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Astrology Overview, September 2014

by Terry Lamb on September 1, 2014

Astrology overview for the month of September 2014

In September, our emphasis shifts from the Fixed-Sign process of stabilizing to the Mutable-Sign process of adapting and integrating. One of Murphy’s laws says that the first 99% of a project takes 99% of the time, and the last 1% takes the other 99% of the time. Completing and integrating a process is a fine art, and it is practiced by Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, each in its own way. The Signs of greatest emphasis now are Virgo and Pisces—Virgo in the form of the inner bodies, and Pisces with Neptune and Chiron.

This puts us in a healing frame, where we have been on an emphasized basis since Chiron and Neptune conjoined in 2010-11. The healing energies at first came through Aquarius, using thought to redirect the forces and fields. Now they flow and swirl in Pisces, reaching us as a field of magnetism and other rarefied states. These settle into our own energy field (aura) and circulate to dissolve the old obstructions they encounter.

This can be a bewildering process (to all but Pisceans) as it slowly, almost imperceptibly shifts our reality from…

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