Terry Lamb’s Planetary Overview

Astrology overview for the month of September 2014

The Chiron-Neptune healing energies begin to swirl in through Pisces.

Astrology Overview, August 2014

August: the opportunity to understand and move beyond old wrongs.

Daykeeper Astrological Overview, July 2014

July: we slowly return to a new normal.

Daykeeper Astrological Overview, June 2014

Can we really blame every snafu on Mercury retrograde this month? Probably not—there’s too much else going on!

Astrology - Planetary Overview April 2014

April, a month of active change and renewal. How will it play out?

Planetary Astrology Overview March 2014 - Daykeeper Journal

The very word “March” urges us onward… but can we move?

Astrology Overview, February 2014

2012-2013’s cooperative planetary “String of Pearls” is still with us—to some extent.

Astrology Overview January 2014

Cardinal signs get a jolt.

Planetary overview, Daykeeper's major astrological influences for December 2013

December 2013: a brand-new planetscape.

Planetary Overview, astrology for November 2013

The other shoe drops.

Planetary Overview, astrology for October 2013

Are you ready for a nine-month love story?

Planetary Overview, astrology for September 2013

September 2013, the big astrological picture.