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New Moon in Taurus: Time to Move on Your Dreams

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 30, 2011

New Moon in Taurus Astrological Meditation and Ceremony

This lunation activates our ability to press forward on goals which previously seemed to elude consolidation. For the last month, 7 out of 10 planets have kept us revved up as they traverse cardinal signs (5 of them in Aries, the most dynamic sign of all). We have been hot—if not desperate—to move forward. However, Mercury retrograde and tense aspects to Saturn and Pluto seemed to pull in the reins, making us face inner and outer adjustments required before we can proceed. The present New Moon is exalted in the sign of the bull, where emotions find the stability to bring forth their best fruits. We can finally move on from excitement and nervous banter, roll up our sleeves and “just do it”.

This doesn’t mean progress will be easy. Mercury remains in his post-retrograde shadow period until May 11: there will still be breaks, voluntary or otherwise, for inner and outer revision. The Sabian symbol eloquently describes the strength we will find in the midst of tedium or setbacks,  “A PORTER CARRYING HEAVY BAGGAGE”.  Baggage symbolizes emotional loads, and Taurus, the quintessential earth sign, has a remarkable ability to plow on in apparent oblivion to subtle concerns that can make less stalwart signs waver on the way.

The following ceremony and affirmations are designed to optimize this portal’s strengthening power and help us move toward our dreams, however heavy our present loads may seem.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Candles: pastel shades or cream colored
  • Fruity incense such as strawberry, peach or coconut
  • Daisies, forget-me-nots, larkspur or wild-flowers
  • Emeralds or coral
  • Page (or journal) and pen for each participant
  • Taurus rules music. Play some that you find motivating during or after your ceremony.

The Ceremony

1) Light the incense as you say something like,

This is an offering for the Angels of Determination and Persistence, Whose assistance I request to move forward on my dreams, despite any challenge in my own mind or the minds of others about my right or ability to do so.

2) Light your candle or candles, and visualize the flame coming alive in your heart and growing to encompass your body and aura, as you say,

The powers of determination and persistence within me now come to light and are enlivened.

3) Repeat the following affirmation during 10 minutes or more:

I am not alone or without support to press on with my dreams. The Divine Helper is with me, empowering me to release emotional baggage, such as impatience, doubts in my own mind or the minds of others, and any other inner or outer obstacles, as I move ahead with the large and small actions that build on my dreams, one day at a time.

Action is one of the most powerful vehicles of intent, and the affirmations above will work best if used in combination with initiatives that convince your own deep mind of your willingness to break through any resistance to progress.

Each morning from now until the next New Moon, write down concrete steps that you can take during the day, and next to them, your desired outcome. Repeat affirmations like those above during 6 minutes or more. To keep on your Taurean track, you may enjoy taping little signs on your computer, mirror or dashboard, with an affirmation like, Only for today, I take whatever steps are within my reach to move forward on my dreams, or simple references such as, Angel of Persistence, or Determination.

The power we can tap at this New Moon is described by Maya del Mar in her Sun sign of the month.

Once Taurus decides to do something, it gets done, no matter how long it takes or how many obstacles are in the way… The bull represents power and independence, which are achieved through the cultivation of self-knowledge, skills, and a clear relation to the Divine Presence within us.

By applying our intent to tap into that power at this lunation, new opportunities will arise to cultivate the self-knowledge, skills and spiritual awareness Maya speaks of.  After weeks—or months—of rather frustrating excitement, we will enter through a long-awaited door to successful action. There may be some apparent setbacks on the way, especially until May 11, when Mercury emerges from his shadow period. Remember to use them to go within. Your progress will grow from the direct connection with the Infinite that lies at the center of your being, successfully, one day at a time.

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