Medicine Wheel Astrology

March 20–April 19, Sign of the Red Hawk

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 1, 2014

Medicine Wheel Astrological Signs - Red Tailed Hawk

The synchronicities between the Medicine Wheel and the common zodiac are notable. However, the Native American signs and symbols evoke a poetic connection with the wilderness and its inhabitants that gives a flavor both cosmic and subtle to each sign. In the process, its ancient understanding sheds new light on the signs we have become familiar with, their needs and special mission.  We can appreciate the similarities as well as the differences in the sign of Red Hawk, which is more or less parallel to that of Aries.

Those born in this window resonate with the Moon of Spring Equinox, known in the Medicine Wheel as the Budding Trees Moon, which imbues them with intense vitality. Their power animal is Red Hawk, whose combination of leadership and innocence merit special attention and care.

  • Red Hawk’s stone is the fire opal, whose light is related to both Sun and Moon, vitality and emotionality. The opal is porous, and its sparkle can be diminished by water or lack of water. Like the opal, Red Hawk sparkles, yet needs to choose its ideas and company carefully so the inner fire can remain bright.
  • Catalysts, with great powers of manifestation, Red Hawks need to care for their emotional and physical needs, so they can not only initiate projects, but see them through to consolidation.
  • By provoking periodic pauses from their perpetual motion, they avoid burn-out. This also gives them space to recognize and heal their intense emotions, so that life’s inevitable frustrations don’t fester into wounds and pull them down.
  • If they succeed in doing this, their natural tendency to swing between light and dark phases will be constructive, rather than debilitating.
  • Like their bright totem flower, the dandelion, hawks shine with capability and share their achievements with those around them.
  • Red Hawks belong to the clan of Thunderbirds, who fly to the greatest heights.

Suggestions for Red Hawk to Awaken and Sustain Her Potential:

  • Invoke the spirit of the thunderbirds and ask them to help you soar to your greatest personal and spiritual heights.
  • The color yellow, in flowers, candles, decor and clothing, will stoke your inner fire and stimulate your sharp mind until it deepens into wisdom.
  • Dandelion root tea will help you relax and give yourself the times of rest needed so your unceasing activity doesn’t lead to burn-out.
  • Affirm words like those that follow for 7 minutes daily from one New Moon to the next, or during 28 days. These and similar affirmations or attitudinal work can be used periodically to keep Red Hawk shining like the opal it resonates with.

I resonate with the right people and projects to share my talents and true success comes naturally now.

I nurture and care for the opal fire within, and it fuels spiritual growth for me and for others.

This Native American wisdom not only describes the Red Hawks I know, but offers light for Aries to recognize their unique emotional nature and to understand their mission from a transpersonal perspective.

Stay tuned for the next Medicine Wheel sign and its power keys.

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Crystal Pomeroy April 1, 2014 at 6:35 pm

Thanks to you both, Janice and weaver. 4/4! As you may know, 4 is the number of the builder, which means that you feel fulfilled when you are making measurable progress. And according to Lloyd Cope, it means that Capricorn, Saturn, Aries and Mars are particularly important in your birthchart. It would give additional strength to your Aries Sun, as well as more ability to follow through than is typically afforded Aries/Red Hawk.

weaver March 29, 2014 at 9:46 pm

delightful introduction to this wheel and I look forward to more posts on the subject!

Dr. Janice Kalec March 28, 2014 at 9:43 pm

Thank you, coincidentally I recently purchased dandelion root tea and have been enjoying it. My birthday is 4/4. Love and blessings to you.

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