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Daykeeper Planetary Overview, March 2014

by Terry Lamb on March 1, 2014

Planetary Astrology Overview March 2014 - Daykeeper Journal

March may seem like an oxymoron when it commences, holding us in place for a long, suspenseful pause. During February, we saw Mars and Saturn synchronize their movements in purely physical (non-harmonic/aspectual) ways, now turning on a dime in near-perfect synchrony to commence their retrogrades.

What part of what we’re feeling is about this particular planetary movement? It’s the simultaneous impatience and dread, exhaustion and stimulation, a genuine push-me-pull-you of cosmic proportion. At its heart, it’s about managing our drive, will, and initiative (actions). It’s about learning to be…. [Remainder of article available only to Premium subscribers. Subscribe now.]

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