The Astrology of 2015

February 2015—Walking Each Other Home

by Lorna Bevan on February 1, 2015

Astrology of February 2015—Walking Each Other Home

“People help you or you help them and when we offer or receive help, we take in each other. And then we are saved.” ~Anne Lamott

February’s astrology introduces a new gestalt—a field of resonance within the long-term Pluto-Uranus arc of collapse, transformation and evolution. It’s time for each of us to shift out of the old limiting paradigm of constant re-wounding through reliving past psychic injuries, to wearing our scar coat with pride and becoming a spiritual warrior on behalf of what matters to the whole.

Several planetary archetypes are now refracting the Seven Rays at a higher level of collective consciousness: Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and the Nodes of Fate square Pluto with the South Node conjunct Uranus for the first time since 1847.

Leo Full Moon chart (click image for larger view)

Leo Full Moon chart (click image for larger view)


February‘s astrology has a distinctive Aquarian overtone marked by a Leo Full Moon on February 5, Mercury’s retrograde and direct turn at 1 degree Aquarius on February 11, followed by the second of two Aquarian New Moons on February 18 at 29 degrees. All this is overseen by co-ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, making wherever 14 degrees Aries falls in your chart the catalyst for renewal.

February’s planetary stellium across the last two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, is bringing in more collaborative ways forward by balancing self with contribution, by becoming inclusive and compassionate, sharing our own resources freely and fully. These are the astrological signs of the World Servers. The esoteric mantra for Aquarius is “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men” and for Pisces, “I leave the Father’s House and turning back, I save”. Much of this transformation will take place under the radar in the unconscious until the inner planets enter Aries on February 21.This is not the old dualistic head/heart dichotomy, but a creative exploration, fuelled by sheer curiosity, of how to be grounded in our uniqueness whilst simultaneously downloading new instructions for the whole.

“Start with the idea that, rather than seeing each person as coming into this uncertain world empty, each of us already is someone and we already carry important gifts to give the world. There is something seeded in each of us, waiting to be awoken, ready to lead us on the path to our true identity and our true purpose in life. Each person has meaning and value already inside them, ready to aid in healing this chaotic world. There is no one ‘right’ solution for the great number of problems in the world. Instead, there are many solutions waiting to be awakened in each person.” ~Michael Meade

As I wrote in my article2015—the Year of Gathering,“ all the astrology—East and West—is nudging us to accept our mission of gathering together our psychic fragments after the last year’s Great Fracturing, gathering in the light of Saturn in Sagittarius after the underworld of Scorpio, gathering our tribe, clan and family around us, gathering useful information and resources, gathering and re-collecting myths to live by in a new era and gathering our allies to support our courage in living our soul purpose.

Joining forces with others this year is going to be crucial for progress and survival at all levels. 2015 will birth some radically new collaborative purposes, both progressive and retrogressive. As we awaken as individuals, we’ll become aware of the need to stand up and be counted as orchestrator, director, designer and builder of the new way. The Transition movement birthed in the early 90s is growing and spreading as the collapse of all our old systems demands a conscious navigation of chaos along with a renewal founded through endarkenment.


Art by Jean Luc Barzolli, symbolizing the synthesis of Aquarius and Pisces in February.

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Carol Taylor February 7, 2015 at 12:24 am

– whoops – I think I left words out of that quote – it’s “In your hands the pain and hurt look less like scars and more like character.

Carol Taylor February 7, 2015 at 12:18 am

“…wearing the scar coat with pride and becoming a spiritual warrior…” reminds me of the Sara Grove song “Less Like Scars”. The chorus is “In Your Hands the pain and look less scars and more like character.”
Good – this will be fun.
Thank you for your faithfulness in producing The Daykeeper and thanks to the writers. I appreciate you all very much.

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