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General Astrological Influences, December 2017: The Gold in the Gray

by Crystal Pomeroy on December 1, 2017

General Astrological Influences, December 2017

The chance to do things over, to review our beliefs, to renew a path of study and exploration, these are gifts that Mercury in shadow and retrograde bring us from day one of this month of darkness.

Apparent setbacks may arise in communications and plans, particularly around trips. We can use them as opportunities to create a pause for intentionality. Timely questions include: Where do I want to go? Why do I want to take off? What do I need a vacation from? Is there a desire I haven’t been recognizing and that I wish to fulfill? Do I really need this plan to be happy? What focus, activity or company makes life more inspiring? What line of study I am guided to explore? Writing down our answers to questions like these can serve to clarify our deeper motivations and organize what we want to visualize.

Clear intentions also can help us make use of the last two weeks of Saturn as it finishes its transit through Sagittarius. For two and a half years it’s been helping us become more autonomous in the aforementioned areas and in the houses of our natal charts occupied by the archer.

Mercury retrograde invites us review those efforts, and the messenger planet’s insights becomes more potent when it slides up to Saturn on Wednesday, December 6.

Are you unsure exactly how this applies for you? On Saturday, December 2, Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, makes a trine to psychic Neptune. Both planets relate to vision, imagination and light beings. Call on your spirit guides and angels and ask for a dream to clarify your mission and plan your steps.

An opposition from Mars to Uranus, exact on Saturday and active all through the weekend, will open a window to look at….

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