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Daily Astrological Forecast, February 1-29, 2012

by Terry Lamb on February 1, 2012

free astrological daily forecast February 2012

Astrological Forecast Overview

February is full of the sparks of Aquarius, edgy and ready to take on what’s old and make it new and aligned with universal forces. We feel less tethered to tradition, the voices of the past. In the midst of this, we feel like we are being pulled back perhaps, as Mars makes it way through its retrograde.

Mars retrograde is now reporting back to us in its full range of expressions. We get to see how well we manage an onslaught of ego-centered urges, especially in relationships as it opposes Venus. And that’s not all: Saturn makes its retrograde station this month as well; Neptune enters Pisces, for good this time, and we get two new yearly cycles, those of Neptune and Chiron.

Saturn’s retrograde occurs entirely in Libra for the second year in row, this time carrying us through the last ten degrees of the sign. One more chance to get our relationship lives right and to find greater harmony in the area of our birth chart being traveled by Saturn.

Chiron and Neptune have been moving through a slow conjunction since about 2005, but they were split by a sign cusp last year. Now that Neptune will move fully into Pisces, they can be glued together again by faster planets. This means that our healing processes must include the spiritual dynamic in order to be thorough and complete. We are clearing all forms of separation from the Great Oneness.

An emphasis in mutable signs in the last half of the month returns us to energies of last year’s June, September, and November experiences. The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are really “hot” right now, with so many deeper processes occurring there now. This places an emphasis on flexibility as we work on integrating existing circumstances rather than pioneering new ones.

But don’t worry. If you want to start something new (and who isn’t itching with the urge now?), the planets in the Cardinal Cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) rule the day, especially from the 9th. This means that we not only “get to”, we need to. While it will take some time to define and refine the newness, we are eager to get on with it especially with Mars retrograde (ruling Startler-in-Chief Uranus in Aries).

The lunar events continue to lay down tracks at the same degrees (3, 11, 19, 26), as they do each winter for six months each year. If you have planets at these degrees, you will continue to get a multi-faceted reflection of their process in February. The heartbeat of life universal goes on….

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time (UTC–8) after November 6.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, February 2012

Wednesday February 1

The month commences with Moon in Taurus, making its final contact to Neptune before this Lord of the Seas changes signs. Through Taurus we crave concreteness, but Neptune denies the value of that, saying, “Look deeper.” The Moon’s void period begins at 11:06 am, although in Taurus she still activates powerful benefits. At 11:15 am, her entry into Gemini enlivens our communicative skills, and surprising opportunities may come through as she connects to Uranus. The big event of the day is Mars’s opposition to Venus. On the surface this speaks of separations, but underneath there is still “spooky action at a distance”. We are still linked to what belongs with us, no matter how far apart we seem. It gives invaluable perspective.

Thursday February 2

Moon in Gemini encounters the smooth part of its transit with harmonious trines to Mercury and Sun in Aquarius that span the day. We feel lifted out of our emotional responses to circumstances. It’s a good day to communicate about things that we habitually feel blocked about. The right words come naturally.

Friday February 3

At 10:52 am, Neptune enters Pisces. We got a glimpse of this new frontier of spiritual exploration and the projection of human ideals last year, when it was there April 4August 4. Now we work with these curvy, swirling, diaphanous energies in earnest, replacing the laser-like process of growth brought to us through Neptune in Aquarius, where it was from 1998. The Moon continues to wing its way through Gemini, restimulating the relationship processes of earlier this week. Resolutions devised now give us some breathing room. At 9:06 pm, the Moon is void of course, inspiring us about the future at 10:04 pm when it enters Cancer and trines our “new” Neptune.

Saturday February 4

The Moon continues its trek through Cancer, activating the Cardinal planets Uranus and Pluto over the day. A soft energy to Jupiter helps us see a way through the latest challenge we’re facing.

Sunday February 5

Moon in Cancer finds harmony with Mars to help us use the Mars retrograde “time out” constructively.

Monday February 6

Before we rise, the Moon changes signs and moods, from embracing Cancer to sunny Leo at 5:24 am. Its void period lasts about an hour, starting at 4:31 am, although in Cancer this is worth using more actively if we want. From Leo’s more outgoing perspective, the risks we decided to take last week aren’t risky enough. It’s time to make a bigger move.

Tuesday February 7

With two retrogrades embedded in this lunar month (Mars and Saturn), today’s Full Moon at 1:54 pm/18°32′ Leo carries powerful energies. The day starts with Mercury’s superior conjunction to the Sun, giving us maximum perspective on our situation from a mental perspective. We may feel far removed from logic. At 6:03 am, Saturn commences its retrograde period with a station (standstill) at 29°30′ Libra. The Full Moon at midday brings Mercury into the mix, bringing a head-heart dilemma. We may have “tunnel vision” about something, which can be a strong focus on something important that rises above distractions; or keeps us from seeing the full range of possible solutions. At 10:01 pm, Venus tops off the day by entering Aries and activating the Cardinal energies. While we can’t escape the challenges that may emerge now, we can be grateful that they have emerged so we can deal with them. We figure out something that, if we can use the grand trine in Earth signs to release collected energies.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, Saturn at the bottom of the chart suggests significant storm activity and a depressed feeling among the people regarding their treatment by government. Meanwhile, Jupiter at the top suggests that President Obama has the chance to be somewhat effective in dealing with critical issues through inspiration and pragmatism. The key issue is relationships with other nations, particularly those who do not have favorable ties with the US. In the background lurk fears of oil shortages.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Leo is “A houseboat party crowded with revelers; the water reflects its lights.” This symbol reminds us of Nero fiddling while Rome burns, and many people are so frightened of what is occurring in the world at large that they are having “hurricane parties” as a way of coping with something that feels overwhelming. At the same time, if we can live mindfully, we can find deeper reasons to be happy with the simple things that really bring fulfillment—loving and standing by each other in open appreciation.

Wednesday February 8

At 8:42 am, the Moon goes void of course on a note of harmony. We can restructure our lives to manage the new information and energy that has come our way. This down time is brief, as she enters Virgo at 9:32 am. The integration of the invisible into the visible world is tops on our list early with connections to Neptune and Chiron, but then we are drawn into more practical concerns through a link to Jupiter in Taurus. This strengthens our ability to use the Earth Grand Trine, and we are eager to do so to create new structures in our lives.

Thursday February 9

At 6:30 pm, Venus reaches the first challenge point of her transit of the Cardinal planets when she conjoins Uranus. This a surprising new twist on our relationship experience, and not necessarily unpleasant. Whatever happens brings us into alignment in the long run. Moon competes its productive period in Virgo when it enters its void period at 9:11 pm, but not before bringing forth another chance to create new structures through the Earth Grand Trine. The late-night conjunction to Mars retrograde can bring a sense of urgency about a project, an unexpected sensitivity, or an intimate moment. We get a long night to connect to the inner realms, as Moon does not leave its void-of-course period until tomorrow at 11:54 am.

Friday February 10

After 11:54 am when the Moon enters Libra, we get action and new perspectives on our bonds with others, as Moon opposes Uranus and Venus to prolong and emphasize yesterday’s connection, the sole contacts of the day.

Saturday February 11

In the wee hours, Moon in Libra squares Pluto to bring depth and meaning to our dreams. We may retire for the day in profound thought, but our dreams will bring insights that will come to us later even if we don’t remember.

Sunday February 12

The morning is busy with harmonious energies, and we will be busy enjoying them. This is an excellent time for a family brunch or lazy intimate morning. At 1:09 pm, Moon enters her void period, which lasts until she goes into Scorpio at 2:01 pm. There she connects with the planets of dreams, Neptune and Jupiter; it’s a good time to express our creativity.

Monday February 13

Moon continues through Scorpio, drawing images from the deep overnight—more solutions are in our unconscious mind waiting to surface. However, the day is all about Mercury, as it trines Saturn, enters Pisces at 5:38 pm, and conjoins Neptune at bedtime. It’s a good time to go with the flow and allow your mind to follow, not to do precise mental gymnastics unless you like a challenge.

Tuesday February 14

Today at 4°32′ Taurus-Pisces/5:40 pm PT Jupiter makes its third of three sextiles to Chiron. This creates the opportunity for healing, but we have to activate it ourselves with our consciousness. The Moon goes void of course at 9:04 am/25°24′ Scorpio when it makes its Last Quarter square to the Sun. This lunation carries the beneficial energy of Jupiter-Chiron, which has been building since the beginning of the lunar month on January 22-23. This is an especially “easy” lunar peak, since all the stresses seem to be past us for the moment, with others as yet unrevealed. At 4:56 pm, the Moon enters Sagittarius to reconnect Mercury and Neptune.

In the US, the emphasis is on the bond between President Obama and the working people, including unionized workers, domestic law enforcement, and all wage-earners, which may not be as strong as expected when it comes to certain platform and policy issues. Congress is headed the wrong way on the economy, but the Senate rides it out.

The Sabian Symbol of the Last Quarter Moon at 26 Scorpio is “A group of American Indians are making camp; as if by magic the tepees are erected and home comfort established.” (ME Jones version) This brings the image of tent cities that have been springing up around the country, both in protest and among those who have lost their homes. A community of kindred spirits develops among those who share a home and survive together.

Wednesday February 15

Although it is most noticeable today, since the 9th Venus has been leading us into the depths of the Underworld to learn what is hidden in the dark where our relationships are concerned. The Moon in Sagittarius helps when it harmonizes with Venus. We can burn off old ideas and feelings quite easily as they arise over the day.

Thursday February 16

Mercury reaches Chiron to highlight our ability to understand what ails us. Before we can heal it, we have to see the wounded thoughts we’ve accepted as normal. Just don’t get stuck there; let it all go! It’s a great day for seeking forgiveness and clearing up misunderstandings. Mercury also harmonizes with Jupiter amid a set of flowing lunar contacts. At 8:03 pm PT, Moon goes void of course in Sagittarius. This period ends with her ingress into Capricorn at 9:03 pm and the day ends on a meditative note, as Moon ties in to Neptune.

Friday February 17

It’s all about our feelings today, as the Moon activates many planets in early degrees. The theme is the ongoing deep process of change that we are all engaged in—how we’re going to make sense of it in our life, and our thought processes curve toward optimism. As the day waxes on, we’ll feel more like going inside. A quiet evening where we don’t have to wear a mask is in order.

Saturday February 18

It’s all harmonies all day, with trines and sextiles all day. Moon in Capricorn harmonizes with Mars retrograde to help us complete the tasks we’ve taken on in recent weeks. Sun trines Saturn to bring helpful insights about the structures we’ll be building for the next five months. Mercury sextiles Pluto to bring understanding and objectivity to the secrets that have been revealed to us. At 10:18 pm the Sun makes its way into Pisces to soften the energy in preparation for the next seasonal change.

Sunday February 19

Moon in Capricorn goes void of course on an activating square to Saturn at 1:22 am PT. At 2:28 am, it enters Aquarius to bring on the Balsamic “Wishing” Moon. We may be inclined to think our imagination is running wild as we make our wishes, because the Sun hooks up with Neptune at 12:42 pm/0°36′ Pisces to add idealism to everything. This also starts the new yearly Neptune cycle of spiritual development and creative expression.

Monday February 20

The Aquarius Moon creates an opportunity for us to harmonize with others as it sextiles Venus in Aries. Although occurring before sunrise, it colors the day with more love and enjoyment.

Tuesday February 21

As the Moon heads toward the end of Aquarius, it connects with Saturn to help us create a plan for the next lunar month. We can use the void period that starts at 8:17 to help us get in touch with what we should develop. The Moon enters Pisces at 9:31 am and inaugurates the new lunar month at 2:35 pm/2°42′ Pisces as it conjoins the Sun. The energy of the Mars retrograde—the peak of anticipation regarding what we’re focused most on now—comes to a head during the coming three weeks. We’ll feel the pull and possibly the desire to overdo our efforts. It might be time to remember to trust the universe to bring support that helps fill in the gaps.

In Washington DC, there is a note of uncertainty related to critical events in other countries, largely due to disruptions in the use of the world’s waterways or flow of oil/gas. There are considerable harmonies in the heavens that what occurs fosters a clearer understanding of economic and energy trends. The people are tired of the infighting and want something to be done.

With the New Moon at 3 Pisces, the Sabian Symbol is “A dull expanse of rocky formations turns out to be a petrified forest, an eternal record of life lived long ago.” (Jones) Many forget at a time of panic that a destroyed wilderness is more expensive than the petroleum pulled from the ground, and Keystone or another project may be revived at this time. An appreciation for the past can tune us into the roots of problems and time-honored answers.

Wednesday February 22

Still in Pisces, the Moon gives us a dress rehearsal of what’s coming as the other inner planets make their way through Pisces. Observe well as Moon conjoins Mercury, opposes Mars. This brings events tied to those of January 23. The Moon is void of course from 6:24 pm PT, until tomorrow.

Thursday February 23

The energy of Wednesday is carried forward and reaches a point today when Mercury opposes Mars. We get insights into ways that we can adjust our approach to our current projects. This can create a swift reaction to an experience, probably based on a misinterpretation of what has occurred. Pausing may avoid some difficulties. The Moon is in Pisces, void of course, until its entry into Aries at 6:48 pm. However, Moon still performs as if not void while in Pisces.

Friday February 24

At 1:06 am/5°09′ Pisces, the Sun conjoins Chiron. Moon in Aries again pumps up our awareness of the deep changes afoot as it conjoins Uranus in the early morning hours, then connects to Pluto at midday. Don’t expect to stick to your to-do list—be ready for unexpected plot twists.

Saturday February 25

Sun gives us an opportunity to imagine our future and continue building it as it sextiles Jupiter. Moon is still in Aries, reaching Venus at lunchtime for a spontaneous and light-hearted social experience.

Sunday February 26

At 4:52 am, the Moon goes void of course, a time for rest and completion that lasts until 6:29 am when it enters Taurus. Moon picks up the recent harmonies that led to healing and reconciliation in recent days—contacts to Neptune, Jupiter, and Sun. We’ll get the same extended, today. This opens a success-oriented Minor Grand Trine with Sun-Jupiter-Pluto.

Monday February 27

Moon continues in Taurus, reactivating the Earth Grand Trine as it trines Pluto and Mars retrograde. The Sun completes its empowerment of a Minor Grand Trine involving Jupiter and Pluto, giving us a super-opportunity for successful enterprise.

Tuesday February 28

The Moon completes its productive period in Taurus at 11:46 am, bringing forth our creative pragmatism. Although we can still use Moon in Taurus, our attention turns to social over practical matters at 7:27 pm, when it enters Gemini. A square to Neptune punctuates the day, as new insights emerge.

Wednesday February 29

The Gemini Moon sends excitement coursing through our nerves as it contacts Uranus, then heads toward the First Quarter square to the Sun at 5:21 pm/10°52′ Gemini. This ties into events of last June 1, where an eclipse occurred at this degree. Our awareness will have come full circle, and we’ll have different solutions to the dilemmas that have been with us since that time. The Sun is about to make its opposition to Mars, the halfway point of the Mars retrograde cycle, on March 3. This energy builds and is built into the lunation, to be released on the Full Moon next week. Remember to balance and temper the extreme energies that come forth now.

In the US, there is a time bomb of transformation building in the homeland, as people realize how much they have been fooled by those they trusted. There is the possibility, even the expectation, that all will be handled well, but some bad situations will survive current efforts at solving them. Extreme weather or other powerful events are also possible now on the Eastern seaboard. International aid will be quick to come if needed.

The Sabian Symbol for the First Quarter Moon at 11 Gemini is “Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience.” It may be necessary to be a pioneer and discover new ways to survive in newly opened lands of consciousness, when normal services are disrupted. Anyone’s disruption can be instructive to all of us, as we also can reach out to help.

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