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Overcome Procrastination and Bring Your Goals to Fruition, by the Light of the Budding Trees Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 16, 2014

Medicine Wheel for the Budding Trees Moon

The Budding Trees Moon is a portal of awakening. We emerge from the dream of winter, and discover that—through our intentions and actions—we are the principal agents of our personal reality. In the sign of Virgo, with its ruler Mercury still in the shadow of retrograde, we can direct this lunation’s vitality with introspection, to detect and release the tendency to postpone our most cherished goals.

From the cosmic matrix of the Medicine Wheel we can access help from spirit realm: angels, ancestors and spirit guides. This includes a unique kind of help, one that tends to be overlooked in all the modern discussion of native traditions: support that comes from the trees themselves.

The following ceremony draws on ancient tradition, adapted to our modern issues and understanding, to receive the grace of the infinite and the achieving power of trees in bloom.

Medicine Wheel for the Budding Trees Moon

There are many ways to make a Medicine Wheel. It can be the size of a baseball field filled with elaborate designs and ceremonial tools, or as small and basic as a mobile altar. The following suggestions are based on tradition, yet they are kept simple so that anyone can follow them, almost with whatever they have on hand.


  • Five special rocks. They can be your pet crystals or rocks you pick up in your yard, a park or open space. One of the five will go in the center. If you have a crystal with a point going upward, you can use that one in the middle, or a somewhat larger rock there.
  • Bird seed, sunflower seeds, dry corn kernels (popcorn), or any similar material (raisins, dried beans, etc).
  • A candle, preferably yellow
  • Sage smudge or incense (if you don’t have sage, use incense of any kind)

Medicine Wheel Ceremony

On flat ground or a floor, clear a circular area from 8 to 12 feet across.

Light your candle, saying,

I call on the energy of the East, of awakening, of Fire Opal with its sparks of Sun and Moon, of Red Hawk, of Budding Trees. Like this yellow flame, you fill me with your force and direct me to leave behind any tendency to postpone my priorities, so I may focus, move on and bring them to fruition.

Take a moment to meditate on the yellow light of the candle, on what this color means to you. If shared with others, you can take turns sharing your impressions of yellow. Some examples from my prayer group included, “Yellow is hope. Vitality. The Sun. The Feminine….” It’s interesting that all of the remarks described the energies of this lunation.

Then say,

I invite these forces to unfold and imbue us as we create the Medicine Wheel, as well as the guardians of the four cardinal points, the ancestors whose wisdom abides in the wheel, the Loving Creator that responds to our attention, and all my spiritual family that resonates in good in any kingdom or dimension. Please direct our intent and accept this offering despite any divergence from ancient usage.

Set a stone or crystal in the center of your circle, and another at each of the four cardinal points.

Make three lines, in the following manner:

  • Draw a little trail with the birdseed (or similar material as described above) across the circle, slightly off center from east to west, then another parallel one, so you have a sort of path about 2 feet wide going from east to west.
  • Make another line going right through the middle from south to north.
  • Draw a circle around the four outer points (stones), leaving the path that goes from east to west open on both ends.

Sit down with pen and page and write 2 key projects or intentions—one spiritual in nature and the other personal or worldly—that you tend to postpone.

Ask yourself why you procrastinate, and make a list of the types of situations or excuses that come up. Some examples from my prayer group included: “Fear of delegating.” “Fear that it won’t be perfect.” “Laziness.” “I don’t know what to do next.” “I waste time on social networks.” “It will take to long.”

Above this list, write the title “What I Choose to Leave Behind.”

Set down your page, and put the candle on the ground or floor, outside the opening of the path on the east. Stand for a moment at the eastern entrance to the Wheel, facing the center. Take one step forward, so you are standing just inside and say,

All that held me back is put behind me.

Slowly walk to the center, and as you do, feel the energy of the rising Sun, of yellow, of the wind, sense their vitality and dynamism, like a force field were pushing you ahead.

Stand in the center, as you say and feel,

I call on Archangel Michael and all angelic warriors to fill me with their determination direct me towards my true purpose with focus and results. I call on the spirits of budding trees to imbue me with their ability to bring their potential to visible flower.

Center your attention on your purpose or purposes.

Then visualize yourself as though you were a tree, and feel your connection with the tree spirits that are sending you energy. Your feet are roots; through them, pull up all the energy you can from within the earth, energy directed to empower your intention. Think of your arms as branches, and reach up toward the sky, imagining the heights you will achieve. Finally, see your project and purpose flowering, visibly.

Walk to the west, outside of the circle, and turn around to face the center. If done in a group, all participants visualize the person experiencing this process, receiving energy from the trees and flowering with new phases of growth, and as each one finishes, stand around the circle.

Facing the inner circle, bring to mind someone who needs a blessing, and repeat the following affirmation three times as you visualize her or him with the fruits of wellness, success and happiness:

This person is not alone, the spirits of budding trees and all spiritual warriors are with her, imbuing her with the ability to bring their potential to visible flower.

Repeat the procedure for two or more groups, such as the children of the world, people who are working in altruistic activities, or another group of your preference. (“The children of the world are not alone…” and so on.)

Conclude your ceremony by giving thanks to the budding trees, the forces of the East, the spirit of Red Hawk, Fire Opal, and Dandelion, the ancestors and Mother-Father, the Infinite Source of Creative Energy that responds to all your clear intent.

Follow up by repeating affirmations like those that follow from until the next New Moon:

I call on Archangel Michael and all angelic warriors to keep me determined and directed in my true purpose with focus and results. I salute the spirits of budding trees, and invite them to keep me imbued with the ability to bring my potential to visible flower.

 This Spring, as you enjoy earth’s colors and energy, remember that behind the beauty there is something else: intelligent forces joined in a cosmic journey. Hold to your center and they will respond to your call.


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Crystal Pomeroy March 31, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Janice, Just in case you’re interested, I’ll share a link that my friend Lucy Aspra sent me just yesterday:

Crystal Pomeroy March 31, 2014 at 7:33 pm

Michael is a very ancient archetypal being with fascinating connections to many traditions: Mithra in the middle east, Susanno in Japan, Simhamuka (possibly dating to tens of thousands of years), known as The Mother of All Conquerors in pagan, pre-buddhist Tibet who has striking convergences with Michael, Mixcoatl the ancient Mexican warrior essence who is half flying serpent… In his book The White Goddess, Robert Graves even goes so far as to document the probability that “he” was a she, Micael. Basically we’re talking about the sacred agent of freedom and defense. I haven’t been able to uncover his/her colleague for Native Americans, yet, although I continually find more connections. As an adolescent, a warlock who specialized in the ancient Kaballah helped me break an evil spell with invocations of Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, and I had a first hand experience with his power. Since then, through my classes and prayer groups, I have helped many people open to miracles by connecting with him. If you prefer to call on the Spirit Helpers of Defense and Freedom or something like that, please feel free.

weaver March 29, 2014 at 9:55 pm

this is beautiful. but I was taken back a bit when I read the invocation of archangel Michael in an N.A. Indian ceremony.
could you comment on that?

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