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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Become Fluent in the Language of Love

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 31, 2011

Gemini new moon solar eclipse

Despite the fact that one of my favorite people in the world was born under the sign of the twins, and at the risk of irritating at least one out of 12 readers, I confess to often labeling Gemini as superficial. Aries arouses, Virgo sobers, Scorpio transforms…  11 signs seem to have some spiritual substance to them, but Gemini? Flitty, fluffy, dispersed, weakly indecisive…  After more than ten years of writing Moon meditations, when I saw that this eclipse was in Gemini, I automatically wondered, What can be exciting about it? More reflectively, I recall that this sign’s main arenas, daily communication and thought processes, are central to consciousness, relationships and just about everything we are and do.  To paraphrase Robert Kiyosaki: communication skills, whether one-on-one, in a group, broadcast or written, are the decisive factor to success in life.

The present Solar Eclipse intensifies the help offered at this portal to begin anew in thought and communication, while a trine to Saturn makes its effects more permanent. Activating the South Node, it reminds us that in order to begin, we must first release something. The Sabian symbol underscores this quality:

A NEGRO GIRL FIGHTS FOR HER INDEPENDENCE IN THE CITY…  [People are]conditioned by … the ghosts of their former lives and memories of collective social patterns… Every new beginning is surrounded by… personal and social karma… Whoever seeks to be truly an individual must be liberated from the past.

The prominence of the number 11 defines more precisely the type of liberation facilitated at this portal. In the 11th degree of Gemini (a sign whose symbol evokes the same number), it takes place on the 1st day of June (adding another 1), of the year 2011. Also, the sum of the day with the month and year (1+6+2011) is… Can you guess?  11. As a master number, it is not reduced to its smallest sum, but stands intact, connecting us with higher spheres of supernatural potential.  One of the most intriguing observations I have read on the topic, confirmed by observation and experience, comes from an anonymous author, who says that portals marked by this number are special opportunities for humanity to reach higher levels of love.

What kind of beginning could better empower our minds and self-expression than to be more deeply kind to ourselves and all other beings? The prayers below synchronize the magic of intent with the cosmic help now streaming through to free us from the ghosts of personal and collective habit and speak anew in the vibrational language of our divine being.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Candle/s: yellow and/or purple (lovely when combined)
  • Stones: Tiger eye, topaz, smoky or white quartz, coral
  • Incense: Lavender, sandalwood
  • Tea: Mint, lemon grass, anise
  • Bach flower essences: Walnut, White Chestnut

Weave your intent

1. Light your incense, saying,

This is an offering for the angels of freedom and loving kindness, whose help I request so that my words and thoughts can be freed from destructive patterns and synchronized with Spirit’s Heart of Kindness.

2. Light the candle or candles, saying,

Sublime Light fills this space and my (our) existence, tuning my (our) mental and verbal patterns to a higher vibration at this portal and guiding us at all times to remain centered in kindness.

3. With your attention on your heart, repeat intent-empowering affirmations, such as those that follow during seven minutes or more:

Love, love, love. I am ready to center and seal my thoughts and words in the light of loving kindness. The angels of freedom now respond to my intent and rush in to release me from the weight of my own habits and those of others. The lightness in my heart connects me to the lightness in the hearts of all others of similar intent, and together we encircle the planet with vibrations of divine freedom and love now.

4. Make a list of limiting mental and verbal habits.

5. Repeat the affirmation shared in Step 3 for another 3 minutes or more.

By her very nature, the Moon reminds us that mental patterns are cyclical, their influence cumulative. Follow up on today’s beginning by keeping your list of undesirable habits on hand and repeating affirmations like those above for 7 minutes daily during at least 4 weeks.

Like Gemini’s unique energy, words and thoughts are of themselves neutral transmitters. It’s easy to forget that the vibration generated by them is often more important than the rational information they contain. Zen Buddhism views the incessant river of thoughts to be kind of trap. There are spiritual practices throughout the world that center on the silence. Just last night, in a phone conversation with my spiritual sister, Lucy Aspra, she remarked on David Icke’s research to the effect that many common words actually derive from dark spells cast long ago by the powers that designed the mental matrix of civilization. Be this as it may, Omnipotent Good ever invites us to choose our twin. Proffering the word of divine authority at this portal, we can tune out on fear and rediscover the freedom of our own inherent kindness.


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John June 5, 2011 at 9:08 am

For some reason, I was unable to hear the beauty of this month’s message a few days ago upon first reading. It certainly wasn’t the fault of the words or the message itself. Rather, the reader’s preoccupation with vague distraction(s). Thank the stars that I took the time in these busy moments for another look! I must of been another completely different person to have been so blind as to have missed all that is in this month’s contribution. It is exacttly the nudge needed to set the boat of this individual’s journey onto the right course. Gratitude….

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