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Planetary Overview, October 2013

by Terry Lamb on October 1, 2013

Planetary Overview, astrology for October 2013

We’re on notice that something has to change. The Fixed Signs say so, even as they prompt in us the desire to hold on to what we identify as stable. By October 1, this dynamic is established in the wake of the Venus-Mars square on September 26 (19 Scorpio-Leo), but its depth and breadth was founded lifetimes ago, conveyed to us via the time-space portals we know as the Nodes.

We’re not just talking about the Lunar Nodes, which bring us the semi-annual set of eclipses, but also the other planetary nodes, in this case principally Venus’s South (Descending) Node at 16 Libra. Every planet has its own set of nodes—places where the planet’s orbit ascends (North) or descends (South) over the ecliptic (apparent path of the Sun around Earth). They are not opposite each other, as are those of the Moon.

We could call them "sleeper" effects, because we don’t commonly track them in modern astrology, but they are powerful and it benefits us to be aware of them. The Venus South Node was contacted on August 30, bringing us into contact with a relationship black hole that ties to other timelines (past, parallel, future) because that’s what a black hole is—a door into an alternate reality ("universe"), the proverbial rabbit hole. Slipping into a black hole might feel like a death, but it is also (and actually) a rebirth into a new reality, just as Alice discovered.

We usually avoid such opportunities when they arise in our lives because we are moored tightly to our structures and web of relations. But sometimes we are cut adrift, set out to sea without anchor or support. From this fluid, flexible, malleable state of intense discomfort, we suddenly find ourselves open to new possibilities that would not even have appeared on our perceptual radar when we were safely in harbor ticking off our to-do list.

This can happen on a personal basis when we experience a transit of Pluto or Uranus to a personal point or planet, but with Uranus and Pluto in a long-term square and the dam broken open by Jupiter in Cancer (so sorry, Colorado), we are all floating away from our familiar shores. We see ourselves unmoored from a world where life was consistent, efforts were amply rewarded, and Earth was in balance. It creates a dramatic backdrop against which our personal joys and challenges continue to unfold, and we build a ship of our own construction by which we will make a crossing to the distant land of a new reality based on more sustainable values and practices.

We are distressed by this process because it is huge and long-term; yet the soul revels in it because it teaches us the true nature of life and the importance of love. What we are experiencing now is so much about love and how it is what brings us through times of great challenge. And yet, it is love that brings us the most powerful inner challenges!

In the next nine months, we will see…. Get the rest of Terry’s wonderful astrological overview, available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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