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Crystal Pomeroy

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Aries New Moon April  2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation offers a dharma window to widen the reach of our abundance consciousness, and especially to bless relationships that relate to this area of our lives. As Maya Del Mar has pointed out, “Full moons illuminate the seeds planted at new moons.”

The Taurus New Moon initiating the current cycle guided us to seek prosperity through release of that which might lead to betrayal of our higher selves. Typically, the Full Moon following the Taurus New Moon would be in Scorpio, that sign whose intense merging energy resolves the bull’s self-centered resistance to change. This spring Taurus receives a breakthrough with the Sagittarius Full Moon, moving its culmination from the level of instinctual inevitability to that of philosophic understanding.

Not only does the accompanying insight allow us to envision abundance on a wider scale, but particularly to empower the strategist within as we deal with others involved with this crucial area of our lives. This is revealed in Maya Del Mar’s observations for this lunation: “…subtle power plays… we must push ahead—but watch your back, maintain your boundaries, and put contractual agreements in black and white….. strategy is more effectual than blind optimism.” The theme of savvy and productive relating is further enforced by the keyword of the Sabian symbol for its degree, “INTERPLAY." Our prayers and reflections at this time are designed to optimize this lunar dharma and alchemize those relationships related to our values and material lives.


Honor Luna and connect with the Angel of Abundance by wearing some garment that is special. Tones of emerald green, pink and lively (not wimpy) blue are most apropos. Light a green candle, or a special one you’ve been saving, along with your favorite incense. Close your eyes and invite the aforementioned angel to assist you in synchronizing with the highest octave of abundance consciousness.

Expand into the freedom of true abundance

In your journal or on any other page, describe your vision of greatest abundance. Do this from the point of reference of your highest self. This does not mean you should omit material prosperity from the picture of your desires, but rather voice it, and whatever other aspirations you choose to visualize, in terms of your own most cherished values at this point in your understanding. This reflection will lead you to include inner riches as well as whatever manifestation of outer wealth seems important, in those forms that best support fidelity to your Highest Self. Make sure you include descriptions of the type of relating and relationships in this area of your life that contribute to this priority.

Prayers to heal work and other prosperity-related relationships

Bring the Divine Representative into your past, present and future dealings, by repeating the following lines during at least seven minutes:

I am not alone or subject to the limiting influence of others in any of my interactions. The Divine Strategist is with me at all times; the Divine Strategist insures that I receive my full abundance in support of my Highest Self in all my dealings. As Spirit is not limited by lineal time, the Divine Strategist is directing all present and future interplays related to my success and holistic integrity, as well as directing the effects of all past situations to make them work on my behalf. I allow myself to receive the fruits that are mine by divine right in all my interactions now.

Allow the Divine Strategist to work through you

Consider your current and upcoming prosperity interactions, then ask: Have you allowed yourself to use your power to plan them strategically? If you detect the need, write any strategies that come to mind. Make sure your goals take into account whatever you will need to remain true to your Highest Self, which is both the treasure and the channel of true prosperity.

Follow up.

Until the next New Moon, continue to repeat the above affirmations daily, as you review and refine your strategies and take concrete steps to implement them.

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