new moon

Virgo New Moon Ceremony

The Virgo new moon portal offers us the opportunity to heal our lives by channeling our bliss.

Astrological ceremony for Leo New Moon

Use this portal to release, and be released from, blocks to your divine creativity.

New Moon in Cancer, Venus, Eclipse

The Cancer New Moon brings us a taste of the archetypal Divine Mother’s tough love.

Gemini new moon solar eclipse

Gemini’s communication skills unlock our heart’s potential.

New Moon in Taurus Astrological Meditation and Ceremony

May’s New Moon offers the opportunity to take effective, concrete action towards cherished goals.

Aries new moon

Revamp your relationships with others, with the powerful energy of this spring’s new moon in Aries.

Pisces New Moon Ceremony

The potency of the Pisces new moon adds power to our spiritual aspirations.

Scorpio New Moon - ritual to resurrect connection

Ritual and meditation to tap into the higher force of which we are all part.

Thumbnail image for Heal Emotions and Oceans with Water Magic at the Soul-ar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer

This powerful eclipse opens a window for blessing the waters of our lives.

Thumbnail image for New Moon in Gemini: Prepare for the Summer Solstice and 2012

Use the fresh energy of this Gemini New Moon to ensure the effectiveness of all your prayers and hopes.

New Moon in Taurus, May 2010

At the dark of the Taurus new moon, find freedom in voicing your own needs