Special Request—Southwest Fires

by Susan Pomeroy on July 9, 2011

prayer request

[We received this forwarded message today, Friday, July 1. The good news is that as of today, the Wallow fire in Arizona is 95% contained. However, the Las Conchas fire near Los Alamos, New Mexico, is setting new records and is still out of control, dangerously close to extensive nuclear materials. So we’re forwarding this request, because although the Wallow fire is no longer raging, the burned lands and all the drought-stricken lands of the Southwest, and right now especially Los Alamos, still need our help and prayers. Please feel free to share and forward this as you see fit. – Susan]

[Note on Sunday, July 3: “A mammoth wildfire raging in northern New Mexico is threatening sacred sites of American Indian tribes, after it forced thousands to evacuate from a town and a major nuclear weapons laboratory.” More info.]


[Saturday, July 9 update: the Las Conchas fire is 40% contained and the nuclear lab is reportedly out of danger. However the fire still rages on Santa Clara Pueblo lands. Air quality has been compromised due to high smoke levels. Heavy flood damage, as happened in burned areas following a 2000 fire, is a particular concern. More info.]


Special Request from the Native Americans, Apache, Navajo and Zuni tribes

Hello everybody – as you can see on the news the Wallow fire in Northern Arizona is still uncontrollable and spreading.

The fire has destroyed everything in its path, over 1/2 million acres so far, the largest fire in Arizona history. Please join us in a tribal prayer to help the firefighters and all involved. Pray so the winds stop and the rains start (without lightning please) We want to pray for the safety of all. Ask for heavenly walls to protect our land and animals from fire. All the choppers, manpower, planes, and bulldozers are not enough, they need our help. We are one Nation as Natives and our traditional prayers to the Creator as Natives can be pretty powerful; not only are our tribal lands at stake (White Mountain & San Carlos Apaches, possibly Zuni, and some Navajo areas), but our non-native friends also need our help. Please let us all connect our minds, hearts and our prayers across the miles and pray. Wherever you are and whatever you have plan please stop for a few minutes and raise your hands to the Creator to ask for help. If all of you can forward this message across the Nations, we can reach many thru phone and internet. Please start forwarding ASAP to reach as many as we can. Please if your spiritual preference is not traditional – pray with us in however way you talk to the Creator.

Thank you,
Dorothea Stevens, San Carlos Apache Nation

los alamos fire

(Photo: Reuters/Craig Fritz) Flames from the Las Conchas fire burn in the hills above Los Alamos National Laboratory, a nuclear facility, June 27, 2011.


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S. Hall July 13, 2011 at 10:41 pm

Thank you for your prayers. I’m one of those who live in the fire area in New Mexico. Our town was saved this time.

Tara Mulski July 8, 2011 at 5:23 pm

Thank you for posting this important and moving, first-hand request for collective spiritual help in fighting some of natures most powerful forces.

Peace to Everyone Facing Trials & Challenges
Blessing to the Tribes that Reached-Out for Love & Prayers!

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