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by Alex Miller on June 3, 2011

Anthony Weiner - weinergate

A tempest in a crotch shot erupted in late May when conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart released a lewd Twitter photo ostensibly sent by Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to a young woman in Seattle. The photo is a close-up of a rather well endowed, underpants-clad gentleman’s pelvic region, and purports to be of Weiner himself. The Congressman’s office has stated that the posting was not genuine, his Twitter account was hacked, and the original recipient of the photo, Genette Cordova, concurs that while she is a “fan” of Weiner’s, and follows him on Twitter, they have never met or had any inappropriate communication.

Even with such a bizarre story, the stars are there to help us sort it all out. When Breitbart broke the story on 28 May 2011, the Sun at 6 Gemini was conjunct asteroid Wiener (#18182, cognate for “Weiner”) on the controversy-evoking Maser at 7 Gemini. These points tightly squared Weiner’s (born 4 September 1964) natal Mercury (the press) at 7 Virgo, and more broadly squared his Uranus (shocks, revelations)/Sun (self identity)/Pluto (secrets, sexual taboos, obsession) conjunction at 10, 12 and 13 Virgo, which was about to be hit by a square from the June 1 eclipse at 11 Gemini.

Also squared by transit Chiron on a spotlighting Quasar at 5 Pisces and opposed a Black Hole at 5 Sagittarius, this indicates the potential for a serious wounding (Chiron) in a highly public fashion (Quasar), resulting in an unexpected reversal, or portraying an alternate, nonphysical reality with no basis in fact (both Black Hole).

A conjunction of asteroids Pecker (#1629, a common euphemism for penis) and House (for the House of Representatives, Congressman Weiner’s workplace) at 27 and 26 Taurus follows close behind Sun/Wiener, on another volatile Maser at 27 Taurus and squared by Neptune (confusion, fraud, deception) at 0 Pisces and asteroid Icarus (reckless, rash impulses and responses with devastating consequences) at 27 Aquarius. That this Pecker/House conjunction aligns with Weiner’s natal Jupiter, ruling politics, at 25 Taurus? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake of this improbable brouhaha.

Weiner’s natal Pecker at 28 Gemini was conjoined when the story broke by asteroids Achilles (congenital weak spot, point of self-undoing) and Hebe (representing young girls and hebephilia, the psycho-sexual attraction for same, which Breitbart later broadly imputed to Weiner during a CNN interview), both at 24 Gemini, and squared by TNO Typhon (storms, tribulations) at 27 Virgo.

Natal Pecker is also under the eclipse gun, and will be hit by opposition from the lunar Eclipse of 15 June at 24 Sagittarius. Weiner’s natal Mars (sexuality)/Venus (intimacy, romance) conjunction at 23 and 26 Cancer is complicated by further conjunctions with asteroid Achilles (inherent weakness) at 23 Cancer and Lie (predisposition to falsehoods, originating from or directed toward the native) at 24 Cancer, and was touched off exactly by transit asteroids Apophis (ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil) on Mars and Pandora (unleashing of a torrent of troubles) on Venus when the story broke.

Weiner’s natal asteroid Wiener falls at 24 Leo, opposed his natal asteroid Antonia (#272, for “Anthony”) at 25 Aquarius, forming a T-Square with natal Jupiter at 25 Taurus. At the time this incident became public, transit asteroid Photographica (photos) was conjunct Wiener from 21 Leo, and transit Icarus (rash, reckless behaviors) was conjunct Antonia from 27 Aquarius. Asteroid Corduba (#365, representing the recipient, Genette Cordova, Corduba’s cognate) falls at 17 Scorpio in Weiner’s natal chart, and remarkably, appears at the same degree by transit, thus Representative Weiner was in the throes of a “Corduba Return” when the picture was released.

Natal Corduba also conjoins natal Neptune at 15 Scorpio, highlighted by transit Venus in exact opposition from 15 Taurus, which suggests a deception or fraud (Neptune) regarding an intimate relationship (Venus) with someone named Corduba (Genette Cordova); while transit Lie (deliberate falsehoods) at 16 Sagittarius is exactly squared Weiner’s natal Chiron (wounds) at 16 Pisces, and transit Neptune at 0 Pisces is exactly conjoined Weiner’s natal Saturn. The implication is of a fraud (Neptune, Lie) perpetrated with the intent to damage (Chiron) Weiner’s career (Saturn).

Astrology of weinergate - chart

The astrology of Weinergate (click on image for larger view)


Breitbart’s release of this photo came just days after a special election in New York’s 26th district which gave control to Democrats after married GOP Congressman Chris Lee had resigned in the wake of a scandal involving his sending of a suggestive, shirtless photo to a woman on Weiner is a vocal advocate of liberal causes, including the institution of a public option for healthcare and protection of women’s reproductive rights, and has been targeted previously by conservative activists.

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Lilli Buck June 16, 2011 at 7:39 pm

So we finally get to see the famous photo. London and France appear in bas relief under his clothes, rather than exposed to the sky, Eiffel Tower and all. This whole thing is making me smile and laugh! Asteroids “Pecker” and “Wiener”–this is so funny! Wiener schnitzel al Weltschmertz! Ach! Lorena Bobbitt, where are you?

Michele Adler June 14, 2011 at 11:12 am

Interesting insights. I’m confused about the Antonia asteroid. I had looked it up on the and that ephemeris says it is in Aries. I’m curious about it because we’re seeing a lot of “Anthony” in the news lately. In the US, besides Anthony Weiner, we have a trial-of-the-century epic going on with a mother, Casey Anthony, who allegedly murdered her child. Then, this morning, I saw where the relics of St. Anthony had been stolen from a church.

nancy brickman June 9, 2011 at 9:13 pm

Are you making those names up? You got me laughing. That is amazing – the Weiner thing- I was thinking that he probably got teased about his name so he had to show that he lives UP to his name.
Thanks – Your Quasar information sounds interesting. I have never considered it – is it the cosmic center of this galaxy?
I just got the glyphs down for the Planets and Sun signs and am developing my relationships to the planets and now – Its like finding out about the other side of my family that I never have met. Wow.

lolabelle June 8, 2011 at 12:25 pm

He’s also got Eros (20 Virgo 17) square Pandora (21 Gemini 04) and Putzi (2 Virgo 25) opposing Saturn (0 Pisces 51), Dick (23 Taurus15) conjunct Jupiter (25 Taurus 58) opposing Juno (25 Scorpio 33) all natally. also states that since Neptune is conjuncting his Saturn (late March 2011 until January 2013), he’s experiencing illusion colliding with reality/the old order and “the dark night of the soul”.

S.A. June 7, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Awesome work. Are you using for the asteroids? Sirius? Thanks for the post.

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