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General Astrological Influences, February 2017: Sing Your Song

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 1, 2017

General Astrological Influences, February 2017

In a way, this month is like the true new year, or at least a second one. January began with Mercury retrograde, and we were still dragging our projects, concerns and intentions from before last December 2, when the messenger planet first went into pre-retrograde shadow.

February begins with a freshly waxing Moon born of the first lunation with Mercury direct in the last two months. We are also beginning the Chinese Year of the Red Fire Rooster. Besides being red, the color of Mars, this new year brings on a cycle of passion and action, in resonance with 2017’s numerology of 1, with its vibration of beginnings.

The present Aries influences are brought into relief, beginning with Uranus. The planet of liberation has been in the sign of the ram since 2010, stirring the pot of freedom to a boil. In one way or another, with an emphasis on a certain house of our charts and some area of life, we have all been feeling the urge to fight for a more authentic identity.

Uranus ruled the recent New Moon in Aquarius. After several years of challenging aspects, the rebel planet has finally received a helpful trine from Saturn the builder, an influenced that graced the chart for Winter Solstice, presaging a year in which our apparently conflicting needs for structure and space, stability and renovation, could finally work together. Our efforts for freedom could stop being a source of conflict, and become a lasting part of our reality.

Not that the struggle is over. Thursday, February 2 hails Imbolc, the fortieth day since Winter Solstice, when the Solar Warrior born at that portal has reached completed a full cycle (40 is a number of completion) of new life. Its still nascent light has grown, and the Sun’s rays now touch the spark of life that lay dormant in the seeds during winter’s deep dark.

How has our own light grown? How has our personal warrior energy gained strength during these past weeks?

The massive popular opposition to Trump that has been unleashed also happens to resuscitate the activist spirit of millions of Americans who seemed to lie in relative dormancy since Reagan was first elected president in 1980 by a historically small percentage of the voting public due to a record high number of abstentions.

Venus, planet of love, will lead us to value this power, as she moves into Aries, sign of the warrior, on February 3, contributing to the tendency now emerging of activism as the new cool, particularly for women.

We will be hearing more about female protests and leadership, including its new icon, Ann Donnelly, the federal judge who suddenly shot to fame by blocking the Trump deportation order on January 27, day of the New Moon in Aquarius. (Although we don’t yet have a birthday for Donnelly, her birth year is 1959, when for all but two weeks, North Node was in Libra, sign of justice ruled by Venus.)

This energy can be used by all of us, as we each find its connection with our own personal search. What does this movement mean to you personally? How does it tie with your own needs for freedom, for passion, for authenticity?

Our individual answers and reflections can lend clarity to this transit that supports initiatives of leadership in things related to women, money and love. We might find a friend or colleague to make or do something big with, step forward with an independent project, set limits on others and ourselves, and appreciate and release the sacred masculine essence of assertiveness and bold action, so in need of positive renewal in our times.

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