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Daily Astrology, Daykeeper Daily Success Guide September 1–30, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 1, 2018

How will September help you walk you path of power? Daily Astrology with Daykeeper's Daily Success Guide

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, September 2018

Saturday, September 1

Take advantage of Moon’s last day in prosperous Taurus, her sign of exaltation. A trine to powerful Pluto favors inner work, therapy and actions to heal our self-esteem.

Moon’s midday square to Mercury the messenger accents expressive aptitudes, while a quincunx to prosperous, charming Venus accents magnetism. Sing, listen to or make music, or connect for love, business or finance.

We can also enjoy nature, art and food. However, today’s dynamic numerology of 1 is worth applying in something requiring boldness or forward movement, so push beyond the bull’s usual complacence.

The doors of my good are open wide, and I step through them now.

Sunday, September 2

Moon in verbal Gemini and today’s numerology of 2 are both inclined to connection, yet Moon’s contact with Saturn the worker favors constructive activities over Sunday’s usual fun. We can follow through on intentions to call someone, connect with siblings, write to a senator, work on a blog or vlog, finish a proposal or something else related to constructive communication.

Although Moon is waning, Mercury leaves her retrograde shadow now, giving a green light to things that have seemed stuck for the last eight weeks, and putting wings on our feet.

We should get it done before 7:37 pm (9:37 ET), when Moon reaches her Last Quarter, beginning the lunar month’s wind-down period.

The Sabian symbol for 10-11 Gemini says:


Here’s a metaphysical blessing for your car, bicycle or others means of transport—change to plural to bless your legs: Put your hands on the vehicle as you repeat three times: I give thanks for this blessed vehicle that carries me on paths of omnipresent good, now and always.

Monday, September 3

Moon in communicative Gemini, coupled with a sextile from ruler Mercury to sweet Venus, makes a great day to connect with others. Reach out early, when Moon also contacts Jupiter, planet of publicity. The energies shift at 10:09 am (1:09 pm ET), when Moon engages with intense Pluto, opening a two-hour window that favors therapy, self-dialogue, transmuting our thoughts and anything related to inner healing.

This afternoon, avoid distractions, and sustain focus to close a sale, run errands, purchase computer equipment or sign a contract.

Tonight, lunar harmonies to Venus and Mercury favor a cozy chat between the sheets, calling someone to lift their spirits or following up on a promotional effort started previously.

At 11:37 pm (1:37 am ET), Moon goes VOC.

Divine love radiates in my mind and relationships, now and always.

Tuesday, September 4

At 5:03 am (8:03 ET), Moon leaves her VOC to enter Cancer and trigger two early contacts: a square to wounded-healer Chiron in assertive Aries and a sextile to Uranus, planet of freedom. These influences are great for creative activities, self-dialogue, therapy, and efforts to aid children or support rescue in areas affected by fire or climate challenges.

We should act early; at 9:22 am (11:22 ET), Moon opposes stark Saturn. Now, we can switch gears to look at and release guilt trips on ourselves or others, and streamline our space and life in preparation for the upcoming New Moon of Sunday, September 9.

I release any ideas of unworthiness and assert my right to happiness now.

Wednesday, September 5

Moon in Cancer activates a grand trine with Neptune and Jupiter, planets of angels. Intuition surges, favoring activities like healing, consulting an oracle or medium, working in the garden and connecting with light beings.

Today’s active numerology of 5 may make us restless, but a quincunx from mental Mercury to pushy Mars and a midday opposition from Moon to intense Pluto are low on diplomacy, although they do favor research and help dig up underlying issues. We can favorably try to focus on low-key, independent activities. Except for connections with a prayer group or small baby, save purposeful interactions for tomorrow afternoon.

At 7:39 pm (10:39 ET), mental Mercury enters Virgo, earth sign of its rule.

The One Mind knows how to guide me and does this through infinite channels, now and always.

Thursday, September 6

Today is great for healing and creative activities. Connections with others are apt to be rocky, with the possible exception of collaborations for healing, art or activism.

Moon in sensitive Cancer goes VOC on an early opposition to pugnacious Mars, triggering the crab’s snippy tendencies. If you’re up early, try scouring the stove or weeding the garden.

At 6:54 am (9:54 ET), Moon enters confident Leo. However, the relief is short-lived as the transits may prick the Lion’s ego, sending her to lick her paws and possibly strike out at a perceived attack to her pride.

Apply the prosperous vibration of today’s number 6 by reviewing dreams and visualization materials; discard the old as you prepare to renew them at the upcoming New Moon portal.

Saturn the builder goes direct, helping us get on track with discipline and organization. The following Sabian symbol for 2-3 Capricorn, is triggered by this turn:

THE SOUL, AS A HOVERING SPIRIT EAGER TO GAIN EXPERIENCE. Inner and pure motivation. The power to remain superior to physical limitations, to demonstrate free will.

It’s also a good day to make an offering or donation.

Before going to bed tonight, use a late trine from Mercury to Uranus to program dreams for guidance in prosperity. Keep a journal or page and pen by your bed.

Affirmation (sit on the edge of the bed and repeat ten times before going to sleep):
Deep within I know the best ways to increase my prosperity, and they’ll come to light in a positive dream I’ll remember on waking.

Friday, September 7

Moon and Sun make early connections to Neptune, favoring dream interpretation. Meditate, prepare visualization materials, visit a channel, call on the angels. Use the balsamic Moon phase to work on forgiveness and tune into guidance to prepare intentions for the New Moon of Sunday, September 9.

We’ll do best now to avoid consciousness-altering substances, dense surroundings or people, making a long-term business or personal commitment and getting carried away by a romantic fantasy.

This is a particularly powerful day for prayer and meditation.

The angels of evolution guide me to set powerful intentions, and I am mindful of their signs and messages now.

Saturday, September 8

With Moon in stubborn Leo contacting Mars, dawn doesn’t exactly rise on harmony city. We may prefer to sleep in or, if inclined to rise, clean up the yard (take it slow and avoid sharp equipment).

At 7:29 am (10:29 ET), things cool down as Moon enters humble Virgo. We get a window of opportunity for the rest of the morning and through early afternoon, accented by today’s powerful numerology of 8 as well as trines from Moon to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. We are guided in inspired actions and strategies for our work, for grounding an original idea, or to expand our prosperity.

At the doorstep of tomorrow’s New Moon, we can either use these hours for closing cycles or lay foundations for new intentions we seed. However you choose to apply them, do it before 1:38 pm (4:38 pm), when magnetic Venus squares hot Mars. This aspect fuels creativity and can make hormones flow, but it’s not particularly harmonious.

Moon in Virgo joins her ruler Mercury at 3:54 pm (6:54 ET). We may find ourselves scouring the kitchen, decluttering the house or bedroom, or designing a plan for detox, exercise or another daily routine that supports our New Moon intentions.

There’s no harmful condition in me, because there is no power to harm, only Spirit’s loving power that benefits and lifts me up to wellness now and always.

Sunday, September 9

With an opposition from Moon in grounded Virgo to Neptune, planet of dreams, this morning is great for receiving guidance from beyond and for gathering images to make a vision board or similar tool in support of a New Moon intention.

We can put it in writing at or around the New Moon in Virgo, which is exact at 11:01 am (1:01 pm ET). This New Moon particularly favors intentions for work, health, service and self-improvement. A series of major, close aspects increase her potency. These include a T-square involving romantic Venus, feisty Mars and rebellious Uranus. This T-square in fixed signs will generate restlessness about restrictions in relationships.

If you or someone else is longing for wing-room, it may trigger a decision to branch out on your own in one way or another. If we can avoid projecting our needs onto someone else, and use the steam to fuel our engines instead of releasing it in a sudden, unnecessary fight, this energy can blow us out of a comfort zone.

The T-square’s creativity is certainly worth harnessing, considering a number of other close, harmonious aspects in earth signs. They include a grand trine involving ruler Mercury, diligent Saturn and again, unusual Uranus. Moon in practical Virgo sits at the apex of a half-kite, closely opposing creative Neptune and trining alchemical Pluto in Capricorn, sign of manifestation. Fortunate Jupiter anchors the remaining harmonies: a sextile from Moon and a trine to Neptune. This powerful interplay of mainly earth and some water elements is great for manifestation, for upgrading our prosperity consciousness, and for achieving mental material mastery.

At 17-18 Virgo, the lunation triggers the following Sabian symbol:

TWO EXCITED GIRLS EXPERIMENT WITH A OUIJA BOARD. Human desire for contact with the beyond, inquiry. Restless questioning of superficial facts of being. Immature curiosity.

This is the same degree as last month’s Solar Eclipse New Moon, so it will be a link in the unfolding of intentions seeded and changes triggered then. As we said in last month’s tips, that spirited portal was about “healing our inner child, renewing the connection with our children, and/or our action on behalf of children in need, relaunching a creative project, overcoming the tendency to doubt our self-expression, rebuilding self-confidence, reconnecting our heart power, and freeing ourselves from dictatorial tendencies and for that matter, dictatorial leaders.”

The current portal helps us knuckle down to the inner and outer grit work and establish the habits that facilitate consolidation of those intentions.

In the New Moon’s aftermath, her harmonies to Jupiter and Pluto perfect, making this afternoon great for acting in congruence with our intentions.

I see myself living in ways that supports my dreams now.

Monday, September 10

Yesterday’s window of productive action is still open, but only until 8:12 am (11:12 ET), when Moon goes VOC.

At 8:20, Moon enters Libra, whose social skills are somewhat stilted and whose feisty side is pricked by tense aspects to wounded-healer Chiron, rebel Uranus and tough-boss Saturn. Stick to independent efforts to beautify your work or space, or focus on an intellectual activity.

By around 3:00 pm (5:00 ET), the tension dissipates and we ride the crest of the waxing Moon in Libra to renew our connections with others. Many kinds of connection are favored. They may be allies for the intentions we clarified yesterday, or for a shared project, negotiation, or teamwork; or they could of the romantic kind, like wining and dining, enjoying a first date, making love with a new partner, or celebrating a marriage or handfasting.

We can also use these energies to beautify our appearance, shop for quality clothing, or do artistic work.

Dynamic Mars enters progressive Aquarius at 5:56 pm (8:56 ET), triggering an urge for personal and collective freedom that lasts for the next two months.

In the One Mind, I am naturally connected with the highest and the best people. I know them in the invisible, and they appear in the visible now.

Tuesday, September 11

In resonance with the aspects of the recent New Moon, this morning’s Sun harmonizes with fortunate Jupiter and empowering Pluto. Now we can move to consolidate something related to our intentions at that lunation, or—in view of the Moon’s position in Libra—our ties to others.

These energies are great for transformation and healing, while today’s numerology of 11 opens a portal that angels use to lift humanity’s love vibrations.

Play your hand early. At 9:22, Moon’s emotional intelligence slips out her ear as she makes a quincunx to foggy Neptune before going VOC at 3:58 pm (8:58 ET) on a square to intense Pluto. These transits are far from charming, though they’re great for creative endeavors or making a dream board for happiness in love.

Tonight, VOC Moon in Libra favors enjoying a romantic film or a good read.

I stay centered in love for myself and others, and angels use this light to heal the world now.

Wednesday, September 12

This morning, use the VOC Moon in Libra to indulge with favorite chocolates, hang out with someone harmonious, or simply enjoy beautiful surroundings or a special tree.

This evening, an opposition from love-planet Venus to Uranus the rebel may trigger surprises in finances and relationships, so now is the time for recharging our mental love-circuits to stay in a harmonious flow. At the same time, Jupiter makes a sexy harmony with ruler Pluto: if we keep our vision high and aim for the bull’s eye, those surprises can in fact jolt us up a notch.

Whatever way the dice roll, inner balance will facilitate the best outcome.

Moon enters Scorpio at 11.15 am (2:15 pm ET),  with stressful aspects that trigger our courage but also our tempers—and those of others. Meditation, journaling, independent activities and dealings from a distance are not only the best, but the safest, options.

At 3:31 pm (5:31 ET), the cloud lifts as waxing Moon in passionate Scorpio joins sweet Venus. This pairing favors love, joy, desire, forgiveness, an intimate encounter of the deep kind, therapy, making a major, life-altering change, or moving on a decision we’ve already made.

Not that its powers are confined to emotional situations. With Scorpio Moon moving to sextile constructive Saturn, who receives another sextile from sweet Venus herself, the energy of cooperation, love and fusion can help us ground a dream relationship or financial situation. These influences can be conducive to seeing a new partner, proposing a contract, tying the knot, or starting work with a consultant.

The substance of my relationships is divine and I give thanks that this loving, magical substance is working to benefit all involved now.

Thursday, September 13

With Moon in deep Scorpio triggering a series of harmonies, today is a power portal. A sextile to Mercury helps direct our sixth sense in practical communication, a trine to psychic Neptune deepens our powers of prayer and intuition, and a sextile to ruler Pluto in directed Capricorn helps ground our new beginnings.

Today’s good fortune is crowned tonight with a conjunction from Moon to Jupiter the publicist. From dawn to midnight, the stars will smile as we focus on research, investigate a mystery, back up something we feel strongly about, support a pet cause, work on an important change, goal accomplishment, or anything requiring courage. Also favored is surgery for cyst or tissue removal.

With Mercury in opposition to Neptune, save verbal or written contracts for another day and refrain from reacting to something in a precipitant manner, as the situation may require further investigation.

I am infinite being, and I am already connected with all the elements of my success, evolution and happiness, here and now.

Friday, September 14

In the wee hours Moon goes VOC in Scorpio on a sextile to Sun in Virgo, sign of purification, making this a great day to unplug and do a detox, colonic treatment, skin-brushing, or go to a sauna.

In the metaphysical realm, we can pray, meditate, practice forgiveness and think of new ways to visualize our goals.

We’ll do best to save key actions for this evening, when a sextile from Moon to Mars gives us confidence and helps open doors. We can step into them by making a vision board or other visualization tools, seeking out a motivating friend, attending a course or taking a lesson, going after hard-to-get information or a foreign connection, speaking our minds, contacting a college or someone related to publishing, going to a party, mingling to meet people, and just having fun. Neither Mars nor Sagittarius is exactly a wallflower! We should avoid getting preachy, being reckless, or overdoing things.

I radiate love to myself and others, and my light network draws to me now.

Saturday, September 15

Today’s numerology of 6 favors enjoying family and/or spouse. Moon in Sagittarius likes sports, going on an adventure or to a concert, or participating in a shamanic drum encounter, or some other unusual, mystical activity.

Provoke a pause this evening, when at 7:54 pm (10:54 ET), Mercury in grounded Virgo trines Pluto the powerful, deepening the impact of our thoughts and words. We can use this power in sending a letter to a Senator, starting a petition for a cherished cause, using healing mantras, journaling about our lineage, retrieve lost or rare information, sending a proposal, or starting a promotion.

My words are not only ideas, they’re doors of power that let Infinite Good act, heal and work miracles, here and now.

Sunday, September 16

Moon in Sagittarius, sign of preachers, fuels our inspiration. We may direct it through sports, having an adventure or participating in a seminar or spiritual gathering.

Mercury the messenger sextiles Moon’s ruler, Jupiter, optimizing the promotional planet’s gifts of communication. We can use these gifts to connect with a valued friend, inspire someone, give a workshop, call on light beings or a foreign contact, speak our mind, share our truth, or somehow get the word out. Morning is fantastic for starting a promotion. But, avoid giving an unsolicited sermon, being reckless, or overdoing things.

At 4:15 pm (7:15 ET), Moon reaches her First Quarter. Provoke a pause to review intentions from the last New Moon and tweak your strategy to manifestation them.

The Sabian symbol for 25-26 Sagittarius says:

FLAG-BEARER DISTINGUISHES HIMSELF IN HAND-TO-HAND BATTLE. Exaltation of physical valor as necessary to support lofty race ideals. Spectacular effort. Endowment beyond realization.

Although Moon goes VOC at this lunation, in Sagittarius she still performs.

Angels of progress, please direct me on my path of power now.

Monday, September 17

This morning, today’s powerful numerology of 8 blends with the executive potential of waxing Moon in directed Capricorn to help us get on track with our goals.

Moon trines brilliant Uranus and conjuncts ruler Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, favoring progress an independent project. Take the reins of your life, assume leadership, set a limit, consider alternate approaches to getting where you want, choose one, and begin to act on it. Calls and chats work better than direct one-on-one. If you do have to deal directly with another, take some elbow room but make a special effort to consider others’ feelings.

An afternoon sextile to love-planet Venus favors people connections, particularly for business, or organizing something related to family. It’s also a good window to apply for credit, work with a coach or consultant, build up the balance in the bank account, or collect an account due.

My success is not limited by circumstances of the past or present. I am infinite being, and I am already connected with all the elements my success, here and now.

Tuesday, September 18

A square from jumpy Mars to rebellious Uranus sparks egos and can lead to fights that are less fair than are subjective viewpoint leads us to believe.

Plan to keep a low profile, and if you must drive or use machinery, knives, or anything sharp, do so with care. Try directing today’s restlessness in journaling about what freedom and valor mean to you; or attend a 12-step meeting, consult with a coach or support group, read a liberating book.

Today’s numerology of 9 favors spiritual study, meditation and acts of altruism, all of which can help diffuse today’s explosive potential.

In the midst of the minefield, the two best windows for progress in work or creative or humanitarian endeavors are around 9:54 am (12:54 pm ET), when Moon is waxing in practical Capricorn and in sextile to imaginative Neptune, and after 8:25 tonight (11:25), when she sextiles Jupiter.

I am not alone or without effective defense. The Divine Defender is with me, working in whatever way is necessary to insure just and perfect outcomes for me now.

Wednesday, September 19

This morning, Moon in productive Capricorn trines Mercury the messenger in Virgo, earth sign of its rule. This is a great combination to file a permit, register a copyright, organize papers, sign a contract or do something related to paperwork and business, finances or institutions. It’s also great for starting a diet or exercise routine.

Do what you need to get done early, before Moon goes VOC a 10:10 am (1:10 pm ET). And avoid unnecessary arguments or risky situations, since we’re still in the wake of yesterday’s Mars-Uranus square.

At 4:52 pm (7:52 ET), Moon enters Aquarius. For a couple of hours she’ll favor working on a cause, socializing, exploring our options and tending to our best interests.

This evening, a square to ruler Uranus and a conjunction to Mars bring out Moon’s anarchic tendencies, and it’s finally time to retreat from the world, see a freeing movie, work on an independent creative project, or have a good read.

The angels of freedom open new doors to me now.

Thursday, September 20

At 6:46 am (9:46 ET), Moon in free Aquarius squares Venus in strong Scorpio, making this morning high on creative inventiveness yet not so helpful in contacts with others (with the possible exception of a kinky romp between the sheets).

This tension subsides by midday, when we can connect with friends, break our routine by trying something different, fight for a cause, or look into a career change.

An evening conjunction from Sun in analytic Virgo to ruler Mercury is great for editing, making a budget, practical communication and using affirmations for healing. It blends nicely with Moon in Aquarius to favor intellectual activities, research, and analyzing options for home refinance.

My funds are not limited to what I have on hand. They flow from the infinite realm of Spirit, and I watch them grow and multiply now.

Friday, September 21

Moon rises in Aquarius this morning. Work on a creative or intellectual project, seek out a friend whose ideals resonate with yours, participate in activism, or work on something related to your future or that of a family member. Do it before 10:13 am (1:13 pm), when Moon goes VOC on a square to Jupiter.

Now it’s time to take a break to visit a friend, go to a museum or enjoy a good read.

At 8:39 pm (11:39 ET), Mercury enters Libra, bringing an element of charm to our communications and helping us hone our negotiation and listening skills. Her ingress triggers the first, critical degree of cardinal Libra, presaging tomorrow’s Equinox portal.

Angels of perception, please help me develop my ability to listen with attention and compassion now.

Saturday, September 22

This is a day of magic. The numerology of 22 increases our intuition and our ability to reach the masses in a helpful way.

At 5:27 am (8:27 ET), Moon enters mystical Pisces. She sextiles genius Uranus and constructive Saturn, opening doors for progress on our ideals or original endeavors. We can act on our hunches, knock on key doors, and move on our dreams in whatever way you can.

Afternoon is good to make a vision board, join with friends for an Equinox ritual, and work on forgiveness.

At 6:54 pm, Sun enters Libra, shifting us into the season of change and triggering the critical first degree of this cardinal sign, which raises our chances for to impact others with our actions and thoughts.

Tonight, the intentions of change we seed and the ideas or emotions we share have special power.

Goddesses of review, please help me assess my year and strategize to close it wisely now.

Sunday, September 23

The Equinox power portal remains open as mental Mercury squares firm Saturn at 2 degrees Capricorn, once again activating the Aries point.

The aspect isn’t comfortable or propitious for relaxed exchanges, but it can help us take a look at our progress so far this year. Use it to streamline communications, organize ideas, release obsolete contacts and get concrete about communications related to goals for change.

Moon in sensitive Pisces conjuncts ruler Neptune and later, sextiles deep Pluto: we can meditate, pray, transmute limiting beliefs, work on something creative or related to our dreams.

With Mercury in trine to assertive Mars, tonight is great for promoting something or making a breakthrough in communication.

I baptize myself as a complete success in the name of the divine power that made me and that fills my world now.

Monday, September 24

With Moon in imaginative Pisces and Sun in quincunx to Uranus the innovator, this morning is great for creative work. Unusual doors may open suddenly, so go ahead and knock on them.

At 4:04 pm (7:04 ET), Moon enters Aries, becoming full at 7:52 pm (10:52 ET) and once again triggering the Aries-point. In conjunction to Chiron, Luna brings our wounds and healing processes into relief. She also squares taskmaster Saturn and sextiles ruler, dynamic Mars, so this lunation is about work, both inner and outer. It will in fact spark us to move, perhaps to a call from destiny.

The Sabian symbol for 2-3 Aries says:

A MAN’S PROFILE SUGGESTS THE OUTLINES OF HIS COUNTRY. The individual self as the avatar of a greater collective reality; as participant in the larger scheme of society or life.

My first priority throughout this day is to act from my right to healing.

Tuesday, September 25

Moon in Aries gives a touch of boldness to creative Libra. Today’s numerology of 7 stresses intellectual activities. Push through resistance to action that requires talent, research or write, focus on a short-term goal, send a résumé, enter a contest, promote your product, work or services.

Morning is best for connecting with others—wish our editor Susan a happy Solar Return!

This afternoon, a square from Sun to demanding Saturn helps us organize and face the discipline required to follow our joy. It can also generate guilt trips or a sense of inadequacy. Schedule an appointment with a trusted coach or seek out an adoring confidante.

I call on the spiritual warrior forces to help push through my resistance and take a bold step now.

Wednesday, September 26

Moon goes VOC in Aries on a square to intense Pluto at 3:28 am (6:28 ET). Fortunately she then makes a minor aspect to happy Jupiter, though she remains VOC for the entire day . If you can get a cabin, spa, suite or campsite, reserve it and keep a low profile. Otherwise, enjoy watching sports or walk around the neighborhood, visit the local park, and go for tea.

My good cannot be separated from me. It cannot be in another time or place. It’s always where I am and now appears through Spirit’s perfect channels as true opportunities and financial supply now.

Thursday, September 27

In the wee hours, Moon enters abundant Taurus.

With both Libra Sun and Taurus Moon ruled by Venus, today is great for singing, appreciating music, enjoying nature or art, nurturing connections for romance and business, or sharing a sensual meal.

Moon’s trine to executive Saturn also favors business and financial affairs, reorganizing stock portfolios or retirement plans, requesting a loan, applying perseverant effort, or working on something we want to last.

At 4:34 pm (7:34 ET), Sun trines Mars, unleashing a wave of confidence. Ride it and dare to act in a bold way that allows you to ground today’s potential for creativity, love and prosperity.

I am worthy of abundance and love, I see it, I believe it and I receive it now.

Friday, September 28

Today can be a milestone in healing, prosperity and connections with others.

Moon exalted in fertile Taurus trines Pluto the powerful in Capricorn, sign of manifestation, giving a Midas touch to our efforts in work, investments or business. It helps reveal secrets, either for material gain or to heal wounds that have been buried. If this resonates for you, you can facilitate their retrieval in therapy, journaling or a support group.

This afternoon, Moon opposes expansive Jupiter. This is a great aspect for altruistic activities and generous gestures. It also favors promotion and connections with others or the public. With Moon in sensual Taurus and Jupiter in sexy Scorpio, dinner out could easily evolve into something hotter.

Omnipresent light is present in my mind and situations, and what needs to be appears here and now.

Saturday, September 29

During Moon’s last moments in Taurus, enjoy breakfast in bed with a side of Tantra. Or, if you have business or creative work, try getting it done before 6:26 am (9:26 ET), when Moon enters mental Gemini. Here, she connects with Saturn, where our intentions become more disciplined and pragmatic—we might write a letter or an article, show your ideas to a superior, present a proposal, sign a contract, focus to use your time well.

This afternoon and evening, Moon becomes socially emboldened as she trines Sun and Mars. We can work on sales or promotion, publish a video, close a deal, attend a gathering or go out to meet people.

The light of my words connects me with the angelic network now.

Sunday, September 30

Moon in communicative Gemini favors connecting with siblings or friends, sending messages, writing affirmations, and blessing and consecrating your pen (or computer!). A contact from ruler Mercury to mystical Neptune supports any inner practice, and particularly writing letters to angels.

At 8:38 am (11:38 ET), Moon goes VOC, and will be for the rest of the day. Now we can enjoy table games, run minor errands, go on a walk or bicycle rides, work on crossword puzzles, throw a casual party.

As the day, the weekend and the month end, Pluto stations to turn direct. This is a power transit, opening portals to release hidden forces and marking a new cycle, more conscious in relation to our evolution and power.

Angels guide me to retrieve my power, and I flow with their guidance now.

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