Aquarians, your time is now! More than ever, the world needs you.

Astrology of February 2018

We ride the cosmic currents through a powerful, evolutionary eclipse portal.

Astrological Influences, February 2016

The goddess is alive, magic is afoot!

Astrological Forecast February 2012

February is all about emotions. How are you handling yours? Boots offers some insights.

free astrological daily forecast February 2012

We’re ready to take on the old, and make it new.

Aquarius full moon ceremony

Aquarius moon brings us to an even deeper level of release.

Daily Success Guide Free Astrological Forecast, February 2011

February: we test and check, refine and adjust.

Ronald Reagan, Astrological Profile

We see Ronald Reagan’s legacy every day in the widening gap between rich and poor in this country. What is the source of Reagan’s lingering charisma? Alex lays it all bare.

Pisces to Aquarius

Eris, Saturn, Uranus, and the Age of Aquarius… February is a short month, packing a big punch.

Thumbnail image for Lurching Towards the Crossroads

February activates powerful, revolutionary energies.

Astrological Overview February 2011

Are you feeling an Aquarian fervency in the air? There’s a reason for that!

Aquarius New Moon Astrological Ritual

Help usher in a new age by attracting a network of like-minded people.