Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation
Crystal Pomeroy

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Aries New Moon April  2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

Our sacred reflections now are designed to make the most of this powerfully transformative lunation, which emphasizes burying past roles as we expand into a more fulfilling future. Maya Del Mar has brilliantly interpreted this lunar portal, predicting that as we direct our call to freedom towards reviving our ideals, this Full Moon will be quite a healing experience.

The Sabian symbol connected to the Eclipse begins with a creepiness which characterizes Scorpio’s brand of transformation as it evokes, “A WIDOW AT AN OPEN GRAVE… Form is withdrawn, leaving the Void—'the open grave' that ends all attachments… What next? One must begin anew and if possible at a less egocentric level. Beyond the personal attachment rises the possibility of participating in a larger sphere of existence. This possibility rarely manifests itself except when one is ready to DISCARD THE PAST.”

The contrasting description of fear and hope evoke the emotional process of release, which we can now synchronize with intentionally in order to rise like a Phoenix, truly free to follow our bliss. Additional light on exactly how we can focus this potential is gleaned as we ask: Who is the widow within posed by the open grave? We may discover her in that part of ourselves, independent of physical gender, that clings to an obsolete role as mundane companion or people-pleaser.

Luna now opens the door to “let my people go” from such self-imposed chains, as we give ourselves whatever encouragement and love are necessary to focus most intently on those ideals we cherish but tend to postpone or relegate to the “someday” closet. A bit further on, we will share tools to optimize this promise and catalyze the Eclipse on behalf of personal and planetary healing.

First, a word on our helpers from the invisible plane. If you have ever received or are interested in receiving help from the angelic realms, you will enjoy calling on the Angel of Liberation, requesting that it work with your own personal angel or angels in order to live this Eclipse portal from within, centered in the awareness of your real priority: to be faithful to your highest self, and willing to let go of the approval of others when necessary.

Metaphysical treatment for the April Lunar Eclipse

1. Have on hand pen and paper. Then enjoy sweeping your awareness slowly, with gentle concentration, over the following decrees. Repeat them during at least seven minutes.

As I choose to focus on that which is truly most important, I release myself from obsolete dependence on my role as relater. I am free to do things differently, to bypass people- pleasing habits and behaviors. I am free from the desire to be indispensable to or liked by others at the cost of my one, overriding desire: to be true to my highest self in thought, action and attitude. The One Mind is supporting me in these intentions and assistance rushes to me from all corners of the Universe as I remain clear in my purpose, hour by hour, day by day, and my ideals are miraculously consolidated.

2. The stars are now guiding you to understand which behaviors, tasks and inner postures are in true relationship, and which are unnecessarily people-pleasing.

Allow a moment of silence so that may come to the surface of your mind, and list them as they do.

3. The following questions are designed to help you discover new ways of handling people-pleasing habits:

What circumstances or patterns have you adapted in response to a subtle fixation with somebody else’s approval?

What concrete step or steps can you take to recover your own guiding vision for your daily life?

Can you relinquish the role of superman or woman and ask for help to share some load which is distracting you from your ideals?

What steps (journaling? therapy? affirmative prayer?) would give you the support you need to feel strong and good about yourself as you pursue those ideals?

Are you ready to reach out and develop connections that will further them? Be creative and list some practical options, large or small, whose implementation you can begin immediately.

4. Return to the first step and repeat the metaphysical treatment—including any compatible thoughts which occur to you as you do so—for another five minutes.

5. Give thanks to the moon, stars, angels and the Higher Power that the entire cosmos is now mobilized in favor of your intent, that people and circumstances adapt easily and you receive all the help you need.

6. Repeat the affirmations for at least seven minutes daily until the next New Moon, as you find ever more effective ways to move on into your expanded good.

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