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Planetary Overview: Return of the Good Witch Within

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 1, 2014

Planetary Astrology Overview October 2014 - Daykeeper Journal

At surface glance autumn looks innocent enough—pretty pumpkins, changing leaves and store windows bright with treats. The energies at play, however, are anything but decorative. Sun, Venus and Mercury line up in Libra, bringing our one-on-one relationships to the fore and with them, life at its most pleasant and also its most prickly. Intensifying the mix, Scorpio the witch creeps in and out, first through Mercury in shadow and retrograde, and later boiling forth as a stellium in the New Moon eclipse. No one, not a single ostrich anywhere, will be able to keep his or her head in the sand and avoid autumn’s deep call for change.

For some of us these influences will be welcome. The Uranus-Pluto square that has prevailed for over two years has generated a desperate drive for freedom of one sort or another, and the total Lunar eclipse of October 8 conjuncts Uranus, opening yearned-for doors. For others the underground quakes may come as a shock. But all of us have the power to choose whether to be victims or conscious collaborators in this time of transmutation.

The month starts with Mercury in Scorpio. The messenger planet is getting a bad rap just like most things in the Sign of Darkness, but it can be powerfully transformative and may just be the key to help us survive pushy Pluto in Capricorn and finish the year on the upside.

As Mercury the Messenger traverses Scorpio’s shadowy depths, particularly in the retrograde period, it helps us look at and face….  [Remainder of article available to Premium subscribers. Subscribe now!]

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