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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, August 1–31, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2018

Daily Astrology Forecast, August 2018 - Daykeeper Daily Success Guide

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, August 2018

Wednesday, August 1

This is Lammas, the seventh festival of the eight-part yearly pagan wheel, when the first loaf of the new harvest was blessed in thanks to the goddess and to multiply the supply during Earth’s coming seasons of rest.

Bless your loaf or equivalent symbol of your fruits. Then seize the day: the dynamic potential of Aries Moon, enriched by her sextile to ruler Mars, optimizes today’s forceful numerology of 1, putting wings on our heels.

However, the way to effective action is not entirely clear: Mars also squares rebellious Uranus. The planet of push makes us feel the need for freedom, yet our boldness is apt to be out of sync and lack the tact required for smooth outcomes. Armchair strategizing would be great, though with all this restlessness, we’re unlikely to stay still that long.

At least give yourself a few calm pauses, interspersed throughout the day, to breathe deep and think before taking on a whaling boat singlehandedly, throwing a knife at your boss or collaborator, or quitting your job to hitch a ride to Turkey.

If you drive, opt for the slow lane, and apply special care when handling knives, automobiles or for that matter any machinery or potentially risky situation. Save extreme sports, negotiation and key dealings for Sunday, August 5.

We can channel today’s passion and confidence into considering new ways of doing things, of cutting out distraction, and writing down a plan for bold action on something we started before July 8, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow—a plan we can put into motion on another day.

I bless the fruits of Spirit, and they respond by multiplying, here and now.

Thursday, August 2

Still at the doorstep of yesterday’s Mars-Uranus square, the energy of today’s Aries Moon is best applied in a low-key manner. Today we can profitably undertake non-critical activities—schedule a physical, change the car oil, clean the garage, and use the optimistic connection of Moon to Sun to send a résumé, enter a contest, take a teenager to a tryout, figure out how to connect the printer, or finish a proposal.

Today also, we should stay mindful and apply caution when driving and using knives or equipment. Save key meetings or encounters for on or after Sunday.

At 7:52 pm (11:52 ET), Moon goes VOC and we can give ourselves a break to play table games or do crossword puzzles.

Affirmation for the people, animals and trees in and around wildfire areas:
These beings are not alone or without protection. The Divine Guardian is with them, shielding them, watching over them and moving in whatever way is necessary to insure their safety and wellness now.

Friday, August 3

VOC Moon in hot Aries contacts affectionate, abundant Venus: we can work to strengthen our beliefs around abundance—or go to brunch just for fun with a harmonious other or on our own.

At 12:51 pm (3:51 ET), Moon enters the prosperous sign of Taurus, where she is exalted. Connections with Mars and Uranus don’t facilitate cooperation, but do help us move. Take whatever step you can towards independent success. Rearrange your furniture or renew your décor, but save key dealings for tonight from 7:07 pm (10:07 ET), when Moon trines constructive Saturn, helping us ground a business initiative and get good results from practical actions.

No situation can limit me, since there is no power to limit, only Spirit’s power that flows to open my paths and channels now.

Saturday, August 4

Today’s numerology of 4 extends last night’s constructive impulse, infusing the Moon in abundant Taurus with the drive she needs to get things done. The combination is particularly propitious for negotiating. We should use it early, before 11:18 am (2:18 pm), when Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter in Taurus, beginning the last week of her cycle, a time to wind down, pick up the pieces and clear the decks in preparation for next week’s Solar Eclipse New Moon.

The Sabian symbol for 12-13° Taurus says:

CHILDREN ARE BLOWING SOAP BUBBLES AT A YOUNGSTER’S PARTY. Healthy stimulation through joy and interaction. Creative fantasy. Spinning of idle dreams.

This afternoon is propitious for inner and magical work to improve our self-esteem, and to enjoy singing, music, nature and art.

Tonight, we might share a nice dinner and deep movie, and carefully steer clear of the power struggles that might arise with a tense connection from Mercury the messenger to mob-boss Pluto. If you are looking to complete something, you could stay up for the midnight trine from Moon to Pluto, or choose to retire and rise early to enjoy its afterglow.

Angels of evolution, please work with me and through me so I may reach my highest potential, here and now.

Sunday, August 5

Why rest when we can walk in power? Today’s numerology of 5 wants to move. At 12:03 am (3:03 am ET), a trine from Moon in prosperous Taurus to transformative Pluto in focused Capricorn can help us push through blocks to progress in business or a creative project. This is the perfect day to rise early and finish a proposal or other text, review investments, reorganize a web campaign, remove an obsolete design or system, or work to dissolve subconscious blocks to abundance.

One empowering trine morphs into another, as Moon harmonizes with ruler Venus in pragmatic Virgo. The pairing continues to favor practical progress, but our focus can shift to relationship, PR, a joint endeavor, mixing pleasure with business or generating good will for a service activity (anything from getting the kids to go help Grandma to petitioning neighbors to support immigrants or clean up the park).

At 6:32 pm (9:32 ET), Moon enters loquacious Gemini. The intensity fades, and we can follow up on calls to siblings and friends or relax with a table game or magazine.

I am not hypnotized by any belief in scarcity. There’s no scarcity in Spirit, only rich, supply flowing for me now and always.

Monday, August 6

Today’s numerology of 6 brings out the prosperous side of Jupiter as that planet of fortune takes a hit from the Sun. Mindfully maintain humility, and follow your vision to clear the decks in preparation for a passionate new beginning at the upcoming Solar Eclipse.

Also favored today are: writing a play, script or sales pitch, participating in gestalt, primal therapy or psychodrama, or somehow throwing ourselves into healing. Independent creative activities also flow nicely.

Dealings requiring a delicate touch go much better after 4:27 pm (7:27 ET), when Venus enters Libra, the diplomatic air sign of her rule, where she blends nicely with Moon in wordsmith Gemini.

I am worthy of success, and I acknowledge others as worthy now.

Tuesday, August 7

Today’s number 7 connects with Uranus, just as this planet of higher mind stations to turn retrograde today, making this a day of mental and intuitive power. At 2 degrees Taurus, Uranus squares the July 27 Lunar Eclipse, which it also rules.

A door opens to review the archetypes triggered by that lunation: freedom, ideals, release, authenticity, masculinity, feminine empowerment, passion, genius, and with Uranus in Taurus, abundance and self-esteem. The process of review, revision and retrieval of these energies will last into 2019.

Uranus also rules Mars as this planet of push transits Aquarius, receiving a trine from seductive Venus in social Libra. This is romantic, sexy trine, yet the day’s Uranus/Aquarius tone speaks to connections of a more impersonal kind: more like gathering collaborators for a shared cause, or setting our inner artist free.

Or, we might prefer to research our options, delve into a fringy topic, or get or give a psychic reading. We’ll do best to save key actions for after 9:01, when Moon enters savvy, intuitive Cancer.

Guardian Angel (or name your spirit guide), please help me release people, places and situations and keep me aligned with my true mission now.

Wednesday, August 8

Sun makes a daybreak quincunx with Neptune, making for a magical sunrise. Creativity, romance and compassion surge. Our art and media productions can be truly inspired, as can prayer, healing and meditation. Sensitivity and fantasy surge: keep the hot-air balloon firmly moored, avoid crowds, and save key agreements or decisions for another day.

Emotional Cancer Moon opposes tough Saturn today, so we may need to make an effort to avoid neurosis and guilt trips. With Venus opposing Chiron, we’re empowered to work on self-love by journaling, with a therapist or coach, or at a 12-step group.

Casual, professional or fun interactions are better after Mercury the thinker joins Sun at 7:06 pm (10:06 ET), followed by a trine from Moon to Jupiter that’s great for business and intuitive activities.

I am made in the image and likeness of magic, and I allow myself to use it now.

Thursday, August 9

Today’s numerology of 9 favors the release and transmutation connected to the current balsamic Moon phase. In Cancer, and accompanied by minor aspects from personal to transpersonal planets, her urge to nurture is best applied by lending material and/or spiritual support to a cause related to families and children. This is also a great day to work through doubts and fears, declutter our space, and plan a dream board for Saturday’s Solar Eclipse New Moon.

An afternoon square from Venus to Saturn helps us plan a budget, heal co-dependence issues and set realistic limits.

At 9:18 pm (12:18 am ET), Moon enters dramatic Leo, followed by an opposition to Mars that can be directed in defending a loved one or cause, or if we prefer, tucked into bed as oneiric material for our inner hero.

Affirmation (repeat 9 times before going to sleep):
I invoke my spiritual warrior essence to direct me on my best and highest path now and throughout this night.

Friday, August 10

The week, now on the doorstep of tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse, comes to a vibrant close. Today’s numerology of 1 awakens the pioneering urge, and lunar contacts to Venus, Jupiter and Mercury bring out the lion’s expressive nature. We can now close a cycle, express a desire or perspective that’s been steaming within us, go to brunch, lunch and/or dinner, mingle to meet new friends, promote something—or reinvent our lives.

In my inner garden, I plant the seeds of new life now.

Saturday, August 11

We finally get a party-Saturday, thanks to the Solar Eclipse New Moon, which is precise at 2:58 am (5:58 ET).

This lunation is not exactly the shy gal on the block. As if its sign—expressive Leo—weren’t enough, it joins Mercury, riding the messenger planet´s square to Jupiter, planet of promotion and broadcasting.

New Moons strengthen our power of intention, and more so with an Eclipse. Conjunct the North Node or Dragon’s Head, this one will help open doors of fortune for what we want to bring into our lives. Though, with a quincunx to Pluto, adjustments will be required and this process will require inner work.

With Mercury retrograde, a project that we dream of and actually began any time before July 8 can get a free bump up the stairs. Leo also rules will power, so mastering ourselves to get it done can be part of our intention. Check our August General Influences for more tips at this portal.

The Sabian symbol for 18-19 Leo suggests help and companionship along the way:

A BARGE MADE INTO A CLUBHOUSE IS CROWDED WITH REVELERS. The transforming power of pure joy over routine existence. Human fellowship in the effort to make life happier, freer.

Invite your inner child to make a vision board through you, or join with friends to do that. Have a low-profile party, go to an outdoor play or art exhibit.

Moon will be VOC from today’s lunation until 8:59 pm (11:59 ET), when she enters practical Virgo. If she hasn’t left you spinning, Virgo Moon says, take a shower, cut your toenails, and go to bed early with a good book.

I reach out to share light, and my connections flow on a joyous wavelength now.

Sunday, August 12

Moon in applied Virgo can put feet on our Eclipse intentions. Her trines to freeing Uranus and constructive Saturn help us harness her diligence in something worthwhile. We might write up a plan to move through apparent obstacles to wellness and success, declutter as we visualize greater beauty in our space, or review and refine a text, market strategy, or our work. We can also seek out a potential colleague, client or collaborator.

The lucky roll continues tonight. At 8:59 pm (11:59 ET), Mars, planet of action, backs into executive Capricorn and Moon sextiles expansive Jupiter. We can continue to gather our forces, launch a promotion or just take a break and enjoy a nice dinner and movie.

The Universe loves me and fills me with good fortune, now and always.

Monday, August 13

Finally, a Monday that’s ready to do the job! The productive potential of Moon in Virgo is accented by today’s focused numerology of 4 as well as a trine to bold Pluto in Capricorn, sign of mastery.

We’re empowered to push forward on New Moon intentions or another key endeavor related to finance, structure, or tangible results. These influences also favor release of an addiction and a minor surgical intervention.

At 9:57 pm (12:57 am ET), Moon enters Libra and we shift from pragmatism to social grace.

I bless my productive capacity and enjoy applying it now.

Tuesday, August 14

Moon in social Libra helps us gather allies related to the intentions seeded for Saturday’s Eclipse. She sextiles communicative Mercury and joins ruler Venus, giving power to an intellectual project, beautification of our work or image, negotiation, romance, forgiveness and reconciliation, compromise, and cooperation. It also favors getting a permit or another legal step, reconciling with an ex or reconnecting with an old heartthrob.

Whichever option we pursue, today’s numerology of 5 favors bold action.

I praise the cosmic force of love that unfolds true connections for me now.

Wednesday, August 15

Today’s prosperous numerology of 6 helps us direct this day’s potential.

The fun starts with a morning square from Moon in socially adept Libra to Pluto the powerful in directed Capricorn. Consider how you can apply more diplomacy, warmth and kindness as you move on your goals; write down your thoughts and make any pertinent changes in your strategy.

This square can lead to power-struggles, so save actual encounters or contacts for the afternoon, when a sextile to Sun in radiant Leo shines a ray of luck on our interactions. Go on a date with someone you already know or had connected with before July 8; work on a creative project or share any kind of fun.

Good fortune is not in another place or time; good fortune flows from the field of omnipresent love and manifests where I am, here and now.

Thursday, August 16

With Moon in sensitive Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in abundant Taurus, this morning is great for applying intuitive perception to goals of financial independence—we can consult an oracle, get a psychic reading, take a course, or apply tools we already have to this end.

We should do this early, because a sextile from Moon to Saturn is highly favorable for taking daring, concrete steps to ground an important change.

I baptize myself as a complete success in the Name of the Power that created me and that acts to open my way now and always.

Friday, August 17

Today’s powerful numerology of 8 gives an extra boost to today’s forceful transits.

Moon in intense Scorpio joins expansive Jupiter. Our affirmations open angelic doors and what we publish or teach touches people’s emotions.

In addition, harmonies to visionary Neptune and transformative Pluto help dissolve hard feelings and reap lasting fruits of our connections in both spiritual and worldly realms.

I invite the angels to broadcast their light through me, now and always.

Saturday, August 18

Moon reaches her First Quarter in the wee hours. This is the perfect moment to take a pause to review progress on intentions seeded at last week’s Eclipse New Moon and clear out distractions, fine-tune a manifestation strategy, and retrieve focus.

The Sabian symbol for 25-26 Scorpio describes:

AMERICAN INDIANS MAKING CAMP AFTER MOVING INTO A NEW TERRITORY. The ability to adjust swiftly to a new situation by tuning into its requirements.

…[She] who lives in harmony with nature, moving on as new needs arise, finds… [herself] intuitively at home everywhere… efficient functioning in all life situations.

Coming after the recent New Moon Eclipse in Leo, this symbol reminds us to release Leo’s controlling impulses.

Moon goes VOC on this lunation. Save key actions for after 9:45 am (12:45 pm ET), when she enters outgoing Sagittarius. Also this morning, Mercury the messenger sextiles social Venus, accenting the lunar archer’s romantic inclinations and social skills and opening doors in love, friendship, and business.

This is a great day to connect with friends or those abroad, give a course, renew an existing love interest, deal with colleagues, go on picnic hike, share an adventure, visit a new, exotic restaurant, and relaunch a campaign for sales, PR, and promotion of any kind.

This evening Mercury goes direct at 11 degrees Leo (9:25 pm PT; 12:25 am 8/19 ET). However, it will remain in shadow until September 2, so efforts on things started previously are still favored.

The light of my words connects me with my angelic network, now and always.

Sunday, August 19

With Moon in optimistic Sag and the two planets of angels, Jupiter and Neptune, in trine to one another, this is one of the best days of the season for everything from mystical experiences to art and abundance.

Moon’s harmonies to Mercury and Venus, planets of connection, also favor promotion and communications with everyone from politicians and siblings to a love object.

It’s the perfect day to create a vision board for romance or sales, attend a seminar, course or luminous gathering, take a lesson, throw a party, contact light-beings, insist on receiving an overdue answer, enjoy sports or an adventure, go out with someone you contacted before July 8, buy a lottery ticket, or submit a proposal.

Work, love, laugh and enjoy, but keep your feet on the ground and avoid excesses, particularly if you imbibe.

Divine good pours through my body, mind, life and finances and I am richly blessed now.

Monday, August 20

The work week gets off to a spirited start, with Moon in enthusiastic Sag in trine to warm Leo and still in range of yesterday’s fortunate trine from Jupiter to Neptune. Although Moon is VOC most of the day, in Sag she still performs.

Now is the time to contact someone in a position to help you, redo your image, retouch a creative project, attend a seminar or course, take a lesson, contact light-beings, visit a psychic, insist on receiving an overdue answer, buy a lottery ticket, or submit a proposal.

Avoid recklessness and getting preachy or bossy.

At 9:00 pm (12:00 am ET), Moon enters Capricorn.

No person or situation can withhold the good that I have visualized and worked for now.

Tuesday, August 21

Waxing Moon in Capricorn helps us get on track with our goals. Although productive, a quincunx from confident Sun to assertive Mars can bring out the harshness of this placement. Independent work is more propitious than approaching others.

It will work best to devote our energies to making plans, organizing, fine-tuning strategy, setting a limit, achieving a career goal, reorganizing an investment, building the bank balance, or resuming a diet or exercise program. Or, we can do magic for personal goals, discipline, order, structure, strategy, and self-control.

When you do connect with others, watch your temper, avoid being too business-like, and try to make it fun.

Archangel Michael, please strengthen me in my path of mastery, now and always.

Wednesday, August 22

Today’s master number 22 helps our prayers and actions reach the masses.

Moon in resourceful Capricorn makes sextiles to visionaries Jupiter and Neptune. Doors of opportunity open, blessing the results of this morning’s efforts in the direction of our dreams.

At 11:46 am (2:46 pm ET), the energies get more intense when Moon joins big-mama Pluto. With Capricorn’s drive and efficiency and Pluto’s deep-diving intensity, we might want to take a steam bath, visit a therapist, reorganize an investment portfolio, solicit an increase in a credit line, do activism to protect social security, help the elderly, practice forgiveness, continue or renew a dental treatment, or do a deep restructuring of one kind or another.

At 2:10 pm (5:10 ET), sweet Venus makes a quincunx to Neptune, planet of fantasy. These gentle vibes might inspire us to take in a romantic movie, go to a concert, meditate on compassion, seek reconciliation with somebody, or enjoy a romantic date. But—we’re advised to avoid making new commitments and to keep our feet on the ground in affairs of both heart and purse.

At 9:00 pm Sun enters practical Virgo, cooling our lust for fun and boosting our spirit of improvement (read Maya’s Virgo Sun Sign for more on this transit).

Angels and spirit guides, please align my will with the divine plan of my life, now and always.

Thursday, August 23

Early morning is good for work and exercise. Moon goes VOC at 7:19 am (10:19 ET) on a conjunction to Mars. Take some down time to meditate or enjoy a walk.

At 9:56 am (12:56 ET), Moon enters Aquarius, with aspects that stimulate the Water Bearer’s intellectual gifts. We can channel this Aquarian intelligence to investigate a non-official version or an unusual subject that attracts us, explore options, read the fine print, write an article, or participate in an offbeat cause.

I explore new paths, and the Universe lifts me to a new and freer network here and now.

Friday, August 24

Moon in Aquarius makes tense aspects to Mercury the thinker and Jupiter the publisher, and all three planets are in fixed signs. There’s an impulse to speak, but it’s wiser to listen, investigate and review before putting our ideas forth.

Not that this day is bad. Mental work can be creative and today’s numerology of 6 streams prosperity. But bite your tongue before snapping or arguing and opt for research, editing or other independent intellectual activities over things requiring cooperation or diplomacy.

Divine love is in our midst, working to generate peace and harmony between us now.

Saturday, August 25

Moon in Aquarius will be VOC all day. With this somewhat untethered yet open energy, we might enjoy something expansive yet unconventional or unexpected—a good read, street art, or talking to a homeless person. Sun in service-oriented Virgo harmonizing with rebel Uranus and grounded Saturn favors spontaneous acts of kindness.

These earth trines are great for business, yet the VOC Moon is better for visualization than for actions directed at specific outcomes.

Meditation and prayer now will put us in resonance with tomorrow’s mystical Full Moon.

I release what I can’t control and trust the flow of divine good, here and now.

Sunday, August 26

Luna becomes full at 4:56 am (7:56 ET).

The Sabian symbol for 3-4 Pisces describes:

HEAVY CAR TRAFFIC ON A NARROW ISTHMUS LINKING TWO SEASHORE RESORTS. The mobility and intensity of interchanges… commerce and social interaction in a new form… the need to establish unceasing dynamic relationships between all aspects and functions of … social life… the isthmus refers to a geographic situation found near San Diego, California where the Sabian symbols were produced—also in Florida and elsewhere… The proximity of the sea stresses social experiences in what may appear to be individual achievements. The technique for achieving social results is always based on interchange of ideas and interplay of activities…

In curious resonance with the symbol’s connection to the sea and with Pisces, the water sign of fish and oceans, August 26 happens to be a pagan commemoration of the Goddess Ilmatar, or “Water Mother”, the ancient Finnish creatrix of the world.

Moon sextiles genius Uranus and diligent Saturn, helping us ground our intuitive inspiration. A square from Venus, lady of love and heart, to intense Pluto, and a quincunx from communicative Mercury to mysterious Neptune, accentuate creativity and indicates that change and adjustment are needed to fulfill this lunation’s promise, which includes healing of our programs around love and money and—with Mercury still in shadow—reclaiming our brilliance.

Seek greater balance between your busyness and your inner life, consecrate a notebook to serve as your dream and intuitive journal, and reconnect with your inner psychic.

Angels of intuition, please awaken my subtle senses and realign me with my path of magic now.

Monday, August 27

Moon in peaceful Pisces harmonizes with noble Jupiter and transformative Pluto and triggers sweet Venus to favor compassion, healing, creativity and memorable connections with light beings and people.

Feisty Mars is obviously not on the peace boat, and he goes direct today. Mars’ station can help give the Pisces Moon the impulse she needs to actually use this potentially powerful day for our own purposes and helping others. What have you learned about your own assertiveness since the planet of action went retrograde late last June? How you are better prepared or revved up to direct yourself now? Meditation and journaling on these and similar questions can be fruitful.

Tonight’s square from Mercury the messenger to Jupiter, planet of broadcast, is stimulating but not propitious to smooth exchanges. Do crossword puzzles, watch a fun movie, contact the angels, or nestle down early with a good book.

From a place of peace, I go forth boldly now.

Tuesday, August 28

Moon in imaginative Pisces sextiles brave Mars, stirring the inner hero to act in defense of a loved one or cut through perfectionism and get our work out!

Use the morning well, as Moon enters Aries at 9:35 am (12:35 pm ET), and its tense connections with Chiron, Saturn and Sun are good for inner work and decluttering but can also lead to discord, even to bully-victim-martyr dynamics.

We can channel this energy constructively by visiting a therapist or healer, starting work with a coach, going for a walk, or setting a deadline to finish a project.

I share my work and connections for success unfold naturally, here and now.

Wednesday, August 29

Moon in dynamic Aries boosts our drive, yet the aspects fuel impatience. Unless you’re a wrestler, save connections requiring harmony for another day and direct your brawn by cleaning the oven, carpets or garage, moving furniture, taking a brisk walk, or breaking through resistance to finally connect that new printer.

Mercury the thinker makes a quincunx to Pluto, and we can also apply today’s peculiar brand of energy in deep research, self-dialogue, using mantras during cardio, and consulting a coach to help move through doubts to taking action.

Meditation will help us hold to center. Today’s numerology of 11 gives special power to compassion-centered practices such as metta and forgiveness and self-acceptance.

I hold to compassion towards myself and others, and the angels use this energy to heal the planet now.

Thursday, August 30

Moon in hot Aries makes tense contacts with romantic Venus and virile Mars. Hormones are triggered but lack the harmony of happy connection.

It’s best to be on guard against unnecessary arguments and to direct today’s electromagnetism in creative work or brainstorming. Thanks to today’s numerology of 3, we can offset the tension by making a conscious effort to generate attitudes and expressions of kindness.

However, put important connections on hold until after 6:30 (9:30 ET), when Moon enters abundant Taurus.

My kind words open doors of harmony in all situations now.

Friday, August 31

The week and month come to a prosperous close as the recent tensions dissipate. Today’s constructive numerology of 4 helps ground the promise of Moon exalted in Taurus. She trines Saturn in directed Capricorn, sign of its rule, and also Sun in diligent Virgo.

We can renew action on business and financial affairs, reorganize a stock portfolios and retirement plan, check the status of a loan or credit applied for previously… or move on another priority whose results we want to last.

Moon’s nighttime harmony with Neptune favors a romantic dinner, a sensual encounter and enjoying music.

The substance of my life is divine and I give thanks that this loving, dynamic substance acts to help me and elevate me up now.

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