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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, March 1–31, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 1, 2018

Daily Success Guide with Affirmations for March, 2018

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, March 2017

Thursday, March 1

Two trines, one from Moon to solid Saturn, and the other from charming Venus to fortunate Jupiter, make this a great morning for progress and fun, particularly in business or promotional activities. These aspects also grace the chart of today’s Full Moon, which becomes precise at 4:51 pm (7:51 ET) by amplifying its helpful influence and giving staying power to the magic we make and the actions we take at this portal.

Full Moons are more about consolidating than beginning something, but these aspects can trigger positive change and help us make the most of the last week before Mercury enters retrograde-shadow on March 8. If we have something to launch or start, we should try to do it from now through Saturday, March 3.

At 11:23 Virgo, Luna activates the following Sabian symbol:

BRIDE, LAUGHING, SCOLDS THE GROOM WHO LIFTED HER VEIL. Disclosure of the hidden fruitions of nature for him who dares and loves. Full appreciation of life.

As the last Full Moon before Spring Equinox, this is the Chaste or Lenten Moon, a portal that helps us purify our physical surroundings and clarify our focus. Its pagan names coincide with the energies of Matronalia, an ancient Roman fest for this date. It marked the beginning of a retreat practiced by women who would go into the woods and fast in preparation for the coming of Spring.

Men were not allowed to take part in the ritual, which was connected to the coming agricultural season but also, on an esoteric level, with the need for purification of the physical realm (Virgo) in order to attend our soul (Pisces Sun). Removing one’s feminine self to the forest responds to the cyclical need to set limits on worldly interaction, symbolically invoking chastity in order to ground Pisces’ energy of grace. This dedication prepares us to precipitate renewal when Sun enters Aries.

The following questions can help us find ways to partake of this portal:

  • How can you create a context to take care of your inner and outer needs?
  • What situations are distracting you from your soul path?
  • What practical measures can you take to sort out the chaff of fantasy from the wheat of effective action?
  • How can you simplify your space and/or daily life to facilitate deep wellness?

With the Venus-Jupiter trine in water signs, good feelings and fortune surge, as do loving expression, romance, connections with light beings, and alliances for altruistic or business endeavors.

Full Moons are about consolidation, yet this one’s blessing is such that it can help us take advantage of the last days of Mercury full direct. If you want to move forward on something new, try to do it from March 1-3.

Chaste Mother, please strengthen, guide and support me to free my attention from the mirage of the world and ground my soul intentions now.

Friday, March 2

A trine from mental Mercury to expansive Jupiter perfects today, lifting our thoughts to the frequency of angels, and empowering mantras, prayers, communications, promotions, teachings, legal and business initiatives and just about everything related to getting the word out.

We can prepare our minds, vibration and message during the morning, when interactions may be a bit choppy, and connect with others this afternoon, from 12:40 pm (3:40 ET), when the grounded Virgo Moon will contact fortunate Jupiter, verbal Mercury and charming Venus, until 3:50 pm (6:50 pm ET) when it goes VOC.

Evening favors decluttering the desk and bookcase, journaling, researching extra-official versions, and self-healing.

My words are not just ideas, they are doors of power that allow grace to bring forth miracles, here and now.

Saturday, March 3

The creative energy of today’s number 3 supports the creative aptitudes of Moon in Libra, facilitating harmonious collaboration, artwork, design and anything related to beautification. Libra Moon squares demanding Saturn in organized Capricorn—a cardinal meeting that isn’t propitious for romance or relaxed relating, but does stoke the fires of productivity

It’s a good time to simplify décor, improve one’s space, steer clear of dubious socializing, and seek out a consultant, collaborator or dear one who wants to see you succeed.

I am committed to achieving mastery and this certainty attracts supportive situations and people to me now.

Sunday, March 4

This is the first Sunday of the month of renewal, and it offers a stellar portal to generate healing love.

Our local star joins dreamy Neptune, and pensive Mercury conjuncts love-planet Venus (ruling the Moon in sweet Libra), all in compassionate Pisces, ruled by Neptune. This is the perfect time to journal, enjoy sacred music, or a moving film.

Mercury and Venus also both conjoin Chiron, the wounded healer. Invoke the angels and light beings, and practice your favorite form of heart-centered meditation, affirmations or mantras. Nature is a particularly appropriate setting, and we may enjoy sharing such practices with friends.

At 10:19 pm (1:18 am ET), Moon goes VOC on an opposition to upstart Uranus. If tonight happens to be restless, focus on independent creative work or read.

Divine love pours through my mind and heart, healing my body, mind and world, here and now.

Monday, March 5

Despite the waning Moon phase, today offers a good window to decide and act on change, or even start something new, before Mercury enters pre-retrograde shadow on Thursday, March 8.

The pioneering numerology of today’s number 5 connects with the co-ruler of Moon in Scorpio; her harmony to constructive Saturn gives our actions staying power. We can and should set something related to long-term plans in motion, negotiate for better conditions, get surgery for cyst or tissue removal, or plan and set a limit.

If you wish to forgive someone, ask for forgiveness, or somehow harmonize a connection, do so on this last day of Mercury’s transit through compassionate Pisces. The tone of our thinking and interactions becomes sharper, less empathetic and more dynamic after Mercury enters passionate Aries at 11:34 pm (2:34 am ET).

Guardian angel, please help me use all my talents and skills to move on the change I seek, here and now.

Tuesday, March 6

Moon in Scorpio, sign of courage and change, helps us make the most of this second-to-last day before Mercury enters pre-retrograde shadow. Scorpio Moon harmonizes with Neptune and Sun, accentuating our powers of creativity and healing, while today’s numerology of 6 favors prosperity and family connections.

Venus enters Aries this afternoon, following Mercury’s footsteps as she triggers the critical zero point, and giving special, long-reaching power to our efforts to initiate contacts or a creative project. Favored activities include starting therapy, channeling light beings, consulting a psychic or astrologer, presenting good ideas, acting on an investment, or moving forward on a business venture.

My bold actions trigger the universal force of motion, and in one way or another, the right doors open now.

Wednesday, March 7

Moon goes VOC in the wee hours, making it best to save key actions or purchases for after 2:03 pm (5:03 ET), when she enters Sagittarius, then makes trines to both Mercury the communicator and social Venus. The latter two are in energetic Aries, generating a flow of enthusiasm that empowers us to do something requiring confidence.

For instance! Start a relationship or go to a party or another activity where you might meet someone new. Move on a legal matter or something related to higher education or publishing. Buy a plane ticket, start a trip or reach out to others to promote an idea, services or product or in a context that requires confidence.

I reach out, and divine love circulates in new ways through me and for me now.

Thursday, March 8

Moon in philosophical Sagittarius helps us look at our beliefs and, as ruler Jupiter turns retrograde in transformational Scorpio, begin to heal and transform those that are disempowering. The benefits of turning within are underscored by Mercury’s entrance today into pre-retrograde shadow.

Moon’s square to Neptune favors introspection and creativity. It’s an especially propitious moment to take some time to ourselves, journal, look at our feelings and analyze our beliefs, and begin a new program of affirmations, mantras and visualization to heal our emotions and lift our mentality up a notch.

Therapy and coaching are also favored by these deep influences.

It’s best to leave negotiations, meetings, work connections and practical initiatives for Sunday, March 11 or Monday, March 12.

Infinite good fills my world, and there is no power to hurt or limit me now.

Friday, March 9

Moon reaches her Last Quarter, inviting us to practice release and get organized for next week’s upcoming New Moon.

At 18-19 Sagittarius, the Sabian symbol also speaks of release, but of a directed kind:

A MASTER INSTRUCTING HER DISCIPLE. The transfer of power and knowledge that keeps the original spiritual and creative impulse of the cycle active and undeviated. [It]… must be perpetuated.

Today’s numerology of 9 is also about closing a cycle and giving something back of what we have acquired or learned. With Jupiter newly retrograde and Mercury in shadow, the knowledge we are invited to share is of an inward nature.

Infinite Intelligence shows me how to leave or transmit a legacy, and I act on my guidance in what ways I can now.

Saturday, March 10

Moon in cardinal Capricorn and today’s numerology of “1” impel us to act and, when combined, can also lead to bossiness. A square from Mercury in impatient Aries to demanding Saturn, as well as lunar tensions with both the messenger planet and social Venus, indicate that interactions with others may be less than harmonious; it’s better to boss ourselves.

It’s beneficial for us to apply these creative and potentially productive energies in independent initiatives such as spring cleaning, organizing our space, editing something written before last Thursday, and letting go of contacts that seem to block our worldly or spiritual progress (“letting go of” as in saying affirmations and refraining from making new commitments, not as in acting on our impulse to throw them out the upstairs window!).

Divine Love guides me to release the people, things and situations that are no longer for my highest good, here and now.

Sunday, March 11

Sun in Pisces, sign of dissolution, sextiles Pluto, planet of change, helping us break a habit, particularly of resentment, toxic shame, or something else that’s blocking our love nature.

These influences can call us to introspective, healing ventures. We might interpret last night’s dreams, attend a 12-step group, look in the mirror to read the feelings our eyes reveal, or journal.

A trine from bold Mars to Uranus the rebel facilitates short-cuts and alternative strategies. We can express our inner freedom through independent action like working on activism or a creative project. Suddenly, we can gain the clarity to get out of a rut or to ditch an ineffective approach on something started before March 8. One powerful activity is to write down strategies either to retreat from a situation that’s pinning us down, or to start a new line of action on or after the upcoming New Moon of Saturday, March 17.

I love myself and others, so I release all involved from obsolete situations, strategies and expectations now.

Monday, March 12

Early morning is good for working on business or a construction project begun before March 8. At 8:36 am (11:36 ET) Moon goes VOC, when we should try to keep a low profile and resume the work of healing and release that we started yesterday.

Connections and communications flow best after 3:44 pm (6:44 ET), when Moon enters social Aquarius, and the balsamic phase invites us to ease the grind. It’s the perfect time to generate a spontaneous act of kindness, follow through on a promise to a friend, go a science museum, or do something else fun.

I release concern for the opinions of others, and clarify my own dreams now.

Tuesday, March 13

Venus, Lady of love and values, makes a morning square to strict Saturn. Look at your financial strategies to see how you can adjust this structure to better support your goals, and look at your space to reorganize it for beauty and inspiration. It’s time to cut off the extra cable service you’re not using, clean out the garage, and throw away an attitude or two that could limit financial flow.

Sun in compassionate Pisces trines Jupiter, planet of angels and promotion. Connections with light beings or for business, healing or pleasure go well. Remember to focus on existing relationships and projects begun before March 8.

Divine love flows through my life and rich good comes to me through all situations and relationships now.

Wednesday, March 14

This morning, we can express the restless nature of today’s number 5 by going for a swim, to the gym or on a vigorous walk; or getting an acupuncture treatment or massage.

At 1:53 pm (4:53 ET), Moon in creative Aquarius squares beneficent Jupiter, unleashing our inspiration to revision a negotiation or rewrite a contract, and facilitating positive connections for a creative or service project begun before March 8. Share, but avoid prickly people or an unnecessary argument.

The inspiration and excitement flows into the evening, when Moon sextiles ruler Uranus, in authentic Aries.

I focus on my highest, freest vision, and this choice attracts high and liberating connections, here and now.

Thursday, March 15

Balsamic Moon in gentle Pisces favors cooling down and dissolving blocks. Favored activities might include neutering or spaying a pet, editing a proposal or another text with an eye for beauty, talking to someone’s angel in order to settle a dispute, or negotiating on behalf of someone with special needs.

It’s a good time to write down dreams and intuitive hunches, to begin to think about the intentions you’ll seed at Saturday’s New Moon portal, and to give away something you like but you don’t use—or something you use, but you don’t like.

I release familiar forms of good, and my being and world are renewed, here and now.

Friday, March 16

Moon in sensitive Pisces conjoins ruler Neptune, and sextiles Pluto the powerful, opening psychic portals. Seek out those who flow with your interest in healing, art and soul goals, or go it alone in spiritual or creative practice. However you choose to apply these influences, avoid low-vibrational surroundings and exchanges.

Favored: meditate, work on forgiveness, and relax in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon portal.


I allow myself to release whatever doesn’t feel right, and to choose inspiring thoughts, situations and company, now and always.

Saturday, March 17

Falling on what is now called “St. Patrick’s Day”, today’s Lenten New Moon is closely connected to the renewing energies of Spring. (See our General Influence section for more details on the pagan roots of this holiday.)

At 26-27 Pisces, the New Moon triggers the following Sabian symbol:

THE HARVEST MOON ILLUMINES A CLEAR AUTUMNAL SKY. The light of fulfillment that blesses work well done.

…This symbol brings us the message that the time has come to reap what we have not only sown, but also cultivated—or failed to cultivate… in this consummation—this “karmic” moment—the seed of the new cyclic manifestation is already latent.

Moon is approaching a square with Mars, while Sun moves to conjunct wounded-healer Chiron. These aspects underscore the theme of male sacrifice connected to this ancient fest, and prompt us to look at our own buried virility.

Mars is a planet of work, the life-area underscored in the Sabian symbol, again evoking the sacred masculine energy of this portal.

Timely questions include:

  • Are we expressing assertiveness constructively?
  • Does our fear of male energy, of risk or of success keep us from moving toward our goals in effective ways?
  • Are we heroic in our help of others, and passive when it comes to our own wishes and needs?
  • Do we continually postpone taking risks on behalf of an important project?

At the moment of the New Moon, Mars is at the last degree of Sagittarius. Known as anaretic degree, the 29th degree of a mutable sign intensifies psychic perception, accenting the intuitive gifts of Pisces Sun and Moon. This is a wonderful moment to cast the I Ching or draw from a favorite deck of cards, consult a reputable medium, your spirit guides or your own intuition for confirmation of how you can empower your active nature.

In her book, New Moon Astrology, author Jan Spiller suggests a gamut of possible intentions for the Pisces New Moon. Some of them resonate closely with healing our masculine shadow:

“I want… feelings of helplessness to be lifted from me.”

“I want to easily find myself saying no….”

“I want the habit of passive behavior easily lifted from me….”

“I want to release “the habit of playing the victim role.”

In consideration of the Sabian symbol’s emphasis on the results of our work, we can choose an intention and connect it with a specific project, or with a legacy we feel guided to leave.

Moon becomes new at 6:12 am (9:12 ET), and then goes VOC. It’s best to do a ritual and/or write down our intentions before 6:12 am, or after 11:57 am (2:57 ET), when Moon enters Aries, sign of motion. In addition, Aries’ ruler, Mars, enters Capricorn this morning, helping us envision not only our results, but a plan for strategic action.

Afternoon is not conducive to diplomacy but is great for independent thought, planning and action on a project begun before March 8.

I call on the spiritual warrior forces to heal and renew my inner hero, my inner heroine, now.

Sunday, March 18

Sun joins Chiron, helping us heal issues triggered by yesterday’s New Moon, particularly around goal-setting, releasing helplessness, and reclaiming our sacred masculine powers. This morning: journal, meditate, attend therapy, lie in the grass and call on nature spirits, or apply a favorite approach to healing.

Doing so early will empower us to use the courageous impulse of Moon in Aries and her conjunctions to Mercury and Venus, planets of connection, to seek out a potential collaborator, project an image, and transmit our unique message.

Serve yourself a second helping of patience, and pause to breathe deeply if something irritates you. Pause, but keep moving.

I move on my vision as best I can, and leave the results to the Universe, here and now.

Monday, March 19

The pioneering numerology of today’s number, 1, strengthens the dynamic thrust of Moon in Aries, the freshly waxing cycle and a contact with expansive Jupiter, making this a great morning to work on a promotion, move on a social cause, teach, or try something new to enrich our spiritual practice.

We should do this before 12:29 pm (3:29 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a meeting with freeing Uranus. Have fun with a child or silly friend or enjoy funny movies and your own company. We should save key purchases and business for after 6:07 pm (9:07 ET), when Moon enters abundant Taurus, sign of her exaltation.

Tonight, Mercury joins Venus in dynamic Aries. Pull together your charming abilities and move to share your message.

I connect in new ways, and the Universe guides and empowers me now.

Tuesday, March 20

At 9:15 am (12:15 pm), Sun enters vitalizing Aries, triggering the Vernal Equinox, Albin Eilir, and Ostara, the pagan festivals behind our modern holidays. At this time, seedlings and roots make their heroic push through the ground; the virile life impulse is symbolically renewed.

On entering the sign of the ram, Sun activates the so-called zero point, a critical degree of cardinal signs that increases the breakthrough potential of our actions. Moon is waxing in abundant Taurus and trines organized Saturn. Both influences increase the staying power of our initiatives, and are propitious for business and financial affairs.

An evening sextile to creative Neptune brings out Moon’s artistic and sensual gifts: make a dream board for romance or prosperity, and do inner and/or magical work to strengthen self-esteem.

I am eternally connected to the Source of Abundance, so my new good flows and continues, now and always.

Wednesday, March 21

Moon is exalted in fertile Taurus and connects with transformative Pluto and Jupiter, planet of beliefs, this morning, followed by a sextile to Chiron, the wounded healer. We can look at beliefs we have inherited or absorbed that may limit our flow of abundance, and work to heal them.

We are still within the circle of yesterday’s power portal, giving force not only to our inner work, but also to the initiatives we push ourselves to take.

Today is the perfect time to enjoy nature, ask for a loan, buy a home, reorganize a stock portfolio or your retirement plan, or work on any kind of business.

Moon goes VOC at 10:21 am (1:21 pm ET), though in Taurus she still performs, entering Gemini at 10:30 pm (1:30 am ET).

There is no lack or limitation in my life, because Infinite good fills my world with every blessing, now and always.

Thursday, March 22

Moon in Gemini is known for her verbal gifts, yet a chain of tense aspects dulls her shine—including Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, going fully retrograde.

If you can, unplug from the mundane and do crossword puzzles, play table games or read.

Inner work is also propitious: review thoughts, repeat mantras, write affirmations, ride a bike, go for a walk, or call a sibling or friend just to check in. We’ll do best to save worldly and business connections for tomorrow.

My thoughts are always true because the one Mind that can think through me is Infinite Intelligence, and it generates helpful ideas through me and for me now.

Friday, March 23

Moon in Gemini joins Gemini’s ruler Mercury and also Venus, and connects with expansive Jupiter. If you have a wand, bless and consecrate it, bless your car, review and edit writing, tweak a proposal, or review a contract for future signing. We can work on sales, promotions, an article, a media production; invite someone to breakfast or lunch, or make a dream board for a new car or to help a sibling.

This afternoon, Venus, Lady of money and love, squares Pluto. We can avoid a power struggle by focusing on creative work and healing the inner sense of unworthiness. Remember to focus on something you started before March 8.

At 8:52 pm (11:52 ET), Moon goes VOC, inviting us to enjoy reading, a crossword puzzle or table game.

Whether or not it makes others comfortable, I receive all the success that life has for me now.

Saturday, March 24

Sun in Aries squares its pushy ruler, Mars, and the warrior planet also takes a hit from Moon in creative but sensitive Cancer.

We can direct the tension in household, garden or volunteer chores—beautify the garden, wash the car, scrub down the stove or purge the refrigerator. Unless you have to make a heroic intervention for a maternal cause, it’s best to keep a low profile and save interactions for a more harmonious day.

Moon reaches her First Quarter, inviting us to look at our progress on intentions seeded at last week’s New Moon in Pisces.

At 3-4 Cancer, today’s First Quarter Moon activates this Sabian symbol:

A HUNGRY CAT ARGUES WITH A MOUSE BEFORE EATING HER. The impulse to self-justification through intellectual sophistry or social-ethical considerations. Sense of self-righteousness.

The call to humility is clear.

I use my energy for what really matters, and release the rest now.

Sunday, March 25

This is Palm Sunday, Annunciation or Goddess Day, as well as being a date connectioned to Astarte, Ishtar and Easter eggs. If you’re planning an Easter egg project, this is a great day to begin it (see our Easter egg ritual).

With Moon in culinary Cancer, we may also enjoy baking some hot cross buns (originally an offering to the Queen of Heaven). Moon’s contacts are somewhat tense until 4:32 pm (7:32 ET), when she trines joyous Jupiter, then connects with Venus. Socializing, romance and work all go best after that time.

Evening is also propitious for embarking on a new course of spiritual or personal growth.

I bless the forces of awakening that surge across the planet now.

Monday, March 26

The work-week starts with force. Moon in Leo combines nicely with today’s numerology of 8, connecting with Mars and Saturn to help us focus on something constructive related to a group, that requires confidence. This morning is best for planning, for developing our talents and for healing issues around self-expression.

As for contact with others, it goes best this afternoon, when Moon trines Sun in active Aries.

Start a promotion, or organize or produce an event. Whatever you do, give it a touch of drama or fun.

We are divinity in self-expression, and I allow myself and others to shine, here and now.

Tuesday, March 27

This morning, Moon in confident Leo trines expressive Mercury. We can rewrite something, close a sale, or schedule an appointment to showcase an idea we already aired before March 8.

From around 4:00 pm (7:00 ET), take a break to smooth your mane, polish your claws and review your strategy, as Moon’s connection to Pluto is not apt for PR or going with the flow. At 7:05 pm (10:05 ET), Moon’s gold dust is renewed by a square to charming, magnanimous Jupiter.

Goddess Athena, strengthen my confidence and imbue me with your strategic vision now.

Wednesday, March 28

Moon goes VOC in Leo at 2:54 am (5:54 ET), then enters Virgo at 7:30 am (10:30 ET). Connections with Mars, Sun and Saturn bring out Virgo’s goal-oriented facet, and today’s numerology of 1 favors initiating something. Today is great for organizing for progress in finance and work to finish an old project. Take stock, get realistic about current methods and, if necessary, move on Plan B.

Late this afternoon, beautifier Venus joins wild Uranus, unleashing creative genius and helping us release situations that limit our creativity.

I move in new ways, and the Universe sends fresh guidance, here and now.

Thursday, March 29

A square from Sun in restless Aries to demanding Saturn brings out the nerdy side of Moon in Virgo. This combination may be stressful, but can also help us hone down and apply ourselves in baby steps towards wellness, editing, creation of visualization materials or whatever’s necessary to get out of La-la Land and ground our vision.

Go to a 12-step group, or journal to get in touch with your feelings, and then apply good sense to taking care of yourself and doing something constructive.

Independent activities are easier than social ones, until tonight when the aspects are more harmonious. Even then, be selective and try to connect only with supportive, constructive others.

I move in whatever way I can, and trust the Universe to build on my efforts now.

Friday, March 30

The nerds still have it this morning, and work on healing is still required to direct our tension constructively.

We can come up for air and even smell like a rose at 10:52 am (1:52 pm ET), when Moon eases the strain by entering Libra.

Afternoon favors socializing and people connections.

I love myself, so I can radiate confidence in any situation now.

Saturday, March 31

At 5:37 am (8:37 ET), Moon becomes Full in Libra, bringing the archetypal energies of Passover into relief.

Known as Grass Moon, Seed Moon, or Egg Moon, this portal helps us gain new perspectives. Like grass and sprouts break through Spring ground, we can break through our inertia and try something new.

Libra’s vibrations help strengthen mutually beneficial alliances, although lunar squares to bossy Mars and Saturn, and Sun’s conjunction to retrograde Mercury, suggest that inner and outer work will be required. We’ll be well served to put our desires to cuddle or couple on a back burner, and instead, renew a collaborative effort for creativity, business or public interest.

This lunation is energizing, but not necessarily easy. In resonance with Easter, it can birth something exciting. Choose a fight that’s worthwhile, and unite a battalion you can count on. And sow a seed of daring intent.

The Sabian symbol for 11-12 Libra underscores the need for outer effort supported emerging from a strong, inner center:

MINERS ARE EMERGING FROM A DEEP WELL INTO THE SUNLIGHT. Depth of participation in the world’s work. Whole-souled giving of self in service, or inability to bring self to effort.

I call on the spirit of sprouting weeds, to strengthen my will to flourish now.

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