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Free Daily Astrological Forecast, June 2011

by Terry Lamb on June 1, 2011

Astrological forecast, June 2011

Astrological Forecast Overview

We could call this “the Long Rebirth.” On this planet, we are generally used to being reborn in monthly installments, at each New Moon; in four month chunks with Mercury’s cycle; or on the yearly plan as the Sun makes its annual round with each of the other planets. But this one is profound, related to a 100-plus-year cycle. It will take several years to be realized. After the depths to which we plunged in December–April (the deeper you went, the more you’ll get out of it), we’ve come up gasping for air, asking, “Is it over yet?”

The deep plunge is, yes. But the rebirth is of some considerable duration longer, most of which is still in the future. If you are a forward-thinker and initiator (cardinal—Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you will delight in this process. If you are more comfortable when you stabilize and hold energy (if you’re fixed—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)—or take care of details and complete things (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), you will find this more arduous, like sitting on hot coals and being told not to move (an illusion of course).

June brings another episode in our personal rebirth story, as well as that of humanity, of the whole planet. It is not advised that you hold your breath until the show’s over, because it will take too long. No, we have to engage fully in the process, breathe through it, and transform.

June is Gemini’s month (until the 21st). In late May, we got a mini-lesson in what’s coming with the first thread of a new story in early mutable, where Chiron and Neptune are hanging out (Pisces). We get a wake-up in that regard as these two planets change direction (turning retrograde) on June 3 and June 8. There’s much more to come in this zone over the next two years, but their subtly penetrating energies could be so easily overlooked in all the sturm and drang of what’s happening in the cardinal signs (with Uranus and Pluto), that it’s good to take notes now so you can pick up the thread later when it becomes more essential to our outcomes as the year turns over to 2012.

There’s plenty to keep even the most immovable among us hopping as well: Jupiter enters Taurus to liven up those fixed signs on June 4. Don’t be surprised to see them tap-dancing on tables for the next year!

And there’s something that even the cardinal signs can like. After having been through the wringer for the past 18 months or so, they catch a break when Saturn returns to forward motion, turning stationary direct on June 12.

As if that weren’t enough to delight us, we have two of three eclipses happening this month, on June 1 (the New Moon/Solar Eclipse) and June 15 (the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse). There is a rather unusual third eclipse (New Moon/Solar) on July 1 to make sure we got the lessons of the past two years well in hand. Have you found your Cosmic Family? Now it’s time to mobilize to get to where you need to be to fulfill your life path with them. (That doesn’t mean you’ll live with them, by the way, except in a global sense.) Eclipses imprint us with the energies of the moment, and if they fall deep into our chart dynamics, last a lifetime. For the bulk of us, their impact lasts mainly for 6 months, with completion in 18. This makes the fore-mentioned planetary events memorable.

One more thing: remember last late June? That’s the time when we were first plunged into liminal space related to the Long Rebirth, that zone between the visible and invisible worlds where we create and dissolve all that we experience. Where are you now, a year later? Chances are you’ve traveled light years. The same will happen in the coming year (only better). What’s happening this time is the Sun (as then) is opposing Pluto, the culmination of their yearly cycle of interaction. This year we get a break—no eclipse coinciding with this “Full Pluto” experience, which is exact on June 27 (but will be felt from the 21st).

All in all, June will be a month to remember. It will be a continuum of the shift that began last December and it will continue the flowering that began last month. Wherever you are by the end of the month, the story’s not over. It’s part of the long rebirth. Listen within to the fantastic messages you receive. Even if they seem too good to be true, if you follow their guidance they will come through for you.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, June 2011

Wednesday June 1

The day is constellated most powerfully by the New Moon/partial Solar Eclipse at 11°02′ Gemini/2:03 pm PT, and what a day it is! The Sun is trine Saturn, and this glorious contact is fixed into our lives for the coming six months, granting us the wisdom to take effective and productive action in creating new expressions of our selfhood. The Moon aids and abets this with emotional motivation. We can’t stop ourselves from experiencing the good things in life!

In the chart cast for Washington DC, there’s an emphasis on economic processes, especially monetary issues. Rumblings from the right continue to threaten workers’ rights, especially the right to organize. This creates ongoing insecurity in the population that keeps people frightened but this creates a necessary vigilance in the people about protecting freedom and stability.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 12 Gemini is: “A black slave girl demands her rights of her mistress.” The political experience of America’s working people mirrors the image in this symbol. We are all looking for ways in which we are being treated as less than equal, and seeking emancipation, in all our relationships. Seeking reciprocity will be the theme in our personal and intimate ties. All things which are artificially elevated are in the process of being humbled. This is a focus that will be central for us through the coming six months because this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse.

Thursday June 2

Look for faster action and easier communication as Mercury enters jumpin’ Gemini, the sign of its rulership at 1:03 pm PT. But first, the potential for inner fog exists as we feel tomorrow’s square to Neptune. The Moon continues through Gemini, echoing the process.

Friday June 3

Today makes up for yesterday’s low level of planetary events. First is the station retrograde of Neptune, which is official at 0:28 am/0°56′ Pisces. This is virtually simultaneous with Mercury’s square to this planet of inner reality, essentially setting this up as a theme for the Neptune retrograde period, which lasts until November 9, returning to 28°08′ Aquarius. During that time, we get to learn how to play in Neptune’s playground—how to use energy, to work with unseen forces. With Mercury’s involvement, the focus is on learning, thought, and communication. What is the unseen world like and how can we use it to communicate with each other? We will be stimulated to investigate in the coming five months.

The Moon goes void of course at 1:08 am, availing to us access into the deeper realms, since the veils have thinned. We’ll have to be quick about it; Moon enters caring Cancer at 1:36 am, then connects with Neptune and Chiron to give wings to our imagination, but brings us down to earth to get a new take on where our rebirth is headed as it recreates the cardinal grand cross with Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. Time to re-imagine the future, again! Are we on the right track?

Saturday June 4

One more step into the future: Jupiter makes its ingress into Taurus today, at 6:56 am. We feel more grounded, and the earth signs get some support for their endeavors. This is especially useful to those who have planets in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, but anyone can use this energy to bring beauty into manifest form. It is the magician’s placement. As if seeking forgiveness for yesterday’s obstacle course, the Moon makes only harmonious connections today—sextiles to Mars and Venus. If you didn’t get all your jollies from the Venus-Mars conjunction last month, here’s another shot at it. Mercury sextiles Uranus to spice things up and bring innovative thoughts to the fore. We’ll be especially ingenious, brilliant at problem-solving today. The Moon enters its “void” period at 10:33 pm (in quotes because it does not behave like a void planet while in its home sign of Cancer).

Sunday June 5

At 8:03 am, the Moon enters generous Leo, then gives us a quick dose of yearning for what we want to create in the coming year when it squares Jupiter. Not to worry, we’ll be able to make exceptionally intelligent plans as our lunar companion harmonizes with Uranus and Mercury. Mercury makes a powerful square to Chiron, bringing an awareness of what needs healing in our multi-layered being.

Monday June 6

Except for stimulating a little impatience in the evening hours, the Moon in Leo brings us optimism in application as it makes a minor grand trine with Saturn and the Sun. This is a connection of industry. We’ll be gratified by our level of productivity over the day. The impatience shows up if we look at the glass half empty (what didn’t get done).

Tuesday June 7

Biggest on the screen today is Mercury’s trine to Saturn. This is of immense value in making plans, getting organized, and communicating important messages. Its energy is made accessible by the Moon, which did so on Sunday (the 5th) and will do so again on Thursday-Friday (the 9th-10th). The Leo Moon enters its void period at 8:27 am riding a square to Venus. Not the best time to broach a delicate subject with your partner. It’s best to wait for that until after lunch—the Moon enters Virgo at 12:33 pm, harmonizing with Jupiter to smooth our way through the afternoon. Healing clarity is the focus as Moon opposes Neptune and Chiron—think of it as a goal rather than an assurance. Our ruminations will fuel tomorrow’s First Quarter Moon download of new awareness, which we’re already feeling. Whoosh!

Wednesday June 8

A new lunar week starts with the First Quarter square from Moon to Sun at 17°56′ Virgo/7:11 pm PT. This is generally a chart of harmonious patterns as the Moon reconnects the planets that brought us blessings in the last two weeks of May. If you missed out then, here’s another chance to open those doors of opportunity. Jupiter makes a sextile to Neptune at 7:42 pm, showing the next stages in the 14-year cycle of spiritualization and growth that we can fulfill on this earth, which started in May 2009. At 2:07 pm, Chiron stations retrograde, entering its five months of “backward” travel. This opens the door to a plateau where we will discover new ways to heal our wounds on all levels of consciousness, especially spiritual.

In the US, this week in politics will be focused once again on how we treat our workers, with an emphasis on raising awareness. Although a compromise may be sought, there are some things in which it is not right to compromise, such as injustice and cruelty. The learning curve right now is focused on when to compromise and when to hold firm in one’s truth.

At 18 Virgo, the Sabian Symbol is, “Two giggling young girls are sitting facing each other, knees tightly touching, working a Ouija board on their laps.” (ME Jones version) Even though we may find distractions to keep us in a playful mood and express our birthright to enjoy life, there is an underlying truth that is revealed through all activities. No matter what we do, we have the opportunity to learn and discover deeper meaning.

Thursday June 9

The Moon enters its void period at 1:13 am on an energetic note as it trines Mars. We get a long, lazy day to let our creative spirit soar, as we feel the space between the worlds. We are brought back to earth by her entry into Libra at 3:31 pm. Venus enters Gemini at 7:23 am just in time to fuel the power of love when the Moon trines her at teatime. Not that there won’t be surprises: the opposition to Uranus reminds us that Libra is a cardinal sign, and we get to work directly with the rebirth process again for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Friday June 10

Venus squares Neptune today, providing a vital reality check for us in relationship. Just as important as being aware of what others’ reality is, is staying in touch with our own; don’t let someone else impose their worldview on you automatically. The Moon in Libra throws down the gauntlet when it ticks across the remaining cardinal planets, Pluto and Saturn, but ends the day on a joyous note with a trine to Mercury. Have fun!

Saturday June 11

At 1:04 am, the Moon goes void of course after harmonizing our thoughts with our intentions. In such alignment, we are clearer and more effective in reaching our goals. This lasts until 5:33 pm, with its entry into sultry Scorpio. Allow visions to flow, as aspects to Neptune and Jupiter foster creative energies for the rest of the day.

Sunday June 12

Moon continues through Scorpio, with only a soft encounter with Pluto in the wee hours to fill our dreams. The big news today is Saturn’s station direct at 10°27′ Libra/8:52 pm PT. This completes the five months of its retrograde, which began January 25. By now we know the theme of the period and what needed to be done during that time. What have you accomplished since then? Now we can move ahead with less attention to self-discipline and responsibility, although we should never completely ignore any energy aspect of our existence. Mercury catches up with the Sun today, to take us into the second half of Mercury’s 3½-month cycle. Venus’s sextile to Uranus encourages spontaneous play and unexpected social invites.

Monday June 13

Venus makes a square to Chiron, highlighting how others can contribute to our healing process. We may also notice the ways in which we are allowing others to harm us, or at least not being as supportive as they can be. 10:43 am brings the Moon’s next void period, in Scorpio, but not before it gives us a bumpy ride as it opposes Mars. Allow more time than you think you’ll need for travel, communication, and interactions. Leave wrangling with corporations and other drivers for another time. Hold periods on the phone will be longer than usual (or so it may seem). The Moon turns void of course now, until 7:38 pm when it enters breezy Sagittarius.  A late square to Neptune reminds us of what we don’t know, as images from the invisible world rise to the surface.

Tuesday June 14

The Moon is the sole activator today, harmonizing with Uranus and Saturn to help us break through blockages in our life path. We can make our way more freely now that Saturn is moving forward again. An insightful and healing dream may come forth giving perspective on our relationships before we rise.

Wednesday June 15

The third lunar week of the month opens with the Full Moon/total Lunar Eclipse at 24°23′ Sagittarius/1:14 pm PT. With so many planets in early degrees of their sign, the sole aspect today beyond the Sun-Moon opposition is a lunar opposition to Mercury. This gives us deeper awareness of how to resolve our emotional restlessness that we can take into the netherworld of the Moon’s still-usable void period, which starts at 8:31 pm. This being a Lunar Eclipse, it leaves its mark in our lives for the coming six months, so we will encounter situations with ripples that will not be resolved in the next two weeks but will shine a brighter light into the future. The Moon enters responsible Capricorn at 10:59 pm.

In Washington DC, the Full Moon chart highlights the economic and financial picture once again. If a blip occurred on the New Moon, there will be a follow-up event that echoes it on this Lunar Eclipse, in which the impact is felt more in the country. Much is happening behind the scenes to smooth things out, and these efforts will be largely successful, keeping in mind that the situation belies an underlying imbalance that must be dealt with for all to be well. A foreign economic power comes to the rescue.

The Full Moon’s Sabian Symbol (25 Sagittarius) is, “A chubby little rich boy rides on a hobby horse of bright colors and wishes for hazards he may never know.” This image depicts a life lived in a society that is stratified by economic “class.” Is the population of the US the rich boy, not knowing the hazards that exist in the real global economy?

Thursday June 16

A truckload of lunar aspects take us on an emotional ride as the Moon continues in Capricorn. Although we are taken to the depths of the inner realms in the wake of the Lunar Eclipse, we have plenty of ropes to pull ourselves out with once we’re done learning our lessons for this round, which extend over the day. Be alert to their messages, and you’ll reap fine rewards. Mercury enters Cancer at 12:09 pm to bring a nostalgic touch to our thinking processes. This takes on a thoughtful, spiritual tone as it trines Neptune in the late evening.

Friday June 17

Mercury makes a soft landing with Jupiter to make agreements and communications go very well today. Venus supports this by resonating with Saturn. Difficult communications can be completed successfully today. The Moon continues through Capricorn but makes no contacts.

Saturday June 18

Moon goes void of course at 1:07 am on a trine to Mars, which is now in late Taurus. Its void period is brief, lasting until 4:47 am when it goes into contrarian Aquarius. Stubbornness could surface in the morning, but it will give way as we think of new solutions in the afternoon. Mercury squares Uranus to bring out the unexpected. We’ll need to watch our fingers and toes, and not run any red lights, but we’ll be brilliant at solving problems once we get over the annoyance factor.

Sunday June 19

Love is in the air—or at least we’ll have a great time socially, as Moon, Venus, and Saturn make a grand trine in the Air signs in the wee hours. This will spill over into the day, but it could be swept aside as Mercury moves through an opposition to Pluto. This is an opening salvo to two events: the Sun’s opposition to Pluto on the 27th, and the Uranus-Pluto square which is happening over the next two-plus years. It’s bound to take us deep on both counts. What do you need to bite the bullet and transform in your life? Which is better, the current and increasing tension of living with what’s out of balance, or the release and relief of launching your changes and putting the pain behind you?

Monday June 20

Moon finalizes its stay in Aquarius today, going void at 1:23 pm but entering Pisces just a few minutes later, at 1:45 pm. Before that, we have a choice about whether to be content with things as they are, or to stir things up. If we wait, the problem will just go away, but some won’t be able to resist the temptation to enter into conflict (and some conflicts can’t and shouldn’t be avoided). Mars enters Gemini at 7:50 pm to lighten us up and make us less confrontational.

Tuesday June 21

Shifting perspectives is the theme today as the Sun changes signs from Gemini to Cancer at 10:17 am. This signals the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice and Litha festival, when the length of day has reaches its peak. We’ll reach a peak of understanding as well, and our long-term, secure connections with others suddenly take on more importance. We’ll encounter parental voices today, whether in our environment or in our head, as Mercury squares Saturn. Use this experience as an opportunity to free yourself of their influence if they are judgmental or harmful in any way. Mars reaches its square to Neptune today, the last of the personal planets to bring an adjustment of our awareness of invisible truths. The Moon is active from its position in Pisces, leading us to shift our direction in response to today’s revelations. Even though the Moon goes void of course at 7:51 pm, we can still use her energy to take beneficial action.

Wednesday June 22

The Moon in Pisces, though still void of course today, remains quite useful (even brilliant) in helping us realize our dreams through action. The Sun trines Neptune to bring awareness of how we are being helped from the forces and beings in the inner, invisible realms.

Thursday June 23

The Last Quarter Moon square to the Sun occurs at 4:48 am/1°41′ Aries. In cardinal signs (Cancer, Aries), it inspires us to take action in response to the new situations and plot twists that have arisen in the course of this month of eclipses. With one more eclipse to go, all is not quite fully revealed, but enough is known to take some first steps. With Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn still in cardinal signs, a few challenges lie ahead but nothing we can’t meet. Be alert today to see what needs your attention not just in the coming week but in the next six months. This is about where we need to be in order to fulfill our new goals. The context has already been set; the answers may not yet be apparent.

This is also true in Washington. Although there is some relief for now in the economic front, and workers can see some light at the end of their tunnel, many American families are suffering whether from unemployment, extreme weather, or simply fear. The resilience and versatility of the nation are called into play, and demonstrate what makes the country thrive. Extreme weather is in the news, affecting the Eastern Time Zone.

The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon at 2 Aries is “a comedian entertaining a group of friends.” Regardless of our circumstances, we need to laugh, especially to laugh at our own folly. Humor is healing and is a glue that keeps us connected to each other, the most precious of all gifts.

Friday June 24

The Moon in Aries connects with Mercury and Venus today, turning our understandings of Tuesday on their head. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between the two perspectives. At 3:07 pm, the Moon goes void of course, giving us a break to clean up, clear out, and relax.

Saturday June 25

At 1:53 am, the Moon enters placid Taurus and finds harmonious contacts throughout the day. This culminates in a triple interaction of Moon, Sun, and Jupiter, a sure sign of successful endeavors and enjoyment. Use the Sun sextile to Jupiter to take a peek into what you want to create from the deepest motivations of your soul, as these planets move toward contact with Pluto. The Sun will wake us up to that longing, and Jupiter will make it possible for us to do something wonderful with it.

Sunday June 26

The Moon opens us to deeper awareness with a trine to Pluto just as the Sun awakens us to the importance of taking prompt action through its square to Uranus.  This opens the Uranus wormhole, where miracles can be created. We now have access to fields of quantum reality through July 9.

Monday June 27

The Moon continues its travel through Taurus, bringing alignment of head and heart with a sextile to Mercury. Although this is the last contact the Moon makes before leaving Taurus (and so enters its void-of-course period), we can continue to take the initiative as if the Moon were still active. Mars spurs us to cover ground rapidly with a sextile to Uranus. We can’t get there fast enough! The big energy of the day however is the Sun’s opposition to Pluto, the culmination of their yearly dance with each other. This is a “Full Pluto” time, when we are taken into the deepest realms of awareness to see what remains to be transformed before Pluto returns to forward motion September 16. It’s time to go for it!

Tuesday June 28

Mars reaches its square to Chiron, part of the stutter-step dance that Chiron and Neptune have been engaged in with each of the personal planets. They bring a healing process from the most ethereal realms of the cosmos, one that may be hard to understand or describe in conventional terms. We have to trust in its perfection regardless of our level of understanding. The thread of events flows through June 3-5, 10-12, and 21-28. The Moon, which enters Gemini at 0:56 am PT, supports our feeling awareness of this process through contacts with Neptune, Mars, and Chiron over the day. Harmonies with Uranus and Saturn support a smooth integration of new awareness into our life path.

Wednesday June 29

The Moon continues its transit of Gemini, with no new planetary connections to assimilate today. Use today to pull things together inwardly, and to tie up loose ends externally.

Thursday June 30

The Moon goes void of course at 0:33 am with an occultation (“eclipse”) of Venus. This infuses our moods and emotions with deeper feelings of love and a desire to connect with others. Coming at night, this may fill our dreams with loving encounters, remembered or not. Either way, we will carry the unconscious messages concealed within into our days to come, especially tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse. At 9:13 am, the Moon enters Cancer, the sign of tomorrow’s third eclipse and the New Moon. Today we prepare our consciousness with mostly harmonies with the big players (Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter); a square to Uranus and opposition to Pluto guarantee that we’ll see the whole picture—how we need to continue changing to keep pace with the global transformative process.

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gerri bodie August 10, 2011 at 4:26 pm

Enjoyed comments.

Jason June 27, 2011 at 12:50 pm

I think the eclipses this year are going to effect me for the rest of my life. June 1st eclipse: Right on my 11 Gemini Sun (1st ruler)/Mars (10th ruler)…and also in the first house of my Solar Return chart.
June 15 eclipse: On my 25 Gemini NN
July 1st eclipse: On my progressed sun at 8 Cancer.

It’s been a magical time, truly. Keep up the amazing work!

SarahTX2 June 27, 2011 at 11:38 am

I’m not sure I can agree with this advice today, 6/27. Full Pluto time has many people running scared, about their jobs especially. Going for it might just get them fired.

Another interpretation might be seek cover and keep your head down and try not to notice who’s being called into HR.

gerri bodie June 7, 2011 at 2:45 pm

Enjoy your comment on vo c.I”M also interested in parallel.gerri

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