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Planetary Overview, March 2015: Towards Freedom!

by Crystal Pomeroy on March 2, 2015

March astrology - towards freedom

As the seedling expands to split the hull and pushes greenly up through the soils of March, our issues of change and freedom come to a head.

Since 2012, rebellious Uranus in Aries has been rubbing salt into the wound of defiance as it dares to square Pluto, the powerhouse of the solar system. This month is the summing-up of the last of seven precise contacts before our stellar struggle for freedom finally wanes. This is not just a “let me drive my own car” kind of challenge. Aries is about identity, and Uranus forms part of stellium with Venus, Mars and Eris the questioner. Together they sing a song of self-discovery and affirmation.

Discovering our own voice, breaking with collective limitations, giving ourselves permission to fly, and finding an exit from oppressive conditions (that are the tangible projection of inner process)… these are gifts of March.

March’s lunations include a Total Solar Eclipse right on Equinox day, empowering our new life. And there will be special breakthroughs for those who work in transpersonal fields.

On March 3, Mercury emerges from its nine-week shadow period. We can look back at… [Remainder of article available to Premium subscribers. Subscribe now!]

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Crystal March 3, 2015 at 10:37 am

The illustration reminds me of our mother, Maya.

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