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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, July 1-31, 2015

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 1, 2015

Free Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, July 2015

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Wednesday, July 1

The way-opening energies of Number 1 fit nicely with an impressively forceful day. Mercury finally emerges from its retrograde shadow, and Venus joins Jupiter, expanding our love to embrace humanity.

Paths are open as the Moon becomes Full in Capricorn, astride Pluto and in close opposition to Mars. The configuration will bring up something hidden, including our anger or desire to push things.

The tension has an opportune outlet in a sextile-trine with Neptune; forgiveness, compassion and empathy will harmonize the strain. The Sabian symbol resonates with this theme, right down to the boat and sea, both ruled by Neptune:

On a small boat the seaman are feeding a tame albatross. Overcoming instinctive fears through gentle persuasion. Kindly, congruent culture of spiritual values. Harmlessness.

Meditation, metta, heart mantras and affirmations are ways to connect with the healing potential of Neptune. As it combines with the penetrating vibrations of Mars and Pluto, the planet of the Great Mother can also produce artistic breakthroughs and deep expression.

My intention to practice loving kindness connects me with that intention in the hearts of others, and we surround the planet with harmonizing intentions now.

Thursday, July 2

Mercury freshly out of its shadow makes an exciting comeback as it sextiles Uranus, favoring inspired and original communication this morning. Get the word out, contact a person who can open doors, create a new promotion for your ideas, services and products.

Shortly thereafter, Moon in Capricorn, sign of work, contacts both pensive Mercury and genius Uranus, followed by connections to healing Chiron, fortunate Jupiter and sociable Mars. All this energy activates Capricorn’s potential to produce results in therapy, communications, creative endeavors and interactions with others.

No circumstance or condition can keep Infinite Intelligence from expressing Itself perfectly in my ideas, contacts and creations, here and now.

Friday, July 3

Moon enters Aquarius early this morning, good for study and visiting friends. It’s wise though to be choosy about who we visit and what we say, since tense aspects from Mercury to Chiron and sensitive Moon in Cancer to Mars suggest that communications may be a bit dicey through the afternoon, unless our business is with activists or healers.

Things get easier tonight after 6:00 PM (9:00 ET), thanks to a sextile from Mercury in Gemini, sign of connection, to jolly Jupiter in warm Leo. If possible, save key communications for then. Tonight’s stars also favor attending party or taking in a fun movie or play.

There can be no toxic presence in my life, the Divine Companion is with me, surrounding me with Its harmonious, helpful energy now.

Saturday, July 4

With Moon in open minded Aquarius, today’s parties should be fun, although aspects involving sparkly Uranus and explosive Jupiter in fire signs warn us to take special care if handling fireworks or dealing with public officials. Moon’s harmonies to Mercury and Uranus, planets of lower and higher mind, and her oppositions to Jupiter and Venus, speak to stimulating conversation, feediing the homeless and looking for alternative ways to celebrate this symbolic date.

We can also begin to feel the waxing, yearly opposition of Sun in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn, propitious for taking a break from today’s festivities to reflect on what power means to us personally. Can we assume our own? Are we projecting it on to people or circumstances? Have we assumed a persona or gotten into a power struggle that is really not ours? How can we use our Cancer attributes of nurturing, intuition and creativity to heal our relationship with Capricorn power systems and hierarchy? How can we use our Capricorn discipline, effort and sense of worthiness to transform the way we radiate and make it more authentic?

If we are able to individually feel and heal through some of these questions, via inner dialogue, writing down our thoughts and perhaps sharing them with others, we will contribute to the constructive paradigm this configuration has to offer and as we do, neutralize some frightening predictions made for it.

The angel of Independence is with me, helping me release attachments to people and situations and to manifest my direct connection with the Higher Power now.

Sunday, July 5

Be selective of your company and use this day for creative thought and work, and tranquil worship or inspiration.

Early morning is great for original thinking, after a midnight sextile between Mercury, the communicator and Venus, planet of beauty, in artistic Leo. Moon in intellectual Aquarius squares Saturn, the teacher, in deep Scorpio, helping early risers with a dose of stellar brain-juice. If you are one of those, it’s best to work or create independently, since Aquarius and Scorpio are one of the least harmonious mixes.

At 7:23 am (10:23 ET), Moon enters Pisces, making for an inspired Sunday, apt for spiritual activities, a day at the beach and enjoying fine music.

Sensitivity remains high and psychic perception prevails as Moon aligns with Neptune tonight, but not before trining Mars which increases the likelihood of hurt feelings, although it can strengthen you to defend a cause or loved one and give you energy to dance.

I give thanks for the opportunities this week will bring, and I am determined to use them now.

Monday, July 6

If you must go to work today, be sure to arrange for an early breakfast with your higher self, as morning quiet time can be quite healing. Moon in sensitive Pisces makes early harmonies with two power planets, Sun and Pluto, both involved in a tense but fertile opposition that becomes exact today. The early lunar caresses will help us apply intuitive guidance, forgiveness and compassion as we continue to work on issues of creativity, purpose and power (like those described for July 4). The Moon’s gift of healing blossoms as it joins Chiron this evening and then contacts beneficent Jupiter in Leo, sign of the heart.

I radiate the healing power of love to myself and others now.

Tuesday, July 7

The day begins and ends constructively if we concentrate to use it.

At 7:36 am (10:36 ET), Moon trines Saturn in Scorpio and then goes VOC, although in Pisces it continues to perform. This connection with the builder planet favors work on creative and shared projects, particularly those related to healing, psychic or spirituality, considering the esoteric nature of Pisces and Scorpio.

At 9:38 (12:38 ET), Moon enters Aries, where it can benefit activities that require courage and mental alacrity, although it can also foment impatience, so be prepared to breathe deeply.

Tonight, Mercury has a close encounter of the tense kind to Saturn, which can help us get our feet on the ground about what would need to organize and reform. For instance, we can make a list and a call or another concrete action to take our heads out of the clouds and ground our dreams.

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Wednesday, July 8

With the Moon or Mars sneaking into almost every one of today’s aspects, the influences are an unusual combination of sensitivity and oomph.

The Fourth Quarter Moon in Aries is helpful for tying up loose ends and pushing through our “pending” list. It also favors collecting a debt, doing maintenance, or weeding and pruning. However, we’re wise to tread very softly, since this already impatient Aries Moon connects with four heavyweight players: willful Sun, insistent Mars, electrical Uranus and powerhouse Pluto.

Meanwhile, Mercury leaves rational Gemini to enter subjective Cancer, fueling summer’s intuitive vibrations.

Today’s final transit is from Mars, the promoter, now ruling Moon and moving through Cancer in trine to hypnotic Neptune in Pisces. This can give a touch of glamour to a publicity or sales pitch. At the same time, it’s wise to watch for seductive men or situations that aren’t what they seem to be. We don’t need to be suspicious, just keep our feet on the ground and hold our hearts firmly in our chests—to avoid splashing hormones and fantasies about what might happen if tempting situations were to surface.

All in all it’s a creative day, especially into the wee hours, but instincts surge and could impel us into words and actions we regret. Unless you happen to be a Chinese sage with immovable equilibrium and a collection of black belts, you might try keeping a low profile, leaving confrontations for another day, and being selective of who you connect with.

A spiritual retreat, Tai Chi or dancing can be great, but take the bicycle path and if you must drive, try the slow lane. Avoid mixing drinking with using equipment.

The Sabian symbol for 17 Aries says:

Two prim spinsters are sitting together in silence. Poised and dispassionate outlook involving either great dignity and integration of self or inability to live life fully.

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Thursday, July 9

Moon goes VOC in vital Aries on a harmony with sensual Venus at 6:47 am (9:47ET), perfect for a romantic brunch, a trip to an art exhibit or practicing sales techniques for use when the Moon is more propitious for action.

We get that chance at 12:49 pm (3:49 ET), when Moon enters Taurus, aiding in work or home matters, and with an afternoon harmony to Mercury in savvy Cancer, positive in particular for doing business, sales, promotion, reorganizing a retirement plan or stock portfolio or doing follow-up on real estate, particularly divesting in these latter two areas, with the Moon in its last quarter.

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Friday, July 10

If we have some creative project pending, the Moon in the goddess sign of Taurus harmonizes with Neptune helping us consolidate it with a touch of class this morning.

This connection also favors enjoying nature in settings with water: by the ocean, a stream, a fountain, watering the yard or taking a sensual bath or sacred shower to clear the aura.

An encounter with the liquid element also prepares us to connect with the morning prana, enriched by a harmony from Moon to Mars in dynamic and flowing Cancer. The planet of action awakens the bull’s productive potential and can help bring our projects, and our week, to successful fruition.

Use the morning to get your way, as an afternoon trine from Moon to Pluto brings an element of destiny into the scene. In Capricorn, it can also be productive, particularly for uncovering hidden emotions, information and opportunities, and well as having a power lunch or meeting, a sensual encounter, or dowsing for metals and hidden objects. However, there’s an intensity about this joining that could lead to drama, so it’s best to do our pushing in the morning and hold to our inner center this afternoon, whether or not we act to harvest the dynamic potential.

The day closes with a sextile from Moon in sensual Taurus to cozy Cancer, perfect for a shared dinner out or at home, a massage and talking about our feelings.

If you’re working on healing, the following tip will help you enjoy the benefits of a harmony from Moon to Chiron that comes up in the wee hours: Spend several minutes visualizing and affirming right before you go to sleep tonight.

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Saturday, July 11

Moon wanes in prosperous Taurus and squares Venus and Jupiter, planets of abundance, both in Leo. Rather than trying to pursue our needs or desires, we can connect with the love vibration of number 11 and the Lion’s heart energy, by giving something to someone. Taurus and Leo are both opulent, cueing us to share a gift that surpasses our self-imposed limits for giving, something that the other person will really like, or a donation to a cause that goes beyond the usual pocket change. If we owe someone money, this is also a time to make a payment.

The power portal for giving is in the morning, as Moon goes VOC on an opposition to Saturn, an aspect that can arouse fear and can take the prosperous edge off our generous actions. However, this contact does favor organizing our finances and getting together ideas and materials to begin visualizing abundance at next Wednesday’s New Moon.

At 5:16 pm (8:16 ET), Moon enters Gemini, favoring a relaxed and chatty evening.

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Sunday, July 12

Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces at 10:19 am (1:19 ET), propitious for enjoying mantras, hymns, a motivational talk or sermon, or a session with any healing modality that involves hands, such as Reiki, healing touch, Shiatsu or your own favorite.

Evening contacts from Moon to intense planets Pluto and Uranus can stimulate creativity and intuition and help us unlock our deep feelings. Taking a walk to enjoy the sunset and spending time alone or with therapeutic others will give us a chance to reflect on and utilize these transformative energies, while busyness or superficial interactions are apt to leave us dry.

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Monday, July 13

This morning is prime-time for spiritual practice. A good session of inner work can harness the connections made by mentally sensitive Gemini Moon to Uranus, planet of awakening, and Chiron, the wounded healer. These subtle links are crowned by a trine from Mercury the messenger in sensitive Cancer to Neptune in psychic Pisces, a fortunate convergence of goddess energies that helps us receive clear guidance and generate compassion and empathy.

Our enriched links to Source find an outlet when, at 12:21 pm (3:31 ET), Mercury in expressive Gemini sextiles Jupiter the disseminator. Speak out and share your perceptions with like minds, a key contact, or the public.

This day of inner and outer connection comes to a healing close as Sun in nurturing Cancer trines Chiron in compassionate Pisces, and the Moon goes VOC at 8:31 pm (11:31 ET) on a harmony from Moon in communicative Gemini to Venus, goddess of love, in warm Leo. Connect with your own cheering section, and do or say something to encourage another.

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Tuesday, July 14

Moon in Cancer makes this a day of growth, some of it tough, some fun.

A square from sugary Venus in to salty Saturn leads us to take a good, hard look at areas we wish were sweet like our love-life, beauty, money issues and hormones. Stressful circumstances and situations may arise but they can be used to get real about these areas and figure out how to bring them up to par or align with our true priorities.

A trine from Moon to Neptune the artist at 4:48 pm (7:48 ET), increases our creativity and imagination, to nurture our vision into reality. A late conjunction from Moon to Mercury may keep us awake to continue generating ideas and intentions that are worth writing down. It can also facilitate vivid or even lucid dreams.

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Wednesday, July 15

Edging in on the valiant but intense oppositions from Mars and Mercury to Pluto, comes the New Moon in Cancer. The stressful configuration is eased by a semi-sextile to Jupiter, Lord of Fortune, currently conjunct Venus, Lady of Love. Although Mars and Pluto can be both lustful and competitive, the aspects at this lunation are a mix of challenge and harmony, and include builder Saturn and Uranus, planet of freedom. Though this lunar birth may not be easy, it can produce results both lasting and freeing.

The Sabian symbol for 24 degrees of Cancer describes:

Woman and two men castaways on a South Seas Island. Potential fulfillment, sense of being lost.

The goddess is present, but she is accompanied by two gods, the sacred masculine courage and strength that can push to clear the way and release what needs to go so we can have a propitious new beginning when the tensions wane and the Moon still waxes, next week.

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Thursday, July 16

The day begins with a trine worth rising early for: fertile Cancer Moon to Saturn, the builder, in Scorpio, excellent for emotional work, healing self-esteem and organizing finances and our living space. Although Moon goes VOC, in Cancer and flavored by this trine, it makes for a favorable sunrise window.

At 7:24 am (10:24 ET), Moon enters Leo, facilitating affectionate interchanges, getting ideas across with panache and—in combination with last night’s conjunction from Mercury the messenger with promoter Mars—makes this a great day for sales. Be on the watch for overdoing it or getting into arguments, and invoke the prospering power of gratitude—in resonance with Moon in golden Leo and this day, Thursday, ruled by Jupiter.

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Friday, July 17

Moon in dramatic Leo connects with intense Pluto, a combination that can be passionate, sensual and good for independent work. Be selective of your company and words to avoid power struggles.

A midnight trine from Moon to Uranus inspires creativity and intuition for night owls or in dreams.

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Saturday, July 18

If you were planning to relax as the weekend begins, plan again. First of all, try to remember your dreams and check them out for healing messages received as Moon connected with Chiron in the wee hours. After a bit of quiet time, seize the day! Moon in magnetic Leo joins expansive Jupiter at 7:50 am (10:50), making for substantial fun, success in art or promotion, memorable adventures and healing contributions to altruistic endeavors.

The excitement subsides when Moon goes VOC on a square to schoolmaster Saturn at 2:41 pm (5:41 ET). Take a break for some boring but healthy self-care. Drink herb tea, apply reflexology, organize drawers or do an exercise routine.

At 3:38 pm (6:38 ET), Venus enters diligent Virgo, joined by the Moon at 5:47 pm (8:47 ET). Productivity kicks in moving us to continue with our healthy activities, help a loved one, and review creative projects and ideas with an eye to functionality and service.

Nor does our radiance fade at sunset. Mercury, planet of thought and Moon’s ruler, makes a wake-up call as it squares Uranus, planet of higher mind. By holding to Venus’ attitude of loving service, we can make some brilliant contributions in any mode of transmission: conversation, public-speaking, writing, study, or thoughts shared on the web or on the prayerwaves.

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Sunday, July 19

Inspiration and inner work are favored this morning, while the afternoon waxes productive. The healing vocation of the Virgo Moon is blessed by a trine from its ruler, Mercury, to Chiron in Pisces, sign of positive spiritual forces. At 12:43 pm (3:43 ET), Moon opposes Neptune, a perfect time to share with a mystical group, meditate on healing, or enjoy sacred music. Save the partying for another day. Too much wine or toxic company could make this otherwise angelic portal go awry.

This afternoon and evening, we can make headway even on a challenging project, thanks to a productive trine from Moon in industrious Virgo to powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn, sign of manifestation. Get your ducks in a row for tomorrow morning’s breakthrough transits.

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Monday, July 20

Virgo Moon’s productive potential is activated by a sextile to Mars in savvy Cancer. Direct action on and promotion of our business or service projects will produce successful results. At 11:02 am (2:02 pm ET), a contact from Moon to cosmic Uranus adds a touch of originality and humanitarianism to practical endeavors, and makes for clear, critical thought that can be used in editing or renewing our work.

A midday opposition from Moon to Chiron favors an interesting respite in this otherwise dynamic day. By pausing to get in touch with our woundedness, we can avoid going on automatic pilot as we continue with our productive activities, and from this clarity make our work an act of healing.

Intuition and reason merge this evening, with a sextile from Moon to Mercury, great for creative writing and publicity, calling on family members or others we wish to hug through our words.

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Tuesday, July 21

Sun in Cancer trines Saturn, aligning our will, energy and intuition with Saturn’s push towards self-reliance. We can make headway as we organize and rebuild the areas of our charts that house the sign of regeneration.

This influence is most useful after Moon enters Libra at 6:23 am (9:23 ET), and gets things moving in the cardinal sign of love and justice. It resonates with Saturn’s purpose, helping us move through legal procedures, agreements and negotiations, make amends, resolve misunderstandings and find the help we need to move towards independence.

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Wednesday, July 22

The numerology of 4 strengthens the impulse to build contained in today’s cardinal activity.

Moon in Libra squares Pluto in determined Capricorn, and apparent injustice could get us riled if we try to deal with the boss (or another authority) figure head-on.

If used strategically, this same influence can help us generate effective PR, and promote empowerment for ourselves and others.

Mercury trines Saturn and we can use our words to promote our goals of sobriety and self-reliance.

Summer sets loose its spirit of play as Sun moves into Leo at 8:30 pm (11:30 ET).

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Thursday, July 23

This is morning worth using as First Quarter Moon pushes us to produce tangible results. The Sabian symbol for 1 degree of Scorpio evokes the sign’s penetrating mind:

“Sightseers on a bus strain to see crowds and buildings… Appetite for larger things.”

Mercury the messenger enters Leo, complementing the charm of Libra Moon as the sign of sunlight gives new force to our communications. Up until Moon goes VOC at 11:12 (2:12 ET), we can get our message to stand out and touch a key client, prospect or the public in general.

Moon enters Scorpio tonight, but its usual timidity in the sign of secrets is offset by a sextile to Venus and a conjunction from Sun to loquacious Mercury in romantic Leo. This can be one hot summer night, great for intimate passion, mental and verbal agility, anything related to theater, or camping under the stars.

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Friday, July 24

The vibration of number 6 helps us close the week under the protective and prosperous mantle of Jupiter.

Today’s subtle energies are best used to make inner and outer changes, not wasted in partying or other addictions.

At 1:40pm (4:40 ET), Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, helping us get closure and find freedom in forgiveness as we dissolve obsolete attachments.

Make that difficult decision and leave the trodden path in whatever situation or routine may be holding you back.

A late trine from Moon to its ruler, Pluto, follows through on the process of release as we sleep.

Resist turning to the bottle for courage or solace, and at all costs avoid driving under the influence tonight.

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Saturday, July 25

This is a good morning to plan for an early rising. In fact, if we don’t do it ourselves, contacts from Mars and Mercury to Uranus, the awakener, are apt to get us up.

The warrior planet rules Uranus in Aries, and can trigger issues of freedom we’ve been pushing for the last three years. If drama does surface, breathe deeply and center in your heart, whose energy will help you harness the potential of Venus as it stations to turn retrograde in Leo, the heart sign. Although weddings and handfasting are not propitious from now through September 6, this influence does favor working on issues accumulated in current or past relationships.

Afternoon trines from Moon in deep Scorpio to Mars in sensitive Cancer and Chiron in mystical Pisces, can strengthen our courage to act on healing.

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Sunday, July 26

Uranus goes retrograde, helping us contact the firebrand within rather than projecting our uniqueness onto more daring members of society.

Moon in Sagittarius gives this influence an adventurous beginning, although this impulse may conflict with our sense of duty as it squares Venus in diligent Virgo this morning.

By midday the archer’s enthusiasm becomes contagious as Moon trines Sun and Mercury in Leo, making this a great afternoon for warm conversation, playing table games and in general sharing fun with children or someone with an active inner child.

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Monday, July 27

The muses get the week off to a brilliant start as Mercury in radiant Leo connects with Neptune in dreamy Pisces this afternoon and Moon in Sagittarius, sign of media, trines Uranus, planet of genius and sudden opportunities. Infuse your work with creativity and share your ideas with a key contact or the public.

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Tuesday, July 28

This morning Lady Fortune smiles on us, through a trine from Moon in lucky Sag to its ruler, Jupiter, planet of prosperity, in creative Leo. Seek out someone in a position to really open doors, buy a lottery ticket, promote your cause in a new way, and help someone unconditionally.

We can always hone down and focus on the work that’s waiting when Moon enters Capricorn at 11:47 am (14:47 ET). The afternoon is great for workaholics, thanks to a trine from Moon to Venus in diligent Virgo.

Redo your proposals and organize your space with an eye to beauty.

Invoke the healing power of love.

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Wednesday, July 29

Moon in Capricorn accents our executive instincts, favoring work for our own goals. It makes a series of tense aspects, and our independent activities are more apt to be satisfying.

Moon joins Pluto, helping us get to the bottom of things, in research, family and emotional situations.

In fact, there’s no way to just skim things over, as Mercury also connects with Pluto this afternoon.

Our thinking will be sharp and penetrating.

A therapy session, regression to childhood or past life, surgery to remove tissue, and debates for practical purposes can produce surprising benefits.

Choose challenges well, because Pluto goes for the gold or for the throat. This line-up could be unnecessarily destructive if we aren’t reflective and selective in our company and activities.

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Thursday, July 30

Healing dreams precede a potentially productive morning, as Moon in industrious Capricorn strengthens focus on our goals.

Avoid belligerent exchanges that can surface when Moon makes a sunrise opposition to Mars. This energy can be directed in physical exercise and by organizing a courageous strategy you can act on this afternoon (not tomorrow as the Full Moon isn’t so greater for seeding). At 10:32 am (1:32pm ET), Moon connects with Jupiter and a bit later Saturn, these two success planets can facilitate consolidation of plans and deals.

However, watch the clock, because at 11:50 am (2:50pm ET), Moon goes VOC. Take a long lunch, since it goes into Aquarius at 2:40 pm (5:40 ET), lifting the tension of the last couple days and making for easy people connections as it contacts Venus.

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Friday, July 31

Venus backs into Leo this morning, lending a touch of warmth to the Full Moon portal and joining Jupiter to lend some good will where it’s needed.

The Full Moon in Aquarius begins a two-week period of consolidating projects and renewing our connections with the larger human family, although we may be still immersed in vacations with dear ones.

Saturn supports their success as it turns direct for its last six-week stint in Scorpio for the next 28 years.

At 8 degrees Aquarius, Luna’s Sabian symbol is:

Wax figures display beautiful gowns in store windows. Need for public presentation of virtues and standards. Exteriorization of values so that they may be shared with others.

Whether or not the scenario is perfect, I share the fruits of my highest efforts, here and now.

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