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Daily Success Guide Astrology Forecast, June 1-30, 2015

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2015

June Daily Astrology Forecast

Our listings are in Pacific Time. Here’s a handy time zone converter for your location (will open in a new window).

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Monday, June 1

The month gets off to a cozy start as Moon in sexy Scorpio trines Venus in tender Cancer in the wee hours. On that note, Moon goes VOC; if you have someone to entice, shun the PJs and get to cuddling.

This harmony is also quite intuitive. The heavens favor writing down and interpreting our dreams, or consulting the I Ching, pendulum or favorite cards.

At 11:39 am (2:39 pm ET), Moon enters Sagittarius, and soon thereafter conjoins Saturn, putting a serious tone on the afternoon and helping us look at our emotions as it retrogrades through the sign of the archer. This is not as casual as it seems, since the planet of administration can help get the Sag areas of our charts and lives in order, as we come down off our cloud and get to work on dreams, hopefully making headway before Saturn backs into Scorpio two weeks from now.

This connection can also help us apply our intuition and look at our subconscious resistance to taking care of the boring aspects of manifestation. Holding to vision and passion will help us through the seemingly boring steps.

Try to act, because this is the last of lunar waxing, with Full Moon up tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2

Luna becomes Full in Sagittarius with a promise of positive change. A tight connection between Mars and Pluto is active, intense and potentially explosive. Yet the Sabian symbol gives direction for absorbing and using this lunation’s gift:

A FLAG BECOMES AN EAGLE, AN EAGLE BECOMES A PROUD CHANTICLEER…. mounting mastery, extreme good fortune.

These transformative images resonate with the waning square from Uranus in Aries, ruled by Mars, to Pluto, the aspect that triggered the spiritual warrior within over the last three years. Not to say that we should get under the rug with our mala or rosary; the Sabian symbol for the Sun underscores the element of challenge:


Africa was the cradle not only of our genes, but of the legacy of ancestral cultures that recognized the sacred feminine. The slave girl is like the being of power we all have repressed inside, and she now emerges in worthiness.

Ask what behaviors, memories and situations keep you in the condition of self-repression, and declare your freedom from them. Affirm, visualize and act with courage to connect with cosmic assistance that will ease our way and shield us from heated confrontation with others, which is a potential with this lunation.

In the morning or at midday, do something healing for the inner self—in therapy, journaling, visualization, affirmations like those shared here or in our Full Moon ritual. From that space of power, offer a measure for an oppressed social group, to transmute the energy of outer conflict and separation that might be projected into the collective during this portal.

Such morning activities will also open us to receive continued good fortune this afternoon, when a trine from Moon in Sagittarius to its ruler, Jupiter in Leo, makes for joyful sharing, productive promotion, inspired creativity and just plain good luck.

I declare myself free from past and present doubts about my worthiness. I am ready to manifest my freedom and power now.

Wednesday, June 3

Moon will be VOC in Sagittarius most of the day, although it still operates in the sign of the archer. We can use the energy of fun along with the love vibrations of a lunar connection with Venus, and make an impromptu visit to someone dear. At 5:50 pm (8:50 ET), Moon enters Capricorn: this is the moment to put a kitchen or desk in order.

My consciousness in under spiritual law, and my life flows in perfect order now.

Thursday, June 4

The executive abilities of Moon in Capricorn blend with the intuition of Neptune and the forces of Pluto to make this a day for breakthroughs, although not necessarily harmonious. Listen to intuition, face challenging situations, and focus action on what matters most.

The easiest time of day is late morning (midday ET) when Moon harmonizes with Neptune, the dreamer, favoring meditation, healing and inspired art or publicity.

In the afternoon, Moon makes tense aspects to Sun in Gemini, sign of words and hands, before joining with deep-diver Pluto this evening. Avoid prioritizing power over love in relationship dynamics.

I deserve to trust my instincts and act strategically on them now.

Friday, June 5

With Moon in productive Capricorn and Venus entering shining Leo, the stars help us wind up the week with success. Contacts to Pluto suggest that power struggles could arise or continue from yesterday, though this tendency can be deflected if we pause to use this morning’s lunar contact with Chiron, by sending healing love to ourselves and others.

An afternoon harmony between promoter Mars in communicative Gemini and publicist Jupiter can facilitate breakthroughs. Let’s muster our courage and make a cold call, knock on a big door, ask for what we need, and promote our cause, product or services. If we challenge our own limits, we can enter a new sphere of influence.

I act in accordance with my aspirations, and my congruent signal attracts the best from the Universe now.

Saturday, June 6

A wave of fire energy presages summer fun, with Venus freshly into Leo combined with the afterglow of yesterday’s Mars-Jupiter sextile. Today is great for a something big, a party, a work of art, an altruistic get-together. Business can also go well, as can laying groundwork for anything that involves people, beauty or money, with the help of yesterday’s midnight trine from Venus to Saturn. To burnish the fairy-dust, Moon is in sociable Gemini. (Just remember not to sign agreements if you can possibly hold off until early July, when Mercury is direct and out of the shadow period.)

I give thanks for the summer magic that glows in my being and my world now.

Sunday, June 7

If you happen to rise early this morning, you can use the trine from Moon in Aquarius to Mars in Gemini for tasks requiring mental and emotional energy, tackling challenging writing or communications, or going for a sunrise walk with stimulating company or while saying mantras or affirmations.

At 7:30 am (10:30 ET) Moon in Aquarius goes VOC on a harmony to Uranus for the rest of the day. Enjoy friends, reading, or an unusual art exhibit or movie. Avoid overscheduling and leave key tasks or purchases for another day, as things are apt to flow differently than planned.

Infinite Intelligence has a perfect idea for this day, and I give thanks that it is manifesting now.

Monday, June 8

As Moon in sensitive Pisces connects with Venus, this is a morning to show tenderness towards people, pets or wild creatures who are dear or needy. Doing so will start the day on a harmonious note that can be sustained by avoiding difficult people and interpersonal conflict. If such were to arise, we can take the cue from Moon´s square to Mercury in mutable signs and practice diplomacy.

Creative energy flows from midday on as purposeful Sun in Gemini sextiles lucky Jupiter in expressive Leo, followed by an evening conjunction of Moon in artistic Pisces to its ruler, Neptune the dreamer. Share heart energy, connect with spiritual family, ground your inspiration and promote your talent.

The Master Creator of all that is creates love and beauty now for me, through me and as me now.

Tuesday, June 9

Fourth Quarter Moon in Pisces helps us release distractions from spiritual growth. Its Sabian symbol says that


The image evokes our inherent ability to make life’s path a sacred experience as we keep our focus on inner wisdom and guidance rather than outer appearances.

Opportunities arise to put it in practice as Moon squares Mars this morning, pulling our attention to the physical body and possibly contention.

If irritation does come up, we can use it as fuel for healing work after Moon goes VOC in Pisces, where its only aspect will be an afternoon rendezvous with healer Chiron.

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Wednesday, June 10

Blessings flow as we connect for love and business. The numerological force of 1 combines with Moon in Aries, the leader sign, to give an extra edge for those who make the first move. Use the daybreak trine from Moon in dynamic Aries to constructive Saturn and organize the day while writing a simple intent for the results you would like to see in each activity.

A hot window for promotion and romance then opens with an early sextile between Mercury the messenger to Venus, goddess of love, in creative Leo, promising warm and effective connections.

Never content to be left behind, Moon in Aries follows suit and sextiles Mercury to keep our inspiration high and our communications alive with opportunity. The charmed circle of connectedness is complete when Moon trines Venus, both in fire signs, at midday.

An afternoon harmony from expressive Sun in Gemini to Uranus, the genius, indicates that a door may open as we each put our unique ideas and energy forth.

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Thursday, June 11

It’s an electric day with Moon in buzzy Aries connecting with heavies Pluto and Uranus and harmonizing with expansive Jupiter and creative Sun. This vibrant pattern is lifted to the highest frequency with number 11 that makes of today an opportunity for all of humanity to lift its vibration in love.

We can trigger this resonance with meditation on compassion, loving kindness, forgiveness or any similar combination, and by finding something daring we can do help or bless others—pray for world peace, take a homeless person to lunch, pick up garbage in a local park or donate to a worthy cause.

Not all is sweet and light, with Mercury stationing to go direct—although still in its shadow period—and Aries Moon in harmony with maverick Mars before going VOC, at 5:35pm (8:35 ET).

After a meditation on love, do intellectual or promotional work, have a think session, cold call a key contact, and present your most daring and idealistic proposals.

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Friday, June 12

Where were you last night? I mean, where was your dream-traveling self? Neptune went retrograde in the wee hours, beginning a five-month period of turning more deeply to the subtle dimensions, of dreamtime, intuition and connections with invisible forces.

The Sabian symbol for Neptune’s station sheds light on this path.

A PRETTY RED CROSS NURSE HURRIES ON AN ERRAND OF MERCY. Natural, unrestrained pouring of self in service… Self-expression through compassionate understanding.

After yesterday’s love vibration, we move into Neptune’s deepest cycle on a note of generosity, with special blessings in our service projects or activities, which we receive if we renew them today.

Moon enters Taurus at 7:16am (10:16 ET), where she can help us ground those projects, as indicated by the connections she makes to success planet Saturn in humanitarian Sagittarius, and also to Venus, goddess of love.

Sun in Gemini squares Chiron, the wounded healer, augmenting this day’s potential for compassionate communication.

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Saturday, June 13

This is a good morning for a power breakfast or putting together a key project, with the help of Moon in prosperous Taurus as it trines bigwig Pluto in Capricorn, sign of business. Redoing the office, strategizing for prosperity, or making an opulent sale are also propitious.

The tone then shifts to tender and mystic, as the Moon goes VOC in Taurus, where it can still be productive, and goes on to harmonize with Chiron, the wounded healer, this evening. Take in some healing music, have a shamanic session, go to special movie or dance with your love object, with an eye to going from tender to hot as the Sun makes a midnight rub up against exciting Mars.

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Sunday, June 14

Our vitality surges as Sun joins energetic Mars in cheerful Gemini. This can be a fun combination, and we can channel it in Sunday activities such as making creative love, a trip to the beach or stadium, or a session of Scrabble or other competitive, mental game.

A look at Saturn suggests a more serious application for this feisty conjunction. The taskmaster planet backs into Scorpio for the last time in the next 28 years. Mars is co-ruler, and charged up by the Sun, it helps us take up the reins and reorganize our Scorpio experience. Ask yourself how your consciousness of work and effort has changed during this period. In what areas of your life have you had to become stronger and more independent? In Scorpio, this has been a chance to work on deep feelings, empowerment, regeneration, sexual energy and issues, shared finances, occult activities and projects. (See our article on June’s General Influences for additional insights on this transit’s influence for you.)

Considering the slow nature of the Saturn cycle, it’s worth honing down and, with the strength of Mars with Sun, focusing on this cosmic opportunity.

We get additional insight from the Moon, which enters lucid Gemini at 10:51 am (1:51 ET), joining a line-up of personal planets in the sign of thoughts and words, and opposing Saturn before moving on to conjunct messenger Mercury, its ruler.

Mercury and the air sign of its rule favor our ability to think and speak about Saturn and its gifts. With Mercury in its shadow period we can clarify something with ourselves and others.

Speak up, ask for support, set a limit, re-assert your message, take care of pending Scorpio issues.

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Monday, June 15

Hopefully, we made a space to apply yesterday’s Saturn lessons. If not, we can do it today, and be in a better place for to receive the energies of renewal.

Balsamic Moon in communicative Gemini contacts all the outer planets that relate to release: Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus. With ruler Mercury in retrograde shadow and Saturn freshly retrograde, we can look at the Gemini and Scorpio areas of our charts and lives and release what we may have been holding onto. These include attitudes and mental attachments, as well as belongings.

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Tuesday, June 16

The Moon is reborn in Gemini just an hour after joining Mars, indicating that bravery, action and promotion are key elements of what we choose to begin now. Remember to focus on things started previously, before Mercury entered his shadow period on April 25. The Sabian symbol describes,

FROST-COVERED TREES, LACE LIKE AGAINST WINTER SKIES. Creative bestowal of significance upon all things. The transforming power of beauty. Keen appreciation of natural processes.

Gemini helps us initiate a cycle of self-expression, which can be more conscious with the help of Mercury in shadow. This lunation speaks to contact with nature, art and beautification.

Act early, since Moon goes VOC at 7:05am (10:05 ET) on the New Moon portal, and will be there until 3:51 pm (6:51 ET), when it enters Cancer, favoring work on emotions, poetry, cooking and business.

Wednesday, June 17

We can use this morning’s sensitive trine from Moon in Cancer to Neptune in mystical Pisces for cuddling, sensitive communication, consulting an oracle, enjoying soothing music, empathetic listening, connecting with angels and healing ourselves and others.

If you can, do it on the beach!

This evening is not so good for socializing, unless we have the joy of a close encounter with a true love. Cancer Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, giving us a chance for new perspective on our relationship with authority and power. It can be quite productive for healing of challenging conditions. Therapy, self-dialogue, spiritual treatment or physical remedies and attention compliment this aspect.

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Thursday, June 18

This may look like a common weekday, but it’s actually rather magical.

The vibrations of Thursday, ruled by Jupiter, expand the intuitive potential of Cancer Moon and its energy for healing, forgiveness, weather-working and self-empowerment, all activated as she trines Chiron this morning.

A midnight trine to Saturn in Scorpio reminds us to keep the torch of empowerment burning, and also favors transmutation of deep feelings, psychic and metaphysical study, consecrating and blessing your home, projects and altar, or other occult activities and projects.

Blessing for the home:
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Friday, June 19

Moon in Leo makes for fun, and makes today favorable for going on vacation or a three-day weekend.

It also gives warmth to our interactions—warmth that we can radiate as we connect with key people in our work or personal lives, under the influence of Moon’s sextile to Mercury in retrograde shadow, in communicative Gemini.

This afternoon, Moon contacts imaginative Neptune in Pisces producing an artistic synergy that favors creative team work or taking in a play, concert or unusual film.

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Saturday, June 20

Summer fun continues as Moon in Leo makes an expansive conjunction with Jupiter. Go to the mountains or the beach, tour the wine country or an organic farm, or create your own adventure.

Leo rules the heart and Jupiter imparts meaning, so this combination also favors generating light through an altruistic project, particularly something to do with art and/or children. You may want to include your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or a little neighbor in your adventure.

The idealistic application of today’s influences is underscored by Moon’s trine to Uranus this afternoon. This aspect can also precipitate sudden, brilliant ideas or opportunities.

Though the Moon continues in hot Leo this evening, a quincunx to Chiron in wet Pisces cools it down and favors inner work, healing and helping an ecological cause.

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Sunday, June 21

Sun moves into Cancer, sign of mothers, at 9:38 am (12:38 ET). We have reached Summer Solstice—the second quarter of the year. This will be the longest and day and the most luminous night, when fairies and devas cross the veil to dance with flowers and other willing friends.

The Sacred Feminine is celebrated in such fests as Anglo Saxon Litha, the Druidic Albin Hefin and the Greek Day of All Heras.

As Durdin-Robertson notes in his book The Year of the Goddess, heras are the female equivalent of heros, or as Pennick mentions in his Pagan Book of Days, women who had achieved communion with the Great Goddess.

Moon in Leo helps ignite our festive spirit and celebrate the power of life in both the physical and subtle realms.

In her book, The Craft, Dorothy Morrison points out that “Midsummer isn’t just a solar festival… it’s a celebration of service, of sharing and of giving our due to the planet.” We prepare for the harvest season, and, “we will be harvested too.” Now is the time to renew our commitment to “sharing with our communities, giving back to those who helped us, and performing random acts of kindness toward those less fortunate than we are.”

She points out that “the fairies and the fey… flit to and fro, greening our hearts and tending our spiritual gardens. They lighten our steps and fill us with the warmth of joy and laughter. With the fey working overtime to point us in the right direction, we see things in a different light. And suddenly, it’s not as difficult to do nice things for other people.…”

At 9:59 am (12:59 ET), Moon enters Virgo and two minutes later harmonizes with the Sun, activating our inner Hera’s will to celebrate and as we do generate joy, gratitude and generosity.

If we have a practical concern to attend to, Moon in Virgo and Sun at zero degrees Cancer, which is the Aries point, can help us make breakthroughs, particularly in business.

Monday, June 22

Jupiter, planet of fortune, makes a trine to Uranus, planet of sudden change. In fire signs, this is an enthusiastic encounter that can open doors for promotion or a project or situation that has seemed stuck for some time.

As the two planets of flight, their encounter can help us make breakthroughs, put our wings on and reach new heights in our personal projects, life mission and spiritual practice. The signs involved, Leo and Aries, are both of leadership, so don’t just sit in front of the screen waiting for the key call to come in; focus and act on with daring and creativity on what’s most important.

To help us in this regard, Moon in practical Virgo puts feet on our dreams with force and creativity as it connects with both Neptune, planet of imagination, and Pluto the powerful.

Take care not to get lost in insignificant details or arguments—use this day for what matters.

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Tuesday, June 23

Today’s number, 5, stirs up a spirit of adventure that can move us to try something new as we direct the productive potential of Virgo Moon, get organized and move to consolidate profitable projects.

The morning is also ripe for healing, with Moon opposing Chiron and Mercury in Gemini, sign of words and hands, connecting with Neptune, planet of angels, in mystical Pisces. This isn’t so propitious for connecting with people, unless it’s for a prayerful or healing intent.

Apt modalities include shiatsu, Healing Touch, mantras, positive affirmations, and praying with angels.

At midday the tone becomes pragmatic. Mars in Gemini, ruled by Mercury currently in retrograde shadow, contacts Saturn, also retrograde. The planets of action and building help us break through whatever is keeping us from reorganizing our lives and in particular the area of our charts occupied by the last degrees of Scorpio, where Saturn is taking its final dip. This evening Moon makes an opportune harmony with Saturn, so aim to continue practical efforts and organize the day for tomorrow.

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Wednesday, June 24

The Moon reaches Second Quarter early this morning; dawn breaks not only in the physical sense but also with the vibrations of the Sabian symbol.

“A NEW DAY DAWNS, REVEALING A WORLD UTTERLY TRANSFORMED. Transforming power of periods of silence and darkness which leads to stirring revelations. Real touch with cosmic processes.”

The influence for inner renewal works nicely with Mercury still in its retrograde shadow, Saturn backing up into Scorpio, Neptune retrograde in sensitive Pisces, and precisely today, Chiron crowning the line-up as it stations to go retrograde. The summer Sun is bright, but it casts long shadows we can explore as we continue our healing work, particularly of our psyche, spirit and beliefs. With both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, connections with angels and other positive spiritual forces are also favored.

The subtle realms get a further boost as Mars enters Cancer this afternoon. Although Cancer’s sensitivity may temper the direct nature of Mars, it is a cardinal sign, and at the so-called zero point it connects with Aries, a Martian energy and one that can make for pivotal events.

The series of retrogrades evoke Isis and her veils, and Mars dressed with moonshine connects with last weekend’s Summer Solstice, when the Sun triggered this same degree.

Today’s energies can be particularly effective for healing our relationship with our mother and how she modeled feminine energy, clarifying how we want to express our own maternal and feminine nature.

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Thursday, June 25

Moon in Libra favors engaging encounters. It adds a touch of sweetness and romance as it harmonizes with ruler Venus this morning, facilitating reconciliation, creativity or a memorable brunch.

This afternoon, Libra´s argumentative impulse can be activated when Moon opposes rebel Uranus. On the other hand, this aspect can favor mental breakthroughs and stimulating conversation or an exciting first date.

Soon thereafter, Moon sextiles Jupiter, planet of education, propitious for negotiation. The Moon-Uranus-Jupiter mix blesses union negotiations or a talk or class for intellectual, legal, idealistic or political purposes. At 4:22 (7:22ET), Moon goes VOC, so we should get our business covered beforehand.

In the late afternoon and evening, focus on fun. Take in a humorous movie or stand-up comedy with your honey, have a girls’ night out or commit a spontaneous act of kindness.

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Friday, June 26

With Moon VOC in Libra, enjoy the beauty of this summer morning in the yard, at the park or at an open space or window. Save practical initiatives for after 10:57 am (1:57ET), when Moon enters Scorpio and moves into a trine with Mars and later Sun in Cancer.

These dynamic connections in water signs are propitious for intuitive action, work with our emotions, defending a loved one, or gleaning sharp insights from an oracle or shamanic experience.

The evening favors a creative breakthrough or close encounter of the exciting kind.

Affirmation (repeat 10 before sleeping to incubate a power dream)
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Saturday, June 27

Moon in Scorpio, sign of shadows, trines Neptune in Pisces, ruler of subtle realms. Try to remember last night’s dreams and search for their messages, schedule an appointment for therapy, play or enjoy music and nature.

A midday connection from Moon to Mercury in Gemini helps us talk about this morning’s intuitive discoveries or feelings in general. It can also stimulate creativity in verbal expression and painting, weaving or other handiworks.

Moon in Scorpio harmonizes with its ruler, Pluto, this afternoon. We can get to the bottom of things, from that box in the corner of the basement, to an elusive bibliographical reference, a feeling we just can’t put our finger on, an unresolved inheritance or the location of metals, water or other treasures by dousing.

Avoid having more than one drink and be selective of your company to stay in the good-vibe zone tonight.

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Sunday, June 28

Scorpio Moon makes this a slow, potentially powerful Sunday. An early trine to Chiron favors deep and healing dreams, satisfying results from morning meditation, and effective prayers for those who have moved on before us.

Moon’s conjunction to Saturn in Scorpio can help us get closure, release a toxic connection, pay a bill, do away with obsolete objects, papers or commitments.

We can also make a difficult decision that helps us get back on track with projects begun before Mercury entered its shadow period on April 25.

Use the conjunction before it is exact at 6:50 pm (9:50pm ET), when Moon goes VOC. Avoid guilt trips, pray for the oppressed, watch an Ingmar Bergman or some other intense retro film, make love or go to bed early.

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Monday, June 29

Late last night, Venus in expressive Leo made a trine to exciting Uranus in Aries. The blessing mingles with this morning’s sunrise, facilitating creative breakthroughs and new cycles in relationship, including the renewal of a forgotten love or friendship. (This can also bring luck in gambling.)

Moon in Sagittarius thrives on the resonance of freedom and favors a fun breakfast, going on vacation, taking a hot-air balloon ride or your preferred adventure.

It also opens the way to take or sign up for a course we had looked into before April 25, or delving into language or religious topics.

At 2:02pm (5:02 ET), Moon squares dreamy Neptune in Pisces, a connection both inspirational and creative. If you have something daring to do or launch, particularly related to promotion, spirituality, the arts or media, find a way to move on it this afternoon, before Wednesday’s third quarter Moon.

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Tuesday, June 30

It’s favorable to use the day’s first hours strategically, while Moon in fortunate Sagittarius makes a series of door-opener trines: to exciting Uranus, charming Venus and expansive Jupiter, all burning to roll in fire signs. The electricity can get people moving on a cause, bring passion to your partnership, charisma to your work, and a stroke of brilliance to your promotional endeavors.

At 11:18, Moon goes VOC, although in Sagittarius it continues to perform.

This afternoon is graced with another triad of aspects, this time to Chiron. Sow seeds of healing for yourself and others, in prayer, intention or treatment of your preferred modality.

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