Terry Lamb’s Planetary Overview

Planetary Overview for August 2013

There’s an opportunity for some deep healing this month.

Planetary Overview for July 2013

Where do you want to be by month’s end?

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for June 2013

We are poised in a world-historical moment, as tides of transformation sweep through and around us.

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for May 2013

We’ve begun a big new transition cycle. Now we’re on our way. But where, exactly, are we?

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for April 2013

Prepare for a brilliant April.

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for March 2013

Can we blame it all on Mercury?

Daykeeper Astrological Overview for February 2013

Jupiter, the Great Benific, is moving forward again… but there are dampeners.

Astrology Overview January 2013

The month opens on a somewhat normal note, as we continue our long-term changes.

Astrology Overview Decemberr 2012

The Time of the Wolf is ending as Pluto, Neptune and Chiron near completion of their current yearly cycles.

Astrology Overview November 2012

The wounds and habits gained over multiple lifetimes are accessible, open to healing now.

Planetary Overview

October… a whole new landscape.