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General Astrological Influences, October 2016: Stirring the Witches’ Cauldron

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 1, 2016

October - the Witches' Cauldron

Ancient myths, such as the Greek Demeter-Persephone and Roman Themes-Astrea stories, shed light on the sign of Libra. The Mother sends her daughter into the underworld, symbolizing the new life sent by goddess forces into Earth’s depths during its yearly work of renewal.

Libra is the portal, the balance point between light and dark, not only in the sky as the sunlight softens her approach, but in the ground beneath the layer of the year’s first mulch.

Hers is a time of turning. As the days pass and the Sun moves into Scorpio—like Inanna, undressing on her descent into the underworld—she will relinquish, one by one, her attachments to the surface and move deeper within, discovering new levels of power.

October’s influences connect with these archetypes in interesting ways. There is power, and to use it dexterously we will need to go apart, center within, and hold our balance.

The month starts on the portal of the New Moon in Libra, propitious for moving forward in relationships or in the area of your chart triggered by 9 Libra.

Mercury will be in post-retrograde shadow for the first week of the month, favoring actions on projects, resolutions and goals seeded before August 9. Our focus should be on getting things done during this cycle.

It’s best to move before Wednesday, October 5, when a square from go-getter Mars to expansive Jupiter increases the explosive potential of the planet of expansion, and warns us to cool any impulse to lash out, push our viewpoints on others, run over their limits or otherwise act rashly. It can exacerbate fundamentalism, and we are apt to see Mr. T. and other testosterone philosophers and figureheads make particularly fundamentalist displays. Violence may accompany them.

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