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Daykeeper Planetary Overview, April 2014

by Terry Lamb on April 1, 2014

Astrology - Planetary Overview April 2014

There’s no doubt, April 2014 will be a month to remember, a milestone period when everything changes. It presents us with a Cardinal Crossroads. The energies in the Cardinal Cross of Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) have been building over several years, and now the accumulated force reaches a peak as all the fire planets—Sun, Mars, and Jupiter—stimulate us simultaneously via those signs, with a little help from Mercury. It’s time for action!

The good news is that something’s going to happen. The bad news is that something’s going to happen. We don’t know entirely what the events and outcome will be, but we at least know where it will occur. What is most beautiful about it is that we have the power to shift what happens, and by taking small steps carve the path we want to follow out of the rock of our foundation.

What we experience will depend a lot on the groundwork we’ve been steadily establishing via the String of Pearls, the hook-up of sextiles and trines that has periodically encircled the heavens in the past two years. We still have some of this mojo left, so if you’ve got more to do to prepare, you still have time.

It will feel much like riding the rapids. Events will cascade in quick succession—not all at once—which is perfect for managing the ride. It will certainly feel overwhelming at times, a kind of childbirth-rebirth experience. If we breathe through the contractions and change position to facilitate the process, we’ll be blessed with a new/renewed life come April 28, the New Moon Eclipse.

Here’s how it will play out: [Remainder of article available only to Premium subscribers. Subscribe now.]

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