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November Planetary Overview: Emerging from Our Shadows

by Crystal Pomeroy on November 1, 2014

Astrological influences for November: Emerging from Our Shadows

Halloween brought out the party-er in us. She or he might like to float right into Sagittarius, sign of the playful centaur, and skip over the most intense days of the year, in the heart of Scorpio. And postindustrial society does provide continuous opportunities to glide along in disconnection from our deep selves.

A look at the stars—and the pagan influences for these days—reminds us, however, that the year’s work is not quite over. In fact, the first part of November calls us to consolidate the chapter that 2014 opened in our lives, to reaffirm our spiritual warrior nature as we face down challenges to our inner and outer freedom, transmuting the pressure so that the phoenix can rise from within.

Last month’s eclipses brought these challenges more clearly into view. Mars the warrior ruled the Total Lunar Eclipse of October 8, and co-ruled the recent Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. At both portals Mercury was retrograde or in its shadow period—and still is as November begins—indicating that the changes triggered by October’s lunations are to be absorbed inwardly, emerging outwardly when Mercury leaves its shadow on November 10.

During the first half of the month, personal planets Sun, Venus and Mercury line up in Scorpio to escort Saturn the taskmaster during the last weeks of his passage through the sign of alchemy. We become more keenly aware of a process that has been active since October, 2012, and use our vital energy (Sun), love (Venus) and thought-power (Mercury in Scorpio) as we make an orchestral conclusion to Saturn’s work of reformation. A look at the house where Scorpio falls in our natal chart can prove fascinating, especially if we review how we have been called to grow up or gain independence in this area, probably with involuntary pruning of certain situations and relationships.

This year’s Scorpio cycle began with the strong seed of a Solar Eclipse New Moon, involving us as more active participants in the natural process of change, and even finding the fun in a transit (Saturn through Scorpio) that has until now felt like it is happening to us rather than through us. The diversion, however, is not the eating-chocolate-ice cream kind (drat), but that of the seasoned witch or warlock, who stands to stir the cauldron of inner change, and strategizes in preparation for daring action (after November 10) to express the newfound individuation in her or his world.

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Crystal November 2, 2014 at 1:05 am

Thanks for the great title, too.

Crystal November 2, 2014 at 1:05 am

Susan, That illustration is magical. You never cease to amaze.

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