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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, August 1–31, 2014

by Terry Lamb on August 1, 2014

Daily astrology forecast August 2014

After so long dealing with predominantly Cardinal energies (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), our gaze is turned toward the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). This is a yearly phenomenon, as the Sun moves through Leo and takes its entourage (Mercury, Venus, and Mars) with it. Add Jupiter and Saturn into the mix, with Moon once each week at the lunations, and we have a firm focus on establishing and stabilizing the new directions in our life.

This is big. We’ve had so much shuffling and reshuffling with the Cardinal emphasis, we’ve gotten used to constant change, to feeling at times overwhelmed, and to having to reach for solid earth beneath our feet.

Now we find firm footing, landing on our feet with a welcome thud. Suddenly, the landscape of our future emerges from the mists, and we find there’s something solid to build. If we have established our foundations in the past 2+ years, we’re ready to go now. Yes, there will be obstacles, but using or removing them is the specialty of the Fixed signs.

We are gathering resources, drawing the people to us who will stick with us in this process for long into the future, as well as those who will facilitate progress and move on. It’s all about holding and persevering now, although the powerful transformations happening all around and within us will continue less emphasized.

While the Sun is in Leo, we focus on matters of the heart. We draw to us those of like mind and spirit, those who motivate us and whom we inspire. Leo’s generosity of spirit naturally draws others to us, and we form groups and develop initiatives that cannot be completed without our consolidated efforts. It is an uplifting time, especially with Jupiter also in Leo.

Jupiter in Leo gives us the theme of the coming year, August to August. We will be gathering with others and creating, each of us contributing our uniqueness as an irreplaceable gift. We will find a path that shines this month, and we will follow it with those most important to us.

There are inevitable adjustments to make in the process. August is laden with quincunxes and yods, as it has been in the past two decades. We’re bridging a gap, stretching ourselves a bit thin, but things slowly get put right after the Sun enters Virgo. This year is no exception.

These contacts require patience and discipline to override frustration and release the juicy treasures of their oddness. Think outside the box, and you’ve got a head start on these energies.

Mars and Venus may wreak havoc on our relationships if we try to push something through at the end of the month. They make a square in Scorpio and Leo, challenging us to forego pride in order to activate an important change. This is the third time that Venus and Mars have squared each other in these signs in recent years. Stubbornness or impatience can block progress at this time. This is not always played out in “courtship” or personal relationships. Anything that we want and have been trying to bring into our lives may be affected by delays or obstructions.

The hardest thing to manage with the shift to the Fixed emphasis is the slower pace of things. It continues to work best to refrain from resisting the flow of events, even if that is difficult to do. There is less back-and-forth now, and steps taken are likely to carry us steadily ever forward.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, August 2014

Friday August 1

After two dramatic contacts while in Cardinal signs, Mars squares Jupiter in their new sign locations, Scorpio and Leo. This is the final contact to complete the processes initiated and completed with the recent Mars retrograde (March 1-May 19).

What comes forward now relates to situations where conditions have changed so much that it becomes a new beginning in some way. This comes against the backdrop of social harmony and well being as Venus trines Saturn and Chiron, forming a Water Grand Trine.

The Moon completes its active travel in Libra at 7:58 pm (10:58 pm ET), contacting the Cardinal transformation agents, Pluto and Uranus, on the way, and magnifying our feelings about what still needs fixing in our ties with others.

Saturday August 2

Agreements are favored as Mercury conjoins Jupiter, but a square to Mars suggests finalizing the documents and taking action steps after some corrections are made. The Moon is void all day, reactivating us when it enters Scorpio at 7:57 pm (10:57 pm ET).

Sunday August 3

We feel pulled in two directions, as Sun quincunxes Pluto. We want to just sweep away the problems, but there’s more to it than that. The First Quarter Moon at 5:50 pm PT/11°36′ Scorpio-Leo brings our need to do something to the forefront. This is a good time to cultivate the seeds we planted at the time of the New Moon (July 26). This lunation reconnects action planets Jupiter and Mars, bringing thought and communication into the mix—but paradoxically, this highlights the fact that there are critical factors still hidden. These will be revealed in the coming two weeks.

In the First Quarter chart cast for the US, the emphasis is on action in foreign affairs and conflicts. Troop movements may be involved. This deals with long-standing situations, not new ones. The President is lauded for taking wise action, and we are likely to see him and his family on vacation soon, if not now.

The Sabian Symbols for the First Quarter Moon are: “a brilliant assembly of dignitaries at an official embassy ball” (the Moon), and “an evening garden party of adults”. These speaks to the pleasure and significance of social gatherings. Enjoyable social events bring people together and get them out of joy-snuffing routines. On a deeper level these events have a serious purpose, to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding and conflict.

Monday August 4

The Moon in Scorpio makes us aware of our priorities as it occults (eclipses) Saturn as it does every month this year through October. A trine to Venus helps us find a way to use this energy to smooth our path. This is a powerful effect that drives home the need we have for intimacy and connection with others.

After the Moon goes void of course at 10:43 am (1:43 pm ET), we have a day to take care of background activities. Inner connections are stronger now, especially with the Moon in deep-feeling Scorpio.

Tuesday August 5

After the Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:19 am (6:19 am ET), we are resurrected from the lull. In an ongoing contact that has allowed us to mend many emotional wounds, Saturn reaches its fifth of five trines to Chiron, giving one last pass at this opportunity for profound healing. We are lifted as Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Mercury, while Neptune lends a wistful note. Dream on!

Wednesday August 6

A Fire Grand Trine forms today as Moon in Sagittarius trines Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aries, going void of course at 7:52 am (10:52 am ET). This gives us panache to make changes, as we reach a relationship decision point when Venus squares the Moon’s Nodes. We begin to see clear of the communicative dilemma we’ve been in since the 3rd, but it will be two more days before we get the full picture. Even though void, the Moon in Sagittarius still performs, so we can take action today if we feel drawn to.

Thursday August 7

If we feel it in our gut, we can do it today, as Mars makes a trine to Neptune. The Moon enters Capricorn at 6:39 am (9:39 am ET), bringing our initiatives to life from a new perspective, one filled with meaning and excitement. Today it feels good, and we have opportunities to bring things into form, to create what we want.

Friday August 8

The big event that has been building this week is the Full Mercury conjunction to the Sun at 9:21 am/16°03′ Leo. We are now halfway through the Mercury cycle that commenced on June 19. Something has been established, and now it is time to complete the job. This comes with a twist, as Chiron is involved in both events, ensuring that we focus on our healing process on this cycle. Sudden changes could slip gracefully into our lives under a Uranian influence. What happens now is also tied to our ongoing efforts to bring meaning into our life as a part of our new foundation. The Moon augments this from its most authentic position, in Capricorn as it contacts Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn.

Saturday August 9

The Sun adds inspiration and courage to what we realized from Mercury yesterday, quincunxing Chiron and squaring Saturn to make it real. By the time we rise, Moon has gone void of its course, at 1:09 am (4:09 am ET) in Capricorn. We get a few hours in deep space before it enters Aquarius at 6:52 am, reconnecting Jupiter to Mars and continuing the urge to take strong action in our most compelling situations.

Sunday August 10

The compelling actions we took yesterday feed into the Full Moon, which peaks at 11:09 am 18°02′ Aquarius-Leo (2:09 pm ET). Picking up the energies of Uranus and Saturn, we are drawn to enact sudden changes that challenge the status quo but fulfill us on a deeper level, rejuvenating life. The Moon goes void of course at 3:12 pm, giving us a grand-perspective opposition to Mercury before it turns out the lights. Head and heart separate in order to find the truth about what we think and feel.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the Full Moon straddles the sky in Houses 3 and 9. Information sharing is vital right now to international relationships. Cool heads and far-sighted leaders will surmount difficulties related to recent crises. Tensions will be greatly and creatively reduced. The President will not be afraid to take a strong stance.

At the Full Moon, the Sabian Symbols are: “a forest fire finally quenched” (the Moon), and “a houseboat party crowded with revelers; the water reflects its lights” (the Sun). As with the First Quarter Moon, we have a symbol of social gathering. There is a continuing need to find common ground with those around us—people with whom we are building new relationships as we build our new reality. Our empathy toward others increases when we know more about them and their context. Forest fires may indeed grab the headlines, especially those started by dry lightning (Moon in Aquarius).

Monday August 11

We see our current life situation and direction quite clearly, as Mercury sextiles North Node, but action is optional in this opportunity contact. Don’t let it slip by if you see a direction to go. At 5:55 am PT (8:55 pm ET), the Moon makes its way into Pisces, bringing dreams and hidden energies to the forefront. With Mars and Moon as the base and Pluto as the apex, a Minor Grand Trine forms across the day to spur our imagination in productive directions. Pay attention to inspiring moments.

Tuesday August 12

Venus enters Leo at 0:24 am (3:24 am ET), heading for Jupiter to bring joy and optimism into our social activities. The Moon in Pisces is betwixt and between while in Pisces, going void on a trine to Saturn at 9:01 am, granting us a day of productive down time. We can use this interlude to take action or to take care of inner and background tasks.

Wednesday August 13

At 6:00 am, the Moon enters Aries and creates a powerful and auspicious Fire trine with Venus and Jupiter bookending the day (9:00 am ET). Make hay while the Sun shines! It’s a perfect day for initiating creative projects, or anything that you want to move quickly.

Thursday August 14

Life is not completely devoid of obstacles, and we’ll see some of the glitches that need to be resolved as Jupiter quincunxes Neptune. This opens a yod with Pluto that is complete on September 5, so we can expect to be working with these matters until then. They won’t prevent, but will seem to delay.

The Sun shines through a window of opportunity that will make our work easier if we see and use it.

The Moon makes us a little more sensitive, even reactive early in the day with contacts to Pluto and Uranus—don’t take the bait. We finish on a note of possibility and hope as Moon trines Sun. We can put those new ideas into action after all.

Friday August 15

It’s work, work, work, as Mars sextiles Pluto. We want to get it done! Add analytic genius and the urge to organize when Mercury enters Virgo at 9:44 am (12:44 pm ET), its sign of both exaltation and rulership.

The Moon in Aries catches Mercury right before the sign change, creating harmony as it goes void of course at 8:50 am for only eight minutes. At 8:58 am, Moon enters Taurus, bringing us down to Earth with our high-flying goals and the projects that will achieve them. Creativity still flows.

Saturday August 16

We continue stabilizing our plans and projects as Moon moves through Taurus. Our desire to fulfill our goals is greatly heightened as the Moon motivates us to reach toward results that we want to finalize by the New Moon on August 25.

Sunday August 17

The Third Quarter Moon arrives at 5:26 am/24°32′ Taurus-Leo (8:26 am ET), after which the Moon is void until 3:41 pm, when it enters Gemini. This lunation provides the insight that guides us through the consolidating week of the lunar month. It’s time to take what we’ve accomplished and integrate it into our life.

We experience an awkward social situation as Venus quincunxes Neptune, due to what we or others hold in secret. However, she also conjoins Jupiter, which may reveal the truth anyway. There is will be a passage with respect to this situation, lasting through August 21.

In the lunation chart for the US, challenges beset the President, pulling him between what is hidden and what is visible. He may be with his family on vacation, but he’s very busy taking care of world affairs that require constant attention and action. The news media are muted as to their usual petty concerns, although there are still distracting events to be trumpeted.

The Third Quarter Moon activates these Sabian Symbols: For the Moon, “a large well-kept public park”; and for the Sun, “a large camel crossing a vast and forbidding desert”. These images have in common the element of largesse. Something could feel like it is expanding in our lives—flowering or building in a positive and harmonious way. However, we could also feel overwhelmed by the task at hand, possibly wondering if we will survive it. With enough “water” (social glue) and “a camel” (support from our inner knowing), we can make the journey.

Monday August 18

Mercury opposes Neptune, bringing a question to the surface that leads to greater clarity. The Moon makes its way through Gemini, underscoring our desire to gather the information we need to get answers and define the situation in order to act wisely. Most of those insights will come during pre-dawn sleep, emerging as instinctual actions during the day, when harmonies abound. Pay attention to your dreams.

Tuesday August 19

The Moon in Gemini reaches its closing sextile to the Sun in late Leo, going void of course at 7:54 pm (10:54 pm ET) for a restful evening.

Wednesday August 20

At 1:45 am, the Moon goes into Cancer (4:45 am ET), where it is strong, and our feelings rise to the surface. We get the feeling component of what we’ve been trying to clarify, and finally we know what to do.

Thursday August 21

It may feel awkward, but as Venus quincunxes Pluto, it’s time to take care of an unresolved situation, where misunderstanding has been the rule. Power struggle will prevent harmony if we insist on being right. Mercury, though, makes sure we get the logic correctly. The Moon in Cancer makes sure we deal with the real issue and get our feelings out in the open, at least to ourselves. Its void period commences at 12:34 pm (3:34 pm ET), after which the psychic wireless is wide open.

Friday August 22

At 9:46 pm, the Sun enters Virgo (12:46 am 8/23 ET), focusing us on turning our brilliant new Leonian ideas into organized plans. When Mars quincunxes (and also receives) Uranus, we see where our use of willpower has gotten us. Changes may seem to throw obstacles in the path, but they are not side-trips; rather, they are iintrinsic to what we want to accomplish. The Moon enters Leo at 1:49 pm, but makes no contacts until tomorrow.

Saturday August 23

A Mars trine to Chiron ensures that we will be focused on healing today. It’s a good day for any healing treatment, but especially anything that involved metal, movement, or action, such as acupuncture or physical exercise. The Moon in Leo is in its dark morning-crescent phase. It’s time to make our wishes for the next lunar cycle, which starts on Monday—the Wishing Moon. This time, we are focused on matters of the heart.

Sunday August 24

Mercury opposes Chiron to continue the healing theme, while it quincunxes Uranus to highlight side effects and sidebar issues. The Moon remains in Leo, but when its void period begins at 1:26 am (4:26 am ET), we have a long lazy day to contemplate what lies ahead.

Monday August 25

At 2:33 am, the Moon enters Virgo and activates the New Moon, which arrives at 7:13 am PT/2°19′ Virgo (10:13 am ET). There are plenty of contacts today tomorrow to promise a potent lunar month ahead. Mercury sextiles Mars and Saturn, urging us to put thought into practice to accomplish our long-term goals. Venus quincunxes Chiron and trines Uranus, once more focusing our attention on healing our wounds, from the physical to the spiritual and everything in between. The most powerful energy of the day is one that has been building since late July, as Mars conjoins Saturn. Now we have what we need to make “it” happen.

In the New Moon chart of the US cast for Washington DC, the focus begins to turn toward the mid-term elections in November. The voting public is showing more understanding of the facts, and a concern for the environment will emerge as the primary concern right now. There is a dig-in and can-do attitude that greets the challenges of the future, as people look to each other for the support they can’t find through the customary means that society has provided in the past. A lack of resources is met with ingenuity. Although foreign conflicts are a worry, the domestic front is more harmonious. Still, some matters remain hidden from public view for now.

The single Sabian Symbol for both Sun and Moon at this lunation (influencing the entire lunar month) is: “two guardian angels bringing protection”. There is benefit in focusing on our inner reality and the role that divine consciousness plays in guiding and protecting us. However we choose to describe this sense of interaction with hidden influences—fate, protection, guidance, mystery, divine intervention—the element of invisible power is highlighted now. This could also indicate an over-reliance on others (visible or invisible) to take care of our needs and brings up questions of faith and what’s real. Yet protection is assured if we are sincere.

Tuesday August 26

Venus squares Saturn to show us the contrast between what we have planned with others and what we can accomplish at this time, a temporary factor that only requires reworking of our plans. The Moon in Virgo continues to give us an outline of the coming month’s activities. We have the potential to make great strides in our most important initiatives. When it enters its void period at 7:29 pm (10:29 pm ET), we get a long period of downtime to reflect and plan.

Wednesday August 27

Venus in Leo squares Mars in Scorpio. This is the third of three times that these planets of love make a square at nearly the same degrees of the Zodiac, and at nearly the same time each year. This brings out patterns of resistance and requires patience to work through, but as a point of repeated contact, this can be a time of moving toward resolution. The Moon remains void in Virgo until 2:54 pm (5:54 pm ET), when it goes into Libra, but makes no contacts.

Thursday August 28

The Moon in Libra connects the dots to urge us onward in our long-term processes of transformation, especially highlighting the ways that change is affecting our relationships.

Friday August 29

The Sun activates hidden influences and brings them to light as it opposes Neptune. This is the "Full" phase in their yearly cycle. Now we can see things more clearly. The Moon enters its void at 9:00 am (12:00 noon ET) on a sanguine note, as it contacts Venus just as it also reaches the North Node. This presents us with an opportunity to take a big step into our new relationship future with confidence.

Saturday August 30

At 1:53 am, the Moon enters Scorpio and brings new understanding from the depths of consciousness (4:53 am ET). New revelations fuel our ability to refine our plans, as hidden factors are made visible. It’s worth taking the time to pause before continuing on.

Sunday August 31

Yet again, the Moon in Scorpio occults (eclipses) Saturn, empowering our urge to connect with others on a deeper and more authentic level. At the same time, a conjunction to Mars reactivates our ability to build new structures that support those connections.

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