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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, May 1–31, 2014

by Terry Lamb on May 1, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast May 2014 Free - Time of Taurus

Every month, we experience a process of filling and emptying. The modus behind this operandi is the yearning of the Sun and Moon for each other. The Sun shines so brightly that we can’t look at it. We can’t see it, but we can see its effects in light and shadow, day and night. It is incomplete and longs to find and recognize itself the only way it can, through its reflection. This is the Moon.

The Moon without the Sun would be dark, unknown, a void or abyss that we could not penetrate. Instead, sunlight splashes on the Moon, transforming from gold into the silvery mirror that seduces us with our own image. Wherever the Moon is, the Sun finds itself through its reflected image, whether by harmony (sextile, trine) or challenge (square, opposition).

As the Sun and Moon, so our psyche. Day by day, week by week, we are looking for an essence that is our complement and counterpart, so we can gain self-understanding. We long to know Who We Are underneath all that conditioning that trains us to play nicely with others. Along with the primal urges (the Moon) that keep us anchored in physical life, help us survive, and drive us onward, is the Sun’s core spark that motivates us to fulfill something deep and ineffable. Together these parts of self, yin and yang, produce the movement (the Tao or flow) that powers and inspires all life forms on Planet Earth.

This is the longing of the Soul for Its Self, and it is expressed by the Sun and Moon via the Sign polarities as they are transited month by month over the year. When the Sun and Moon contact each other at the New Moon in a particular Sign, a longing for its reflection is sparked by the Sun that is fulfilled at the Full Moon, when the Moon reaches the opposition (the perfect point of reflection), usually in the opposite Sign. At that moment, when they are furthest from each other, a spark of magnetism arcs across the heavens, igniting the Sun’s and Moon’s recognition of each other as divine counterparts, without which the other could not exist.

Their longing for each other is requited, the yearning satisfied, and all rests in harmony for that nanosecond. And then they return to the realm of perpetual motion, seeing that their perfect union requires action to maintain it or carry it to ever greater heights. We follow suit, acting from the knowledge and insight that this moment of illumination has implanted in our heart.

In May, we are fulfilling the longing that Taurus has for Scorpio, like the gardener has for a fertile field that has been cleared of all the old growth so that he can plant his crop. This is a longing that we have long been aware of, perhaps felt cut off from, with Saturn also in Scorpio, that sign of transformation. This Full Moon is the one that teaches us to fulfill our desires through the use of will (-power). The key is to identify the source of our desire. If desire comes from the soul, it is aligned with the divine. If it comes from the ego, it is more superficial and its fulfillment does not truly help us feel more complete.

The metaphor of the gardener and the empty fertile field is appropriate for May, the time of Taurus, when all things grow abundantly. But it is also true to the energies in a larger sense. April brought forward so many new factors that we couldn’t see beyond it until it was over, just like final exam week in school. Even now, we are still blinking through the dust and tasting the grit between our teeth. Some things have changed forever in ways we could not possibly have anticipated but which have moved us closer to harmony in some way.

The energies of May are well-suited to that deeper building process we would like to engage in as the power planets have activated each other. We’re just past two eclipses, and we have something to accomplish. Our new reality is in place, yet remains to be developed. We can begin again, creating the structures of the future based on the culmination we just experienced.

This goes as deep as the 26,000-year cycle that follows the Earth’s wobble on its axis. Even though the shift in this cycle took place in 2012, it is still coming into form (as it will be for hundreds of years). However, with the activations in April, now we can start to express it—each of us with our own unique take on what needs to change and how we can contribute to the Great Shift required now by using our gifts.

We feel more purposeful, focused, determined under the firmness of Taurus as it seeks union with Scorpio. The result is earthly, visible manifestation, the bringing of dreams into form.

The planets assist us and make an average number of interactions this month: Venus highlights the consequences of April’s changes as they impact our relationships. Mercury is past its Full point in its 3½-month cycle, and now we reap the rewards for what we’ve developed since February 15. Mars returns to forward motion, and all beings breathe a heavy sigh of relief, as volatility dissolves. Saturn is Full on May 10, and our hard work begins to pay off. Jupiter flies on wings of compassion, bringing the blessings forward from our faith in the good to triumph over all. Uranus and Pluto rest in the wings after the release of their last dance together on April 21. Chiron and Neptune will wait until June for their time on center stage, and healing processes reduce in intensity. (See May’s Overview for more.)

May’s end will find us happier, more optimistic, and anticipating greater success as we get a lock on our new purpose. By keeping an eye on the big picture, we can make it over the bumps that inevitably come, without getting carried off course. May all your seedlings bear bountiful fruit!

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, May 2014

Thursday May 1

It’s the third day after the New Moon Solar Eclipse, and we are slowly waking up to our own personal new world. The Moon occupies mid-Gemini, and we’re working hard to connect the dots despite a dreamy Neptunian feeling that wants to pull us away. There is work to be done, however, and contacts to be made, and a surprise may delight us near teatime. There’s awkwardness in the air that could delay big results, but a sense of humor goes far towards dissipating it.

We might as well relax after 4:32 pm (7:32 pm ET), when the Moon goes void of course until very late tomorrow.

Don’t forget to say “White Rabbit!” first things on waking to activate the animal messengers of the mythic world for the coming month.

Friday May 2

We feel the crunch as Mercury opposes Saturn: pressure builds around fulfilling an obligation or meeting a deadline. The pressure may ease temporarily until a second peak comes on May 10.

At 6:21 pm (9:21 pm ET), Venus enters Aries. All day long, we’re inside an in-between space, a bubble where nothing seems to touch us—and we can get our work done.

At 11:13 pm, we are revived from this space as the Moon enters Cancer. It immediately heightens our emotional awareness, one of those mini-moments of truth, via a square to Venus.

Saturday May 3

One of the side benefits of Pluto’s retrograde is the trine it gets from the Sun at each end of its retrograde period. We reach the first of these trines today, easing the transformative process that got ramped up around mid-April. We could feel encouraged by the progress we’ve made so far and the meaning this is adding to our lives.

By evening the Moon in Cancer has penetrated into the field of the Cardinal Cross, and we get to catch up on any feelings that we’ve glossed over recently.

Sunday May 4

This is a very lunar day, with the Cancer Moon making all the connections. It moves through the heart of the Cardinal Cross, encountering titans Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter before dawn. After we wake up from this journey into deep space, a trine to Saturn grounds us. We can use our will to adjust ourselves to the needs of the day.

Monday May 5

It’s a good day for planning and communication, if we can wait until after 10:56 am (1:56 pm ET) to make those phone calls. That’s when the Moon enters Leo, canceling the Moon’s void in Cancer, which commenced at 1:46 am PT.

It’s a smooth flow all day with harmonies to Mercury and Venus, but the lull in the action will allow unprocessed thought-feelings from the past to emerge if needed.

Tuesday May 6

Last month, on April 1, the Sun opened the Cardinal Cross energies with a square to Jupiter. Now the Sun sextiles Jupiter, bringing us back to that moment, but from another angle. What has happened in your life since then? This aspect brings forth a harvest that comes out of the challenges of April. Embedded in the First Quarter Moon, which comes today at 8:15 pm/16°30′ Leo/Taurus (11:15 pm ET), this bounty may need our initiative to be fully expressed, and will be based on events of the past ten months. With Chiron in the mix, a healing moment is part of the process.

The chart of the First Quarter lunation cast for the US set in Washington DC shows unsettling news emerging from the depths of the state’s machinations. News media leak something critical, and it stirs up people’s ideas of how it all works when they’re not looking. The bedrock is shaken in some way. The people/public will react to this event, which hearkens back to occurrences around April 7, but the energy of outrage is not likely to boil over right now. It seems that the President is capitulating to corrupt and isolative foreign leaders, but he is really buying time and letting hidden forces do their work.

The Sabian Symbols for the First Quarter Moon are: A “volunteer church choir makes a social event of a rehearsal” (the Moon); and “a symbolical battle between ‘swords,’ the disciples of might, and ‘torches’, the disciples of enlightenment”. The dynamic between these two symbols suggests a battle between different and irreconcilable ideologies. When this occurs, there is always a divergence of core values and beliefs about life, people, and what carries meaning. Our ideology is a direct reflection of how we think about ourselves. This is a time of getting in touch with why we think the way we do, the first step to clearing a disagreement or misunderstanding now.

Wednesday May 7

We gain a bigger picture of our health and healing processes as the Sun makes its opening sextile to Chiron. This ties in with themes seeded in our energy system around March 3.

Mercury enters Gemini, one of its dignities, at 7:57 am (10:57 am ET), and connections occur more easily now.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Leo goes void at 3:51 am, giving us a very long day to finish work in progress. When it enters Virgo at 11:24 pm, connectivity is revived and stored for a bright new beginning tomorrow.

Thursday May 8

The emphasis is on making sense of pretzel logic as our Virgo Moon squares Mercury and opposes Neptune over the day. We have access to a broader perspective right now that allows insights and solutions to surface, but we have to work at it.

Friday May 9

After yesterday’s mental gymnastics, we can pour our new understanding into productivity, as the Moon in Virgo cascades through a series of harmonious connections. Her final contact in the sign fixes our focus on results and bodes well for completions as she goes void on a trine to Saturn at 3:08 pm.

Saturday May 10

There are three significant events taking us deeper than usual this weekend, the first of which comes today. Still, we have the luxury of a late lazy morning since the Moon doesn’t wake us up until her entry into Libra at 10:19 am (1:19 pm ET). We may need that extra shut-eye, since the Sun’s opposition to Saturn is exact now at 20°01 Taurus/Scorpio. This is the Full moment of illumination related to Saturn’s yearly cycle of restructuring, which began November 6 last year. How far have you come since then? What remains to be completed? Inspiration comes easily as the Moon glides into a trine to Mercury over the day.

Sunday May 11

Two significant planetary milestones give today’s events a deeper layer of meaning. Venus opposes Mars Rx at 9°31′ Aries/Libra. Not only is this the peak of the Venus-Mars cycle that commenced last April 6, it happens as Mars is returning to forward motion, doubling its power in our lives. We may feel moved to say something significant, but as Mercury squares Neptune, the words don’t exactly spring easily to mind. Thankfully, the fog clears early on. Non-verbal communication works as we sort through the images in our head until clarity comes.

The Libra Moon runs the gauntlet of the Cardinal Cross, emphasizing our use of initiative as it conjoins Mars, opposes Venus, squares Pluto, opposes Uranus, and squares Jupiter before evening. Stored relationship energy is released today with a focus on balancing lopsided or extreme patterns of interaction, particularly where resolving conflict is concerned. The prognosis is good if we can stay in touch with the big picture—the love we feel and the deeper reasons we’re there to begin with. A plan of action emerges as we sort things out.

The Moon’s void period commencing at 5:51 pm (8:51 pm ET) permits us to assimilate the weekend’s events into our way forward.

Monday May 12

An early Mercury trine to Mars stays with us all day, and words lead to action. What we’re planning right now can definitely work! The Moon is void of course in Libra until 6:07 pm (9:07 pm ET), giving us time to think before acting.

The Moon enters Scorpio, sign of Wednesday’s Full Moon, at that time, and we’re feeling the building energy. Our Taurean longing for the reflection of our beauty through transformation (how it changes us) is about to be fulfilled. It highlights the emotional side of our changes in progress, the places where determination can be used to overcome the challenges we face.

Tuesday May 13

The pre-Full Moon energies help us find opportunity in the big-picture situations we’re involved in. Pay attention today—clues abound.

Wednesday May 14

Since the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) on April 28, the Sun has taken us on a quest to find inner beauty in some way, and the Moon has reflected our experiences back to us. Now the Full Moon at 12:16 pm/ 23°55′ Scorpio/Taurus (3:16 pm ET) unites these energies through their perfect reflection in each other.

The Moon goes void of course at this time, until 10:44 pm when it enters Sagittarius. This has the effect of giving us time to absorb the illumination before taking action based on the Full Moon.

Two major connections also happen today. They are embedded in this culmination, and they will be expressed in the bounty of the coming week. In the first, Jupiter trines Chiron for the third of three times, activating a sweet and gentle healing of the emotions that has been occurring quietly in the background over the past few months. Now the result emerges more noticeably as a feeling of warmth and support from someone(s) around us—and it goes both ways.

The second connection is Venus’s square to Pluto and near-simultaneous conjunction to Uranus. This follows on a series of small steps in a much larger process and tie into events on April 14–15 and this past weekend, with an emphasis on relationship.

In the chart cast for the United States, aggression is curtailed by Mutable angles. The drip-drip dissolving process of these signs is just the thing as Mars now stands still, the prelude to its direct station on May 19. However, this focused and concentrated energy is tempered with discretion—this is “more Mars all the time” but the energy is diverted away from aggression and into diplomacy because the stakes are too high for any other alternative. Even though the showdown between Putin and the rest of the world may seem to be over by this date, there is still something going on. There are many messages going back and forth, most hidden, and lots of spycraft in the mix.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are: “crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired man” (the Moon); and “an Indian warrior riding fiercely with human scalps hanging at his belt” (the Sun). There is an emphasis on leadership, power, and authenticity this week. People in difficulty are vulnerable to false promises. We have to ensure that those whom we follow are worthy of the attention. There’s also an urge to cut to the chase and give in to aggression rather than do the hard work of negotiating true peace. The dynamics of Mars’s station direct this week come to mind in this combination.

Thursday May 15

Mercury sextiles Venus as it conjoins Uranus. What could not find expression since March 28 last year is now released in harmonious words and contributes to the foundation of healing and trust we are building. Trines from the Sagittarius Moon add spark, pizzazz, and good outcomes.

Friday May 16

The Moon finishes its active time in Sagittarius on a high note at 0:43 am (3:43 am ET). Even though it does not enter Capricorn until early tomorrow, we can use this void Moon actively throughout the day.

Saturday May 17

We get in touch with what still needs healing when Mercury squares Chiron today. At 1:12 am (4:12 am ET), the Moon moves into Capricorn, bringing to the surface those stray fragments of conflict that remain unresolved as a result of the past six months’ effort. We can let them go now—no need to hold on.

Sunday May 18

Venus makes her final contact in the Cardinal Cross zone as she squares Jupiter. The Moon in Capricorn underscores the impact of this contact, which brings a blessing with it. Humor defuses an awkward situation.

Monday May 19

Deep-level tension is relieved as Mars returns to forward motion (Stationary Direct) today at 6:31 pm/ 9°02′ Libra (9:31 pm ET). Now we can reconstitute structure in a situation that has been constantly changing for quite some time. What has seemed impossible to pin down finally takes shape in the visible world. Venus augments the release and suggests caution as she quincunxes Saturn.

The Moon goes void in Capricorn a hair past midnight (0:02 am), resuming normal connectivity at 2:58 am with its entry into Aquarius. The Moon anticipates the coming Sun-Mars trine and smoothes our way across the daytime hours.

Tuesday May 20

Although the Aquarius Moon is quick to remind us of our Saturnian obligations in fulfilling a greater cause, we may favor a lighter mood and less-serious activities with Mercury, Venus, and Uranus sparking some mischief. Although the Moon goes void at 3:21 pm (6:21 pm ET), the Sun adds to the fun when it enters Gemini at 7:59 pm.

Wednesday May 21

Before we rise, the Moon enters Pisces (5:18 am PT, 8:18 am ET) and immediately connects with the Sun to mark the Last Quarter Moon at 5:59 am/0°24′ Pisces/Gemini. This launches the power of the coming solar month even as we use its energy to complete our Taurus-Scorpio process from the current lunar cycle. The fruits of courage, persistence, and determination boost this month’s harvest as Jupiter trines Saturn for the third of three times. The emphasis is on finalizing the healing process.

The US is at a turning point and may break (more) trade and commerce ties with Russia this week unless some agreements can be reached. This won’t work unless there is a way for Putin to save face, and this may not be possible until September. The President’s efforts now will show results on June’s Full Moon.

The Sabian Symbols for today’s lunar event are: “a crowded public market place” (the Moon), and “A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders” (the Sun). Market forces (desire) can be used to drive political change (as well as individual behavior), and that is precisely what is happening this week with Russia, and perhaps in our personal world as well. If we look carefully within, we can see the wonders of our hidden life, and understand with compassion the hidden motivations behind bad behavior.

Thursday May 22

The Moon in Pisces today pulls us between the heights and the depths, creating a kite pattern that shows us how to make the most of the new possibilities emerging now. Its void period commences at 11:26 pm (2:26 am May 23 ET) and lasting overnight.

Mercury enters its Retrograde Shadow this evening at 24°23′ Gemini. A little extra attention to detail right now will bring benefits later.

Friday May 23

At 9:01 am, the Moon goes into Aries (12:01 pm ET), giving us a final reflection of what we’re learning from the past month’s events as it connects with the Sun. The instinct to act finds an opening to do so.

Saturday May 24

Jupiter makes its third of three trines to Saturn, bringing to fruition the bounty that has been building in our lives for the past 14 years. This gives us a chance to resolve some of the issues we’ve been dealing with over that time, as we’ve been learning how to live in a post-modern, more responsible, cyber-focused world culture. Although today’s events may not be the most significant, Jupiter-Saturn has been underpinning our overall support in quiet ways that may slip into our reality almost unnoticed. The Moon in Aries tiptoes through the Cardinal tulips across the day to lend courage to the steps we take now.

Sunday May 25

We could be tempted to take a last look backward today as Mercury trines and Venus opposes the North Node. This is about relationship choices and commitments. The Moon enters its void period at 8:58 am, but the doorway to loving communication is left open. The Moon goes into Taurus at 2:28 pm, and we see where we were one lunar month ago with fresh eyes, in preparation for the new cycle, which starts on Wednesday. This is the Balsamic, Wishing Moon, when the thoughts and images we project into the lunar chalice seed the coming month.

Monday May 26

The Moon connects with Neptune and Pluto to give us access to extraordinary knowledge if we listen carefully.

Tuesday May 27

At 2:10 am the Taurus Moon goes void of course (5:10 am ET) after contacting Saturn and Jupiter, to fill our dreams with insight into our long-term projects. The Moon is void all day, until its entry into Gemini at 9:48 pm, but we can still bring home the bacon with the void period in Taurus.

Wednesday May 28

Mercury is slowing down so much that Venus catches him again in a beneficial sextile, the second of two. We can wax eloquent in our communications today, being careful not to overdo it! The New Moon opens our newest lunar month at 11:40 am/7°21′ Gemini (2:40 pm ET). This carries the energy of the Sun’s square to Neptune. Now it’s time to take on the big task that will bring the most profound healing experience. Venus enhances our feelings of security when she enters Taurus at 6:45 pm, one of the signs she rules. Venus is powerful and resplendent in Taurus, bringing good outcomes and allowing things to grow at their own speed. All these connections flavor the coming month with nutritious energies.

In the chart cast for the US set in Washington, foreign relations will be the biggest focus for the coming month. There is a reliance on old, tried-and-true common interests to overcome areas of dispute. The new healthcare program is proving to be a resounding success as the glitches are worked out and truth clarified.

The Sun and Moon are at the same degree at the New Moon, 8 Gemini, whose Sabian Symbol is “Aroused strikers surround a factory.” There could be feelings of separation that lead to social unrest if a group finds a common cause for justice. In our personal life, the need to gain perspective could be mistaken for alienation or rejection and lead to conflict. Clearing the air of possible misinterpretations before acting on our own conclusions will avoid unnecessary disagreement.

Thursday May 29

Mercury goes into Cancer at 2:12 am (5:12am ET), the first of three times that our messenger crosses that cusp, as it retrogrades in June. The Moon goes void overnight in Gemini, giving us a day to pause before jumping into the newness we feel. Emotions need our attention right now.

Friday May 30

At 7:13 am, the Moon enters Cancer (10:13 am ET), stepping into the ring with Mercury to bring our feelings forward. This is a very emotional moment when head and heart melt together, and we see the process that will be our focus for the coming Mercury retrograde. The Moon makes gentle connections with Venus and Neptune to support our ongoing healing process.

Saturday May 31

The Sun finds harmony with Mars finally, as they trine each other, the first time they’ve been pals since February 14. The Moon in Cancer makes the rounds of the Cardinal planets, giving us bonus emotional release in the process. At 11:32 pm (2:32 am on June 1 ET) it opens the psychic wireless as it enters its void period filled with Jupiterian well-being.

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