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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, September 1–30, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 1, 2017

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast - Free Edition

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, September 2017

Friday, September 1

The best strategy today is to work independently and make a space for healing. The active energy of Number 1 and the Moon in ambitious Capricorn make us want to move, yet a quincunx from Mars to Chiron and conjunction from Moon to Pluto trigger rather intense energies that are not so hot for PR or any interaction where harmony or politeness are required. However, they can be great for therapy, journaling or a coaching session about owning our assertiveness and power.

The Moon-Pluto pairing also favors ending an emotional attachment or behavior to recover our mastery, as well as giving ourselves permission to establish an important intention.

Clarifying what I want to do, I own my power now.

Saturday, September 2

With warrior Mars in confident Leo, in trine to fuck-it Uranus in Aries, sign of Mars’ rule, it suddenly becomes easy to release roles and fears, and actively express our true essence. Wear a purple hat or try that wild haircut you’ve been contemplating. Beyond surface declarations of authenticity, knock on an unusual door that seemed shut before, or take another (ethical) shortcut on the pathway to your dreams. This aspect can free us of the mental, social and bureaucratic barriers that “somebody” had laid before we even came on the scene of life.

The best windows to channel this inspiration—in play, activism or a personal project—are before 9:30 am (12:30 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC, or after 1:06 pm (4:06 ET), when she enters Aquarius, bringing out the more aloof and creative side of today’s big trine.

I release myself from limiting opinions, and act on my intuition now.

Sunday, September 3

If last night wasn’t so restful, it could be because in the wee hours, mental Mercury joined jumpy Mars. Morning is good for purging the bookcase or file cabinet, preparing a legal case or argument, watching sports, playing a table game or going on an adventure with a low-key companion or one with whom we naturally harmonize.

Moon in brilliant Aquarius makes tense contacts to Venus and Sun, great for writing, working on art or participating in a service activity, particularly related to women.

Personal interactions are not apt to be relaxing, though the tension can be productively directed in joint endeavors.

As we’ll see farther on, this is probably the most effective day remaining in the waxing Moon cycle. So although it’s Sunday, if you want to make something grow, try to move on it now.

I am made in the image and likeness of Intelligence, and I take the time to apply my acuity now.

Monday, September 4

This is one inspirational Labor Day, with Sun making its annual opposition to glamorous Neptune. The aspect is great for visualizing, and with Sun in nerdy Virgo, for devising ways to work on our dreams.

With Neptune in compassionate Pisces, we can enjoy spiritual healing and serving others, for instance a holiday project directed to those in need. Such activities resonate with Moon in altruistic Aquarius as she harmonizes with ruler Uranus and meaningful Jupiter. With Neptune at the table, they will also open doors for angels and light beings to come through.

This opposition can also be slippery. It does not favor: drinking or other substance abuse, or letting ourselves get charmed by a frog in princely garb, hypnotized by questionable media, or pulled into a situation requiring new commitment. Things are apt to come out differently than they looked at first.

At 10:15 pm (1:15 am ET), Moon goes VOC on a tense contact to assertive Mars, we probably don’t want to be out partying. As for the urge to prove a point, shelve it for another day.

At 10:28 pm (1:28 am ET), Moon enters gentle Pisces.

I make a space for service, and angelic forces shine around us, here and now.

Tuesday, September 5

Yesterday’s energy of service continues and can be grounded as Mars enters diligent Virgo. And with the numerology of Mars’ number 5, we feel like acting. However, the mirage effect of yesterday’s Sun-Neptune opposition, now reinforced by a Venus-Neptune quincunx, doesn’t promise tangible results–that is, unless our endeavor is centered in art, compassion or creativity.

Mercury goes direct at 28 Leo at 4:30 am (7:30 am ET), triggering the recent Eclipse point and reconnecting our focus on that portal’s call. However, the messenger planet is still in post-retrograde storm, favoring things previously begun.

This is the last day of the waxing Moon cycle, so it’s worth using.

I radiate love to myself and others, and my visualization manifests on the highest level now.

Wednesday, September 6

Today’s Full Moon stirs a powerful caldron. In psychic, magical Pisces, it closely conjuncts ruler Neptune. Exact at 12:03 am (3:03 ET), its potion will be boiling when we rise.

A sextile to Pluto intensifies its sensitivity, which can be connected to the process of empowerment that is taking place in our charts, wherever the mob-boss planet happens to be transiting 16 degrees Capricorn.

A sextile to Pallas, asteroid of strategy, suggests that we direct our Piscean abilities (visualization, dream work, prayers, intuition, art) in ways that defy the stereotype of escapism that accompanies these gifts, and somehow find a way to integrate them with worldly plans or issues.

The theme is reinforced by the Sabian symbol for 13-14 Pisces:

A LADY WRAPPED IN A LARGE STOLE OF FOX FUR… The use of intelligence and mental subtlety as a protection against trials…

The commentary on the symbol, shared in our Monthly Influences section, reminds those who have high ideals to nonetheless apply our positive animal instinct and natural savvy, and create a strategic context that allows us to operate in the world.

Lunar connections to worker Saturn and fortunate Jupiter add to this afternoon’s success potential, particularly in combination with the prosperous vibration of today’s number 6.

Avoid personal or projected guilt trips.

Moon goes VOC at 1:29 pm (4:49 ET), although in Pisces it still performs.

I deserve to function in the world, and I heed my instinct and apply my talents now.

Thursday, September 7

Still on the portal of yesterday’s Full Moon, Moon enters Aries at 5:01 am (8:01 ET), heading for an intense encounter with ruler Mars. We can practice donning our shields as required by our Full Moon strategies. (See yesterday’s Influences.) Mars, the warrior planet, is in analytic Virgo, which helps us translate its impatience into practical results.

I am not alone or without effective defense. The Divine Defender is with me, insuring my wellness and success, now and always.

Friday, September 8

Waning Moon in assertive Aries joins with today’s power number, 8, favoring focused action to attend worldly details, tie up loose ends and follow up on the strategies generated or clarified at Wednesday’s Full Moon.

Moon in enthusiastic Aries trines social Venus in Leo; morning favors PR or promotional efforts related to something begun before July 25, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow. Or you may enjoy this hot harmony in a romantic or lustful brunch.

In fact, weekend stereotypes are reversed, as morning is better for partying than the rest of the today, or even the rest of what could prove to be a power weekend. So if you want a fun break, try to take it this morning.

Productive potentials surge. At 10:49 am (1:49 pm ET), Moon squares Pluto, empowering independent efforts to push through a barrier, such as internet bureaucracy, getting lab work, or a creative or executive task that we’ve been putting off.

As for the usurped party night, an evening trine from Moon to Saturn helps us make headway on something related to our long-term self-sufficiency. (Confirm the area of your life highlighted by this aspect by looking at Saturn’s transit at 21 degrees Sag in your natal chart.)

In resonance with today’s numerology of 8, Sun is building to her yearly trine with Pluto the powerful.

I am a divine agent of my success, and I seize the moment to promote it now.

Saturday, September 9

Our intents and actions can transmit a clear, effective message to the Universe, as Sun in practical Virgo trines Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, renewing our energy and focus on the work related to our current path of power. (A look at Pluto’s transit through your chart at 16 Capricorn will clarify the area of your life where this path is calling.) Venus quincunx Pluto helps us walk it with love for ourselves and others, while Moon’s conjunction to Uranus helps us express our true self.

The two windows of effective action are: before 8:52 am (11:52 ET), when Moon goes VOC in Aries, or after 9:23 am (12:23 pm ET), when she enters prosperous Taurus, sign of her exaltation.

This afternoon, Moon trines Mars in service-oriented Virgo, empowering us to take bold action on behalf of a dear one, a cause, or our own health.

Supported by the Universe, I move to walk my path of power now.

Sunday, September 10

Moon in Taurus casts a spell of pleasantness as she harmonizes with mystical Neptune, transformative Pluto and Sun in focused Virgo.

Yet today’s numerology of 1 lights a spark of initiative to use these unsuspectingly intense energies, break through our inertia and leave a mark.

This is a wonderful time to enjoy a transformative spiritual event, concert or any kind of special encounter with music or nature spirits, work on deep healing or art, or join with others to harmonize the planet.

At 5:54 pm (8:54 ET), Moon goes VOC on a square to ruler Venus. In Taurus, it still performs, favoring romance, contacts with dear ones, creativity and reworking our beliefs and visualization in relation to finances.

I don’t wait for circumstances to set the pace, I take the lead and walk my path of healing now, here and now.

Monday, September 11

The work week begins on a productive note, with Moon in prosperous Taurus. (Although VOC, it still performs.)

Before diving into the day, however, provoke a pause to align with the sextile from Moon to Chiron and the energy of today’s number 11. Days with this number are an opportunity to elevate humanity’s frequency to the vibration of celestial love. We will be favored in working on love of self and others, and apply these energies with journaling, meditation, mantras, affirmations, and connections with light beings to transmute our unconscious prosperity programs.

Try to take care of business before 12:29 pm (3:29 ET), when Moon enters mentally anxious Gemini, squaring ruler Mercury and sharp Mars, favoring drastic action to declutter the desk, bookcase and papers, playing a table game, or generating a strategy for justice and negotiation. Leave key exchanges for another day, as this energy can be petty or incisive.

I release condemnation of myself and others, and contemplate the Love that is at work in my mind and situations, and minds and situations around the world now.

Tuesday, September 12

This morning, Gemini Moon sheds its usually chatty persona and gets into an otherworldly mood. Tense contacts to mystical Neptune and absorbing Pluto favor journaling, therapy and self-dialogue and can empower prayer. However, communication with others may be confusing or even counterproductive.

If we use the morning to work on inner freedom, we’ll be in high connection with this afternoon’s trine from Venus the beautifier to Saturn, planet of manifestation. Free yourself or another from a guilt trip, put your heart into your work, and renew personal contacts or promotional efforts. This is a good time to push ahead on something requiring diligence; it may not flow so easily tomorrow.

At 11:25 pm (2:25 tomorrow morning ET), Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter, beginning her week of release and rest in preparation for the upcoming new cycle.

At 20-21 Gemini, her Sabian symbol says:

A LABOR DEMONSTRATION THRONGS A LARGE CITY SQUARE. The impetuous on-surge of natural instincts within the field of the conscious ego. Blind struggle. Compelling power of fate.

I avoid trivial discourse and free my words to their purpose of power, here and now.

Wednesday, September 13

This morning, Moon in Gemini finally returns to a tangible dimension and struts her stuff as she sextiles sweet Venus and trines Jupiter, planet of broadcasting. This is a great morning to take someone to breakfast, show your gratitude, and proceed on connections in love, teaching, PR, or promotion.

With Mercury in post-retrograde storm and Moon in her final quarter, it’s also propitious to put finishing touches on projects, or follow up on situations initiated any time before last July 25.

We should make those connections before 11:35 AM (2:35 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC on a sextile to freeing Uranus. Then, close up shop, enjoy a walk or a fun lunch and unleash your inner child.

Resume business after 3:12 PM (6:12 ET), when Moon enters Cancer. At 0° of the cardinal water sign, she’ll trigger the Aries point, increasing our impulse to focus, which quickly builds to a sense of urgency as Sun in no-nonsense Virgo squares worker planet Saturn.

During this time we should take care not to be overtaken by a tendency to go retentive, get stuck on details, or worst of all, feel guilty about self-expression or success.

Rather, seize the moment by doing a reality check on the area of your life touched by Saturn’s transit at 21 Sagittarius. Are you really doing the inner and outer work to build a solid foundation in that area of your life? Are you taking on too much? What distractions can you release?

Set a limit, bow out of a draining date or commitment; in one way or another, clear the decks.

I release ideas and situations that pull me down, and focus on what elevates my vibration now.

Thursday, September 14

Empathy is in the air, as receptive Moon in Cancer trines psychic Neptune in Pisces, each in its ruling sign. This favors meditating on compassion or forgiveness, consulting an oracle, doing dream yoga, supporting a cause on behalf of mothers or the ocean, or lending a non-judgmental ear.

Today’s numerology of 5 brings out the restless side of the cardinal Cancer Moon, so we can apply our heightened intuition in tying up loose ends. (Mercury still in shadow and the waning Moon are not propitious for pushing ahead on something new.)

An evening opposition from Moon to Pluto is not particularly festive or diplomatic, but it can help uncover a secret, enrich journaling or therapy, and help us see how our fixation with work or goals may be taking a toll on our emotions, body or home life.

I am attuned to the good, and my psyche is shielded from anything except the highest and the best, here and now.

Friday, September 15

Tending to romantic ties from the past or present, and sharing fun with others are only two of the many ways we can move in sync with today’s fortuitous sextile from affectionate Venus to expansive, fortunate Jupiter.

The vibration of Jupiter’s number 6 favors tribal connections, as does the Cancer Moon—the perfect time to enjoy a family get-together.

As for practical affairs: these energies lend themselves to editing copy, following up on a promotion begun before July 25, or checking in with a contact whose support you’ve been requesting.

Interactions go more smoothly before 2:23 pm (5:23 ET), when Moon goes VOC. Although Cancer Moon still does great, her parting aspect is a square to independent Uranus in pugnacious Aries. Enjoy armchair activism, the pleasure of your own company or that of an individualistic but gentle friend.

The best of the Venus-Jupiter harmony kicks back in after 6:09 pm (9:09 ET), when Moon enters playful Leo.

With vibrations and words of kindness, I nurture my dear ones now.

Saturday, September 16

Mental, mobile Mercury in Virgo, sign of health and discernment, joins get-up-‘n-go Mars. Work out, play golf or some other low-key, competitive sport, weed the yard, fix the car, participate in a community clean-up or declutter the garage.

As for practical concerns: push through a challenging or boring task, have minor surgery to remove tissue, or get rid of those piles of books and other endearing yet obsolete belongings.

This afternoon: socialize, attend a play or art exhibit or work on some creative endeavor of your own.

Divine activity works through me, blessing me with excellent results, here and now.

Sunday, September 17

At 7:18 am (10:18 ET), a trine from Moon in vital Leo to Saturn in visionary Sag helps us organize for success in something we choose to visualize or begin at Tuesday’s New Moon portal.

Saturn is a teacher planet, and this trine combines with a sextile from Moon to Jupiter, the other teacher, to make the morning hours great for taking or giving a seminar or workshop. It also favors a formal, group breakfast or similar event combining business with pleasure.

Since Saturn and Jupiter both specialize in success, work-related activities in general are propitious.

Try to get business done before midday, so you can enjoy the fun of a fire trine from loving Venus to free Uranus and a conjunction from Moon to Venus before she goes VOC at 5:55 pm (8:55 ET). Her last transit is another trine to Uranus, which still looks fun.

If used before the VOC, the Venus-Uranus trine enriches love, friendship and creativity. At 9:52 pm (12:52 am ET), Moon enters organized, productive Virgo.

Spirit has all good things for me, and I see them pour into my home and life, here and now.

Monday, September 18

Moon in analytic Virgo helps us use the last day of the balsamic phase to prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon. It’s time to discern what cycle to close, what details to tie up, and what situations to release. Last night’s trine from Venus to Uranus spotlights release of attitudes and situations in finance and relationships.

Moon’s conjunction to Mars today helps us move from intention to action.

I release situations and people, and prosperity and happiness flow through the best and highest channels for me now.

Tuesday, September 19

Today favors preparation for tonight’s exciting New Moon.

Venus leaves sparkly Leo and joins Moon in down-to-earth Virgo. Something that seemed a drudge suddenly becomes attractive, yet Moon’s aspects are more about perspective, organization and healing than progress-oriented action. We can release those sweet temptations that drain our time, energies and self-esteem.

At 10:30 pm (1:30 am ET), we get the first New Moon with Mercury fully direct and out of shadow, propitious for beginning something that seemed stuck during the last eight weeks of retrograde and shadow.

At 27 degrees of Virgo, the sign of diligence, the New Moon semi-sextiles the Solar Eclipse of August 21, lending an energy of grounding to the passions fired at last month’s New Moon, with a focus on work, service, health, order in our space and schedules, recovering our focus, and overcoming critical states of mind.

The Sabian symbol for 27-28 Virgo says:

BALD HEADED MAN DOMINATES GATHERING OF NATIONAL FIGURES. Driving power of real personality in moments of crises. Capacity for hard work. Compelling manifestation of inner self.

We can call on our inner authority to do what Elizabeth Gilbert calls participating “relentlessly in your own manifestation”.

Could the symbol also refer to the re-emergence of Bernie Sanders on the national scene? Its force suggests that though Sun is about to leave Virgo, the chaste sign’s energy will remain strong through the new lunar cycle.

The reference to the nation also reminds us to apply our leadership and intelligence not only for personal, but to collective concerns.

We can use the present portal to clarify and begin to act on our intention. Moon goes VOC on its conjunction to Sun; the ideal time is within the last hour before the portal is exact, or after 3:06 a.m. (6:06 a.m. ET) tomorrow morning, when Moon leaves VOC and enters Libra, and its energy of newness is still quite strong. For more tips, including suggestions for your Sun and rising signs, see our General Astrological Influences section.

The Universe supports my good, and I am guided and assisted to manifest it now.

Wednesday, September 20

At 3:06 a.m. (6:06 ET), Moon leaves her VOC in Virgo and an energy of newness radiates into our dealings with others. It’s time to reach out to a person or public related to our New Moon intention.

Sun in practical Virgo forms a quincunx with liberating Uranus, helping us ground what resonates with our authentic essence, and avoid slipping into the disease-to-please as we reach out.

Even as I connect with others, I focus on self-respect and self-acceptance now.

Thursday, September 21

Moon in creative, charming Libra squares Pluto, bringing us to the doorstep of tomorrow’s mystical, magical Fall Equinox portal.

In accordance with ancient tradition (read more details in our Monthly Astological Influences section), make a balance of this year’s accumulated fruits and lessons, and consider how you wish to apply them, particularly in connecting with others.

The Moon-Pluto square makes for a creative morning, but can also lead to unnecessary conflicts or a power struggle.

The shadow lifts this evening, when a sextile from Moon to constructive Saturn favors interacting for pleasure and even more for business or anything pragmatic. We can begin a relationship, reach an agreement, hold a handfasting ceremony, get married, negotiate a contract or deal, or make PR or promotional efforts.

My life is a chalice of divine love, and it receives and holds great good now.

Friday, September 22

At 6:04 am (9:04 ET), Moon goes VOC on an opposition to independent Uranus. Try to take some time to yourself, soak up the beauty of nature or another inspiring setting.

Leave people connections or important business for after 10:40 am (1:40 ET), when Moon enters Scorpio, blending nicely with a trine from Mercury in practical Virgo to Pluto, Moon’s ruler, in organized Capricorn, an aspect that makes our thinking, research and connections effective, deep and productive.

This influence lasts the rest of the day, which is also graced with what was the most important quarter in more than one ancient tradition: Fall Equinox.

If you wish, reconnect with yesterday’s suggestions about taking a yearly balance, and join with others to invoke the angels and goddess forces of equilibrium that come through this veil between the seasons.

On entering Libra, Sun activates the critical Aries point of 0° in a cardinal sign. This charge increases the potency of the newly waxing Moon, and blesses whatever we initiate, even with power to benefit the masses.

Tonight, Moon in intimate Scorpio sextiles Venus in grounded Virgo, favoring people connections for business, service, magic, healing, or sex.

I resonate with beauty and beauty lifts my vibration to the realm of good now.

Saturday, September 23

The active, entrepreneurial energy of today’s number 5 merges with today’s stars to make for inner and outer breakthroughs that are worth special focus.

A quincunx from Jupiter, planet of faith, to wounded-healer Chiron, opens a window to transmute beliefs and communicate with the angels of healing.

Moon in perceptive Scorpio trines Neptune, planet of imagination and intuition, in Pisces, the sign of its rule. This creates a propitious atmosphere to get a psychic reading, consult the angels or an oracle, or make a date to sit still and interpret the messages encoded in our dreams and listen to our own intuition.

Our sensitivity also empowers visualization now. An easy way to take advantage of these energies is to create a clear, graphic, brightly colored image of the intent we established for the recent New Moon (if you haven’t done that yet, see our tips for September 19 and our Monthly Influences), and begin a daily visualization program with this picture.

Sextiles indicate opportunity, and in this aspect, Moon joins her intuitive acuity with the forces of active Mars and powerful Pluto. By moving on our inner GPS we can make breakthroughs.

Mars’ approaching opposition to Neptune reminds us to apply discernment and be a bit wary of deception.

I have a direct connection to Infinite Source, which guides my actions and empowers my manifestation now.

Sunday, September 24

Wow, we actually get a Sunday that understands about rest and recharge. Moon in Scorpio, sign of regeneration, went VOC late last night on a harmony with Mercury. It harmonizes with wounded-healer Chiron and makes a minor contact with illuminating Uranus.

This is a good time to study last night’s dreams and focus on inner work. Other favored activities might include articipating in spiritual music, drumming or dance, doing armchair activism in favor of oceans or mothers, and/or praying for or giving treatment to someone in need.

Avoid substance abuse or potentially risky situations involving vehicles, water, or a possible con.

I am attuned to infinite good, and only good can come to me, here and now.

Monday, September 25

Both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated. Creativity and reason surge, and analysis, learning, research and artistic activities can be quite productive, thanks to the numerology of today’s mental number 7 combined with Moon in visionary Sagittarius squaring Neptune and Venus, planets of art, along with Mercury the thinker squaring structured Saturn.

This last aspect is great for editing or formatting a text, study plan, or presentation. It’s also good for reading the fine print or otherwise analyzing commitments. With Mercury in practical Virgo, we can figure out the details that even conscientious Saturn can overlook while transiting Sagittarius, sign of the big picture.

These energies are more ponderous than speedy, more picky than cheerful. So structure your ideas and future communications, but save key meetings or contacts for another day. And choose some funny movies and someone upbeat you can talk to just in case your humor takes a slump.

My ideas are under spiritual law, so they flow in perfect order now.

Tuesday, September 26

Moon continues in visionary Sag, as does the tense tone of her aspects, particularly a conjunction to Saturn the stern. The Sagittarius archer’s usual mirth is toned down, in exchange for an increase in executive abilities that can help us lay good foundation stones for whatever we happen to be building.

Today’s numerology of 8, number of promotion, progress and success, favors advancement, although our dealings are apt to be cool. Today we can plan and act thoughtfully from a distance.

Favored activities: visit a teacher or senior relative, watch an old movie, or go to a tea parlor.

My success is built in the realm of mind, and I plan for right action now.

Wednesday, September 27

After a couple of nerdy days, Moon in Sagittarius can finally spread her wings. Her highest moments are this morning, when she connects harmoniously with Jupiter and Uranus, planets of flight, as these two approach an exact opposition.

To the extent that we’ve been heeding Uranus’ holler to be our authentic selves, this aspect can open a door of joy. We can take any tense situations as a call to look at that need for freedom.

At 9:24 a.m. (12:24 pm ET), Moon enters Capricorn. We can tend to business, act responsibly, take leadership in organizing a project or an area of our lives, and mindfully listen to another.

At 7:54 pm (10:54 ET), Moon reaches her First Quarter. At 5-6 Capricorn, her Sabian symbol says:

TEN LOGS LIE UNDER ARCHWAY LEADING TO DEEPER WOODS. Illimitability of experience, as humankind leads from completion to ever greater good. Keenness in knowing. Thoroughness.

Invoke tree spirits to deepen your knowledge. Look into the threat on redwood or other old growth forests, and take action before those loggers move into the “deeper woods”.

Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus perfects tonight. If we’ve been denying our need for uniqueness or change, we will feel we can’t hold the dam. Where Uranus is retrograding in our charts at 27 Aries will show where this need for freedom is irrepressible. Neither Jupiter nor the rebel planet are exactly wallflowers, and we may discover that we don’t necessarily have to make a religion out of our quirks, and that it’s sometimes necessary to loosen up, and, goddess forbid, even cooperate with others.

Take a break and breathe deep before standing on the corner and shouting your slogans, or giving into the urge to undress in front of your family’s visitors. Scan your talents and opportunities, and something wonderful may happen. (See our September Monthly Influences section for additional light on this intriguing aspect.)

I radiate love for the trees of the world and ask them to strengthen my connection with and commitment to nature now.

Thursday, September 28

If last night’s still active Jupiter-Uranus opposition weren’t enough, today Pluto perfects its station to turn direct, marking a genuine power day. The lessons accumulated since last April around transmutation, release and empowerment, can now be consciously applied.

The assertive, pioneering attitude of today’s number 1 combines with Moon in directed Capricorn providing the drive and vision to do just that, and a contact from Mercury in practical Virgo to Uranus helps us find a way to ground the urge for freedom.

This is a day to take back the reigns of life by committing to intentions, creating visualization materials, and acting on them.

Divinity doesn’t want me suppressed, blocked or victimized. Divinity wants me victorious and free, and I intend, visualize and act in that clarity, here and now.

Friday September 29

This morning, write down your long-term goals. Despite the practical aptitudes of Capricorn, don’t limit yourself to material concerns.

The numerology of today’s number 11 marks a day when humanity can generate a higher love vibration. And Venus, planet of affection opposes Neptune, planet of compassion. The signs involved are service-oriented Virgo and Pisces, sign of Neptune’s rule.

Make a space to meditate, practice metta and repeat mantras or affirmations that center on celestial love. Creativity and spiritual healing are also favored.

However, interactions with others may not go as planned, unless they are focused on transpersonal or activist topics.

We should take care of practical concerns and shop before 5:14 pm, when Moon goes VOC. Shortly thereafter, Mercury enters Libra, turning on the charm in our connections for the next 17 days. With the mental planet direct, this transit favors initiatives for love, business, PR, design, painting, sculpture and drawing, and starting a relationship or even tying the knot (in the wake of the recent Jupiter-Uranus, wait a couple of days for the latter).

At 9:40 pm (12:40 am), Moon enters party-loving Aquarius and moves to trine Mercury in sweet Libra. This is a good night for staying up and enjoying pillow talk, a date with your honey, meeting someone knew, giving or taking a class, and for that matter, any kind of gathering.

Divine Love manifests in my life as happy, fulfilling relationships, and I allow myself to receive them now.

Saturday, September 30

With Moon in friendly Aquarius in trine to Mercury the messenger and also Sun, both in cordial, charming Libra, this is a great day for people connections of almost any kind. We could throw a party, organize a community or political meeting, go on a date, visit an art exhibit, or some other activity where we might meet someone new.

We are already feeling the energy of brave Mars as it moves to trine intense Pluto tomorrow. We can each apply this energy to cross our own threshold of boldness and express our leadership in organizing or initiating connections.

I am worthy of joyous, empowering contacts and I move to spark them now.

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