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Heal the Secrets that Hurt by the Dark of the Eclipse Full Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 16, 2011

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June 2011

This Eclipse takes place at the Mead or Honey Moon, whose power to assist personal change is so great that author Dorothy Morrison says, we “find it easier to… become the people we born to be”. The Eclipse Moon opposes Mercury, The Messenger, who in turn conjuncts Sun—The Illuminator—supporting the one theme that seems to reemerge in astrologers’ divergent interpretations of this event: the appearance of new information.

Mercury makes a wide opposition to Pluto—Lord of Unseen Realms—who in turn participates in two different T-squares. One of these involves Uranus, The Awakener, who is also getting nudged by a conjunction from Ceres, herself closely squaring the Moon. This is not the first time that the Goddess spats with Mr. Darkly. The two are connected since mythic birth, Pluto being the kidnapper of Persephone, Ceres’ daughter. The configuration activates an archetypal struggle with hidden forces. Sextiles and trines from Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon to the healing duo of Neptune-Chiron, indicate that the curative potential of this match is accented by the present eclipse.

Our deepest hurts are often related to secrets of one kind or another. Many times just keeping feelings under wraps can be wounding. Is there a memory you haven’t dealt with, a situation of abuse you have denied or even countenanced, an incongruent or addictive behavior lurking beneath the surface? Perhaps the way you or someone else is being treated—personally, socially or politically—doesn’t quite resonate, but you haven’t made the effort to explore your discomfort.

Not all secrets are destructive. In fact, they can be helpful. If you are visualizing success, discretion will protect your dreams from the doubting minds of others; gifts and many other kind gestures can be more joyful when they come as a surprise; keeping our thoughts to ourselves helps us avoid hurting others unnecessarily, and in survival situations, secrecy can be crucial. On the other hand, it can also nurture toxic shame, lack of awareness, and reticence to face what is going on in and around us.

Shortly before this lunation, Saturn, Lord of Sobriety, turned direct. The collective results of harmful secrets, as well the healing vibrations now at work, are reflected in the Weiner revelations, as well as those of a ring of “child porn perverts” uncovered in NYC one day before this eclipse. By consciously connecting with this cosmic assistance, we can find new levels of personal wellness that will reverberate in all areas of our own lives and contribute to the collective paradigm of sobriety. With Ceres on the scene, children and our food supply—including the mysterious E. coli breakout—can be special targets of the healing power that is stirred in the following prayerful magic.

Prayer-ful altarations

  • Incense, preferably myrrh or frankincense
  • Candle: beeswax, yellow or orange
  • Yellow flowers or poppies
  • A picture or symbol of a bee (associated with Honey and the Goddess)
  • Tea made with honey

Honey Lunar Eclipse prayers

1) Light your incense, saying something like,

This is an offering for Raphael, Archangel of Healing, and the angels of Divine Illumination, who I request enter into the hidden levels of my being, so that anything that needs to come out and be healed may do it now.

2) Light your candle, as you repeat,

Infinite Intelligence glows in my deepest being and situations, bringing them to light and healing them now.

3) Repeat the following words (and any compatible words that may come to you) during 3-5 minutes.

There is no place or situation beyond the reach of Omnipresent Good, and Omnipresent Good now permeates all the levels of my being and existence, releasing and healing whatever needs it now.

4) To reveal and heal a specific situation, repeat for another 3 minutes:

There is no place or situation beyond the reach of Omnipresent Good, and Omnipresent Good now permeates (specify situation or relationship), releasing and healing whatever is unlike Good in it now.

5) Continue repeating for another 3 minutes, to bless the world’s children:

There is no circumstance beyond the reach of Omnipresent Good, and Omnipresent Good now permeates the lives of children everywhere, including those who are threatened by physical, emotional or spiritual abuse, and Omnipresent Good works to release and heal whatever is unlike Good in their situations now.

6) Close by affirming to reveal and heal the E. Coli status:

There is no place or situation beyond the reach of Omnipresent Good, and Omnipresent Good now permeates the E. Coli situation, releasing and healing  whatever is unlike Good now in this situation now.

Follow up by using prayers like those above daily, at least until the next New Moon.

During the total Lunar Eclipse, there are no moonbeams to brighten the night. Darkness can be frightening, but to face it is necessary for personal and collective healing. As Ceres—and her pre-Hellenic predecessors—went into the underworld to retrieve the beloved, when our path of healing leads us to face the shadows, we can remember the Sublime Power that accompanies us, leading our way and supporting our efforts until, after a time, our courage will be crowned with the retrieval of wholeness.


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John June 16, 2011 at 3:57 pm

What a gift to our world, these insights and addressings are! It is my fervent hope that they reach ever-increasing numbers of individuals so that the practical, down-to-earth, actions given so freely will have increasing and benign results for all. Keep up the good and sublime work.

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