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Libra Full Moon March 2005

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation represents a stained glass window of opportunity to bless the planet and ourselves through the multiplying power of good, as Luna now brings the energy of Easter into radiant fullness. The Full Moon portal opens during Holy Week, becomes exact on Good Friday, and lasts through Easter Sunday. This sequence of days has particular significance at the current socio-historic moment, and our prayers now are synchronized to tap the power of resurrection so emphasized.

Easter (originally Ostara) is not about payment of humanity’s sins, or anything else related to guilt, as can be seen when we examine its earliest known roots: recurring in pagan myths of a god that died only to return three days later. Upon resurrection he embraced his female counterpart, who then shared the joy of love’s victory in Spring’s exuberant fertility.

Luna’s exact fullness on Good Friday would seem to center her highly emotional energy on the most difficult moments of the resurrection process, when the good—symbolized by the Christ—seems to have been vanquished. We are reminded of the apparently dark moments now enveloping humanity, when the earthly powers seem to be crucifying the planet and with it those principles and freedoms we hold most dear, as they push their agenda of mind control and the New World Order.

Now more than ever it's crucial to stay joyously centered in the promise of immanent victory which abides at the heart of all change, even those changes which appear most dire. Maintaining this light will allow us to access Easter’s highest wavelength, making this a time of resurrection for ourselves and all of creation as the Divine Mother multiplies our good, much as the Easter Bunny magically materializes eggs and fills our baskets with plenty in the dark of night.

Easter Full Moon pre-prayerations

Begin each day throughout the Easter season by invoking Spring’s brightness in your mind, heart and space. Some ways to do this include:

  • Wear your most beautiful, brightest clothing throughout this lunation. As you dress, remember the cheer you felt as a child while dressing for Easter.

  • Spend time each morning in nature

  • Procure bright flowers for your space, especially wild flowers if available.

  • Light pastel-colored candles.

  • Wiccans call this the Hare Moon, and writer Dorothy Morrison suggests burning "fruity smelling incense", to welcome her productive, "potent energy… with lightened steps and happy heart."

Blessings for the multiplication of good

After connecting with Spring’s brightness at the start of each new day, spend several minutes repeating words like those that follow, along with any compatible thoughts that surface in your mind which easily emanates multiplied, inspired blessings:

The Force of Supernatural Good is at work in the midst of all change, and it spontaneously generates and multiplies the miraculous gifts and blessings that have been divinely designated for me and for all of creation now. I refuse to believe that good can be lost, as I remember that Supernatural Good is at works in all cycles of existence and that It’s justice and love are now victorious, making resurrected good spring forth in my affairs and those throughout the planet.

As you repeat this blessing, direct it to yourself and to the planet. Also take at least a moment to direct it specifically to a person or area you specially wish to help, as well as towards someone whose behavior or attitude irritates or upsets you. Resurrection is consolidated as we free ourselves—and all others—from the ego’s condemning limitations.

Blessings to all Daykeeper readers and to all beings for a joyful, faithful, guilt-free Easter.

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