldly glow of Summer Solstice. In the New Moon chart, ruler Mercury triggers the Aries point at the beginning of Cancer. What we begin now can leave a special mark. Attitudes and actions of nurturance and self-nurturance are favored. Ruler Mercury in trine to Uranus favors applying our latent brilliance, and finding favorable collaborators, spiritual family or windows for our work or cause. We need to knock on that door and be mindful of unexpected opportunity that may arise.

The following tips are designed to help choose specific ways of applying this lunation, according to Sun and rising sign….

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