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General Astrological Influences, September 2015

by Crystal Pomeroy on September 1, 2015

Astrology Overview, September 2015

A look at this month’s energies necessarily goes deep. The need to heal our bodies and emotions, to discover freer ways of relating and to recover our path of power has become an urgent call, and we won’t want to let these fleeting weeks go by without acting.

The month begins with Mercury in its pre-retrograde shadow period, blending with the nostalgic light of late summer as it connects us with things we began before. Its ruler, Venus, is also retrograde, so relationships and attitudes in love are particularly subject to review.

On September 1, Mars, planet of action, joins Venus, bringing an element of restlessness into the picture. We will feel like acting on things related to love, but with Venus in retrograde, they’re apt to be issues of self-esteem, reviewing and redoing limits and moving out of co-dependence. In resonance with the retrograde influences, this conjunction comes in the wake of a Full Moon, not so propitious for starting a new relationships, though it may spark the return of an old flame or the improvement of existing connections.

Pay special attention to feelings, instincts and events and use the days through September 5 to take active steps to heal your inner child and, with the help of Ceres retrograde, your sense of worthiness.

On September 3 and 4, the goddess vibrations grow in a trine from Venus to Pallas, asteroid of justice and strategy, stimulating our imaginations as we work to build a self-empowered existence.

Speaking of power, on September 5, Sun trines Pluto, just days before that mob boss of the solar system stations to go direct. Efficient Virgo Sun will shed its light on issues that have been stewing in the hidden realms for the last five months of Pluto’s retrograde, in relation to our personal power, to institutions and, with Pluto in builder sign Capricorn with its ruler, Saturn, in mutual reception in Scorpio, to the very structure of our lives.

This trine comes just before Venus, still sextile strategist Pallas, ends its retrograde on September 6. Although blocks in love and finances will begin to ease, the planet of values will still be in its shadow period for the remainder of the month, giving us a chance to work on the lessons received in these areas since last May, when it entered its pre-retrograde shadow.

Breakthroughs can be expected on Tuesday, September 8, when Mars the warrior trines Uranus, planet of freedom. The impulse to act independently is further fueled on Tuesday, ruled by Mars, as is Uranus in Aries. This transit opens a path to constructively direct warrior energies that have lately been in odds in numerous, more challenging contacts between this pair. This no-holds-barred influence is best used in initiatives that defy our usual limitations on what’s possible (unless you have this contact in your birth chart, in which case the actions should defy others’ sense of what’s possible).

The trine’s influence lasts for several days, and will still be rolling at the New Moon-Partial Solar Eclipse of September 13 (20°10″ Virgo, 11:41 pm PT), an especially potent portal for beginnings. The best ones will not be altogether new, with Mercury about to be submerged in its retrograde.

The lunation connects with the Mars-Uranus trine, in exact semisextile with Mars, indicating a portal not only for….

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