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September: Those Who Have Prioritized Correctly, Begin Making Headway

by Boots Hart, CAP on September 1, 2011

Astrological Forecast September 2011

In the wake of much which has been shown to be problematic, we respond, we cope, we sort out the possible from the improbable, and in general set about deciding what to do. September is a time when necessities change, when vulnerabilities get shown up and when those who have prioritized correctly begin making new headway.

One of the big themes is month is the continuing of things already in progress. A lot can get done, but wherever you’ve been ignoring things, or leaving them for someone else to attend to (without due diligence on your part), life will pose some very real threat to your ability to move forward.

As the month begins, TNO Typhon having moved into Libra just a tick or two ago starts us off on a very interesting note. Typhon represents all things primal and instinctual (much of which we like to think we’ve risen “above” in our oh-so civilized world). Its passage through Libra is going to show up every form of bad behavior AND results of same. In particular, Typhon in Libra is going to reveal where (and how) we tend to succumb to our own desirous preferences and how that does or doesn’t work to benefit us.

This isn’t any two-minute egg we’re talking about here, either. TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) Typhon will be transiting Libra until November 2016. So figure on many a moment, situation, incident and relationship to show up where who you’re allowing yourself to be does and doesn’t play well in your world.

With this in mind, this next couple of months is likely to be particularly intense. Why? Because there’s one big giant honking supermassive black hole sitting just inside the Libra boundary. Known as M87 (the “M” standing for Messier), the “black hole” part of this equates to “alternative realities,” which in Libra manifest as strong “magnetic” pulls towards or from another. Or connections we make with—or through them. Or things they “set off” in us from which we learn about how to be the person who actually gets what we want from this life.

Transiting Typhon plus M87 says this is a time where much will be….  The rest of Boots’ amazing monthly astrological overview is available with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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