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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, March 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 1, 2016

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, March 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Tuesday, March 1

Seriousness and radiance combine from morning to midnight. An early square from Moon to Neptune favors starting the day with our preferred spiritual practice, and prepares us to make the most of Fourth Quarter Moon in Sagittarius. This moon enriches last night’s sextile from Venus to Saturn, helping us hone in on intentions for relationships, finances, work and creativity, and streamline by releasing distractions so we can consolidate them.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation suggests success for those of us who manage to use the portal wisely and stay in our chosen resonance in the midst of distractions or chaos.

A FLAG BECOMES AN EAGLE, THE EAGLE A PROUD CHANTICLEER. Development of consciousness from abstract to concrete, from general to personal. Mounting mastery. Extreme good fortune.

An evening connection from Moon to Saturn indicates that constructive activities, whether solo or shared, are more propitious than hanging out or partying, either of which could turn out to be depressing.

Regardless of outer appearances, I hold to my center and walk my path of power now.

Wednesday, March 2

Waning Moon in Sag makes early aspects to Sag’s ruler, Jupiter, in analytic Virgo and also to Chiron in compassionate Pisces. This morning, we can glean wisdom from our dreams, study our emotions, and work on forgiveness and other forms of mental and emotional healing.

The tempo picks up this afternoon, as Venus in friendly Aquarius harmonizes with Aquarius’ ruler, exciting Uranus in fiery Aries. This combo stokes the flames of romance, supports altruistic projects and connections with spiritual family, and favors teamwork or creative breakthroughs.

As I breathe mindfully, my light body brightens, and my being glows to the core with wellness, here and now.

Thursday, March 3

With the Moon entering dutiful Capricorn, our executive side comes to light. We can focus on organizing, making tangible headway, studying and/or teaching.

But not all is business today, with a contact from Venus, goddess of love, to enthusiastic Jupiter who also happens to rule Thursday, combined with the vibration of 3, number of self-expression.

Use your time well, but keep on target with your highest values and have fun while you do it. Public relations, promotion and sales are particularly successful.

The waning Moon favors endeavors previously begun.

Divine love is at the center of all I am and all I do, and only good can come from it, here and now.

Friday, March 4

Although Moon in Capricorn might make us anxious to tie up the week productively, this morning’s aspects favor going solo, thanks to contacts involving Uranus the liberator and transformative Pluto that combine with the Fourth Quarter Moon to help us release attachments.

We can do radical decluttering, give away old furniture, visit the therapist, journal about feelings, cancel membership in a group or drop a liaison we no longer resonate with.

It’s wise to look deeply within, whether that requires a visit a counselor, meditation and/or journaling, because the point is to let go of what doesn’t resonate with our authentic selves.

Things warm up this afternoon, with a lovely trine from Moon to Jupiter in earth signs, nice for connections with others and healing, and propitious for acting on things initiated previously, which can produce prosperous results.

Deep within, I know what and who resonates with me, and I heed my instincts now.

Saturday, March 5

Guidance surges from dreams and intuition, after Mercury enters Pisces in the wee hours. As for the Moon, she goes VOC at 8:05 am (11:05 ET). Enjoy meditation, healing mantras and affirmations, contacts with light beings, music or an exhibit early this morning.

At 8:22 am (11:22 ET), Moon enters friendly Aquarius.

Do something different, and with Mars entering Sag today, make it an adventure. Participate in a bike race, go hiking with a free thinker, or help at a soup kitchen or another altruistic cause. This is the perfect day to have fun, enjoy stimulating connections with others and forge ahead on a creative or academic project begun before the Full Moon of February 22.

This evening the inner artist arises, though dogmatism may also come up: save spats for another day.

I am a joyous expression of freedom and success, I am, I am, I am.

Sunday, March 6

The urge for healing and freedom is great, yet a harmony from Sun to intense Pluto in structured Capricorn and Moon to Saturn fuel the inclination to build something.

The mixture moves us out of the typically quiet mysticism of a Pisces Sunday, to get out and share idealistic endeavors with like souls.

Pluto’s connection to the balsamic Moon particularly favors recycling, alternative energy, an ecological clean-up or weeding the garden.

Our helpful actions connect us with the web of life, and the planet glows with unity, here and now.

Monday, March 7

This Monday begs for a vacation. Take it if you can, to enjoy the energies of inward release. If it isn’t possible, take it slow, work only as required and make sure you get enough rest.

Prepare for tomorrow’s New Moon Eclipse in psychic Pisces by removing influences or distractions that may limit your intuition, such as: substance abuse, resentments, geopathys caused by electrical connections that have been left on at night or that are too close to the bed, a television in the bedroom, watching or reading the news before sleeping, excessive conversation, or whatever your intuition tells you to release so that guidance can come through.

Other favored activities include reflecting on the events of the last four weeks, fasting (on vegetable juices or whatever suits your current condition), detoxing, drinking water and, on a more active note, removal of tissue that you don’t want to grow back.

I release whatever needs to go and make space for a new phase of good, here and now.

Tuesday, March 8

Today’s New Moon Eclipse is a cosmic gift for seeding intentions and starting projects related to healing.

This eclipse, in exact opposition to beneficent Jupiter, triggers the Virgo-Pisces axis of healing. It also forms part of a stellium in Pisces that includes Mercury, ruler Neptune, both of the luminaries, and Chiron, the wounded healer.

The Sabian symbol reinforces the theme and points to the role of spiritual healing methods:

MASTER AND PUPIL COMMUNE IN STRENGTH ON A LONG WALK. Body strengthening function of the soul. Release from race karma. Transmutation of everyday facts into intelligence.

True to the promise of release “from race karma,” Uranus the liberator also gets a leading role, in exact semi-sextile to the South Node Eclipse, and quincunx—also exact—to protagonist Jupiter. Our healing may come suddenly and is definitely related to freedom.

With Uranus in Aries, sign of selfhood, and activating the South Node, today’s lunation has to do with the release of whatever blocks the expression of our essence, and the escape from molds that have been boxing us in. Its link to both Jupiter in Virgo, sign of healing treatments, and to energetic, rebellious Uranus in Aries, indicates a connection to the larger, evolutionary context that is part of our collective opportunity. In the Neptune-Pisces era, when methods of self-healing surge, we are invited to go for it with our own preferred methods, or explore those available so we can choose them. If we resist the call and continue to put off our healing, unexpected events may quickly push us into it.

Whether our goals of wellness be for our inner child, physical body or souls, there will be few portals so apt to take them up.

The strong presence of Jupiter and Neptune, rulers of angels, indicate cosmic assistance available, as does the involvement of asteroid Raphaela, opposite the lunar stellium and conjunct Virgo. Her name in Hebrew is the considered to be the female equivalent of Raphael, Archangel of healing, and literally means “God has healed.”

I am grateful that God/dess has a perfect idea for my emotional and physical wellness and is revealing and manifesting it, here and now.

Wednesday, March 9

Moon went VOC yesterday evening on a conjunction to Sun in Pisces, and another conjunction with healing asteroid Chiron following on its heels. The influences linger this morning, and with them the themes from yesterday’s very special portal, which are worth rereading.

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, and key player in the Eclipse stellium. Mantras, affirmations and other uses of words for healing are particularly propitious.

The tempo picks up at 11:40 am (2:40 pm ET), when Moon enters Aries, moving us to act on guidance and decisions triggered by yesterday’s lunation.

A trine to Mars in Sagittarius gives a boost to the warrior within. We can break through inner and outer resistance to effective action, and defend a loved one or cause—perhaps the cause of our own healing.

Teamwork with compatible others and legal action are favored, but avoid unnecessary confrontation or challenging dealings, unless they are required for your heart-centered breakthroughs.

I am guided to manifest complete wellness, and I act on this guidance, here and now.

Thursday, March 10

We are restless, and morning can be a productive time, although there is tension in the air and it is worth holding to the healing insights of the recent Eclipse portal by giving ourselves space and taking breaks, however brief, to return to center.

At 5:43 pm (8:43 ET), Moon joins Uranus, planet of freedom, bringing a ray of clarity into what may seem like the fog of the last few days.

The Eclipse magic is still alive, however, as Sun joins Chiron, the wounded healer, and Mercury the thinker joins mystical Neptune, all four in intuitive Pisces.

I continually refer to my inner wisdom, and the doors of healing stay open for me, here and now.

Friday, March 11

We can make breakthroughs in promoting our creativity this morning, as Aries Moon has the nerve to share the gifts of a predominantly Piscean ambience without the perfectionism that so often blocks artistic manifestation. This is also a day to pop the question or at least enjoy a romantic brunch or lunch—depending on your time zone—before Moon goes VOC on a sextile-kiss to Venus, goddess of love and beauty.

Just 20 minutes later, Moon enters fertile Taurus, and can help us finish what has been an angelic but rather ethereal Eclipse week with some concrete progress. The energies are ripe for productivity in finance, business and artistic endeavors, and in romance and excitement.

The prevalence of Venusian and Neptunian influences optimize today’s numerology of 11, opening a portal that can lift the love vibration of the planet.

With the silent radiance of your heart, bless and forgive yourself and others.

I radiate love to myself and all others, and myriad angels weave this light into the planetary aura, healing the world now.

Saturday, March 12

This is not the morning to stay at home in a lotus position with your mind blank. Inspiration surges and can help us visualize and communicate creatively, as Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune and Venus, and then pushes us to progress with a midday contact to Saturn.

Come afternoon and evening, work on healing can be rewarding, as can steps taken to generate affluence.

I am a radiant channel of divine success. I believe it, receive it and act on it now.

Sunday, March 13

March 13 was the Spring Equinox and New Year celebration in ancient Mexico. Enjoy the fertile balance of masculine and feminine energies expressed in the first new life now bursting greenly forth after winter.

Morning is propitious as Taurus Moon calls us to honor the goddess with an abundant brunch or lunch in the garden, park or woods.

At 2:03 pm (5:03 ET), Moon enters Gemini with tense aspects that stir us from our bliss. It’s a time to do crossword puzzles and errands, dive into a book and edit copy. Keep the tone harmonious and avoid the temptation to make sarcastic or unnecessarily sharp remarks.

I connect with the forces of new life, and new life surges in my body, spirit and circumstances, here and now.

Monday, March 14

Moon in Gemini incites us to communicate, while tense aspects involving ruler Mercury and Saturn, the taskmaster, suggest that connections won’t necessarily flow.

Call on the inner adult and push yourself to take care of bureaucracy and finish pending projects, such as writing, editing, creating a presentation, touching up or documenting research, or following through on communications with someone who needs to hear from you.

Joy, inspiration and harmonious connections kick in late tonight. We receive them in our dreams or by staying up late.

Instead of pushing my needs or viewpoints, I visualize the results I desire now.

Tuesday, March 15

Program keys actions and purchases for early morning, as Moon goes VOC on its First Quarter in Gemini at 10:03 am (1:03 pm ET). Use the afternoon to review progress on intentions planted at last week’s Eclipse.

Meditating or journaling in nature is particularly in tune with the Sabian symbol for today’s lunation:

FROST COVERED TREES, LACE-LIKE AGAINST WINTER SKIES. Creative bestowal of significance upon all things. Transforming power of beauty. Keen appreciation of natural processes.

Mercury in mystical Pisces perfects the opposition to Jupiter that it made in the Eclipse chart in Virgo, sign of medicine, enforcing our intentions to heal. The Sabian symbol of winter reminds us that even when the world seems cold and our life (trees) frozen, the act of appreciating present beauty will keep us centered in magic.

I give thanks for all the beauty around me, and I am in tune with Omnipresent good, here and now.

Wednesday, March 16

Sensitive Cancer Moon harmonizes with love planet Venus and compassionate Neptune. If we start the day meditating on love, our actions will get the full support of these vibrations as well as by an exciting trine from Jupiter in grounded Virgo to Pluto in constructive Capricorn.

We can apply today’s success potential in daring initiatives for art, healing, finances and matters of the heart.

I evoke my intention with all my senses, and nothing can keep me from manifesting it, here and now.

Thursday, March 17

Portals of healing open this morning, as asteroid Chiron receives a conjunction from Mercury the thinker, followed by a trine from emotional Moon, which in turn trines Mercury and Sun, both in Pisces.

Moon in Cancer, sign of mothers, and her aspects to planets in Pisces, sign of the Great Mother, suits St. Patrick’s Day, whose roots are in a pagan celebration of the triple goddess and her role in birthing the new spring (the shamrock symbolizes her three faces).

Ask yourself what you want to bring forth in your garden, visualize it as already complete, then use today’s harmonies and numerology of 8—apt for worldly success and promotion—to act on it.

I am made in the image and likeness of the Mother Spirit, and in her name I bring forth a new creation, here and now.

Friday, March 18

Enthusiasm overflows and so does our dramatic flair, with Moon in Leo.

We can make a special splash by applying our enthusiasm and flair in art, public relations, publicity or altruistic effort.

A trine from Leo Moon to brave Mars in visionary Sagittarius gives us the nerve needed to break through barriers with audacious action.

I call on the sacred masculine forces to move me to audacious, focused action, here and now.

Saturday, March 19

If you need to get specific results from today’s actions, do them before 1:43 pm (4:43 ET), when Moon in Leo goes VOC on a trine to Uranus, propitious for gathering with spiritual family.

We could use the morning to tie up some work, and get a green candle and flowers to celebrate Spring Equinox, Ostara and what was once the pagan New Year, when the Sun enters Aries at 9:30 tonight (12:30 am ET).

This event is also a traditional day for seed blessing, which is best done at night, to honor the Mother’s dark womb.

Eggs were originally exchanged with friends, as a symbol of new life (perhaps the origin of Valentine gifts). This is especially fun if you write intentions on them as a blessing for the recipient.

The Master Creator of all that is, creates new light, joy and bounty for me, through me and as me now.

Sunday, March 20

Love of all kinds and for all beings is in the air today and will color the Spring season and entire pagan New Year, as Venus, planet of affection, joins with compassionate Neptune in Pisces, sign of union. The influence is great for romance, mystical activities, meditation on forgiveness or metta, as well as loving thoughts and actions in honor of Mother Earth.

At 10:49 am (1:39 pm ET) Moon enters industrious Virgo, favoring more practical expressions of love, like Spring cleaning of the house or yard, purging our minds of limiting programs, and ecological efforts.

Love is the force in the life arising in nature and in hearts around the planet now.

Monday, March 21

Channel the influence of Virgo Moon and its ruler, Mercury, as it enters Aries, to focus on activities and communications that require precision and nerve.

The evening is particularly productive and also favors PR, publishing, promotion and generosity, with the union of Moon and heroic Jupiter. Use it before 8:55 pm (11:55 ET), when Moon goes VOC.

I call on the goddesses of productivity to work through me and multiply my fruits, here and now.

Tuesday, March 22

Moon is VOC in Virgo all day.

An early contact to Chiron invites us to use it in what may be the best way: taking time out for healing.

We are in the last week of Lent, which was originally a time of cleansing to honor the goddess. Depending on your current condition and needs, you might use the purifying rays of Virgo moon to fast, or consume fresh fruits, vegetables and juices, to lighten your vibration, strengthen your meditation, prayers and/or mantras, and prepare you for tomorrow’s Eclipse Full Moon.

The Chaste Mother is present here, and her light shines through me, purifying, purifying, purifying and healing, healing and healing, here and now.

Wednesday, March 23

After almost a month of healing, meditation and release, today’s Full Moon Eclipse in Libra is a dynamo of directed action.

Conjunct the North Node, it triggers opportunity and favors initiating something. The weight of the chart is a close T-square involving ruler Venus, planet of love, people and abundance, fortunate Jupiter, and worker Saturn. The latter two are considered the key planets for success, and this tense configuration echoes the cardinal force of Libra Moon and Aries Sun, the latter in close conjunction with talkative Mercury.

Action and leadership pour through this portal, which also calls us to gather key people as we move towards our dreams. The Sabian symbol reiterates the theme:

PILGRIMS GATHER ROUND CAMP FIRE IN SILENT COMMUNION. Fellowship of ideals that sustain individuals on their arduous path to Reality.

I allow myself to release draining connections and to seek true allies, here and now.

Thursday, March 24

This morning’s Libra Moon continues the tempo of yesterday’s restless portal. Act with audacity on your dreams and connect with people who truly support your goals, or who have achieved something similar themselves and might be willing to encourage, advise, or even help you.

At 1:55 pm (4:55 ET), Moon goes VOC in Libra, and a trine from Mercury to Mars adds energy to our connections, fusing with Thursday’s Jupiterian vibrations to facilitate a fun afternoon.

I visualize myself surrounded by my success circle, and these focused, supportive people are attracted to me, here and now.

Friday, March 25

Once considered to be the creation date of the world, today marks the conception of the solar child that will be born at Winter Solstice, and is known alternately as Lady’s Day or Return of the Goddess.

It happens to fall this year on Good Friday.

Moon is VOC in Libra until 11:09 am (2:09 pm ET), when Moon enters Scorpio and the day’s regenerative potential surges. Look deeply into yourself or any topic (or area) you need or wish to know more about. Share a close encounter of the tantra kind or your favorite form of intimate exchange, help another through catharsis, or practice release.

The Same Mind that knows what I need to see is revealing it to me, here and now.

Saturday, March 26

The day begins with a passionate harmony between Venus, planet of love, and powerful Pluto, whose transformative vibrations will last through the weekend, giving fire to our art, force to our affections and magic to our healing.

Intuition intensifies as Moon in Scorpio, sign of secrets, trines Neptune this morning. And things continue in capitals through the evening, with lunar harmonies to Jupiter and ruler Pluto.

Work on your sense of cosmic worthiness this morning, then consult your intuition, an oracle and/or guides and come afternoon, act audaciously on the guidance.

I was made for joy and success, and I allow myself to experience them, here and now.

Sunday, March 27

Easter Sunday celebrates the divine power of resurrection that renews nature and everything in creation and that long ago was attributed to the goddess, March 27 being the Roman day of The Mother of the Gods.

The stars favor a laid-back day, as Moon VOC in Scorpio works well with quiet, low-risk pleasures, such as a backyard brunch, exchanging eggs with messages on them (the original Easter-egg practice), a soak in the hot tub, soft music or meditation.

Avoid situations that seem risky, power-trips or anything that puts tolerance to the test.

I am grateful for the gift of renewal that appears when I visualize it, now and always.

Monday, March 28

The power of the weekend spells is broken, and Moon in Sagittarius connects with Mars and Sun, the vitalizers, moving us to reconnect with the world.

Enjoy nature, take a seminar, and make an adventure of doing something bold to act on your dreams.

Only for today, I take a different path and let Grace flow in its own way now.

Tuesday, March 29

The vibrations of number 9 invite us to share our knowledge, and Moon in Sagittarius likes to do just that, especially with Mercury the communicator connecting with ruler Jupiter.

Moon’s morning conjunction to Saturn helps us structure our day, and our way of sharing what we know with others.

The afternoon promises stimulating interchanges, which can be fun and will surely be electrical, but hold your focus, so the tone remains constructive.

I invite the Divine Teacher to prosper through me, here and now.

Wednesday, March 30

Moon is VOC this morning, though in Sagittarius it still performs to keep our spirits up and, as Mercury the communicator connects with Pluto the plumber, focused on meaningful transmissions and teachings. These influences are great for research and preparing a presentation or argument, but they aren’t particularly harmonious, so it’s best to leave superficial socializing for another day.

At 10:45 am (1:45 pm ET), Moon enters Capricorn, sign of work, combining with the mercurial vibrations of Wednesday and self-expressiveness of number 3, to particularly favor organization of our thoughts, writing and promotions.

My communications are under spiritual law, so they flow in perfect order now, and I am grateful.

Thursday, March 31

Your mind is at its brightest as Mercury joins Uranus in sharp Aries.

Make the most of it by organizing goals and enriching them with creative imagination this morning, with the help of Capricorn Moon as she contacts artist planets Neptune and Sun.

Solicit support or promote your product, project, service or cause this afternoon, when the influences are great for increasing affluence.

I am worthy of the best, and I dream and act from this certainty, here and now.

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