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by Terry Lamb on May 1, 2011

Astrological forecast, free daily, May 2011

May Astrological Forecast—Overview

Everything is new. As we enter May, Mars and Jupiter have just conjoined; the Sun has moved on to Taurus; and the planets are staging for an incredible confluence of harmonious energies to equal the turbulence of April (well, almost). The planets have a plan, and it culminates in our lives as a cluster of dynamic and supportive interactions occur around the time of the Wesak Full Moon.

To finesse this pattern, we have to maximize our handling of the energy shift from Aries to Taurus. In this transition, we move from the birth of an idea to its manifestation in form. While this part of the process is only the tip of the iceberg of our new beginnings, it is a refreshing change from the reactive energies of last month. Because Uranus is now in Aries, it is part of this experience (actually stimulates it) and so some of what we are starting now will take seven years to fulfill. This makes some of our current dreams big—and if they’re not, make them bigger.

As the month opens, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are in Aries. They are also mostly in reverse order of their speed (Mars and Jupiter are the exceptions), which means that we are due a series of conjunctions as they sort themselves out. Mercury and Venus have led us on a unique journey through a maze of communications (or lack thereof) about love, as Mercury has retrograded. Although Mercury is the faster of the two normally, its changes in direction permit Venus to catch up and connect with it on May 8, just in time to meet Jupiter simultaneously on May 11. But Venus can’t sustain its lead over Mercury. As the Messenger picks up speed, he overtakes Venus on May 16 just after they both enter Taurus, one of the signs that Venus rules. Together they overtake Mars just in time to trine Pluto on May 20 and 21. This brings happy endings to situations that have operated mostly on the unconscious level for months, many since August-September.

This brings the end of our current Venus-Mars triple-hit interaction, the Rapunzel story in our lives. Unlike the story told by the Brothers Grimm (well named), we get to create our own endings. The one I like is where the Prince is awakened when Rapunzel kisses his eyes, and they live happily ever after. With so much emphasis on relationship (including Saturn in Libra) and so many planetary cycles at their beginning, there may be more to the story before happy endings abound, but this tells us much about where things are. We know that relationships take constant tending, just like any garden where things grow, and there’s always what happens tomorrow.

Our tomorrows in May are generally good, with sextiles and trines (the easy, happy contacts) galore. This is true until the planets move into Gemini, starting with the Sun. When the Sun squares Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, we get the second set of hits for the year in early mutable (with several more juicy ones in ensuing months). This places emphasis on our spiritualization and healing processes (the same thing?) between May 22 and June 8.

With most of the slow-moving planets having moved into their new sign position, this means that the Moon’s void-of-course periods are now considerably longer much of the time. This gives us more down time—time to rest, catch up on unfinished tasks, and make our way through life at a slower pace. This is a good time to remember that, should we want to use the opportunities, the Moon does not in effect go void in Taurus and Cancer (where it is dignified) or Sagittarius and Pisces (where Jupiter is dignified). This is a tried and true phenomenon noted by the great astrological experimenter, John Lilly.

Most of the planetary cycles are still in their opening phases: Neptune, Chiron, Uranus, and Jupiter have only recently been passed by the Sun. This means that in the matters associated with these planets we are still finding our feet when it comes to what’s going on. The two exceptions to this are Saturn and Pluto. With the new structures we’re building through Saturn’s cycle, its retrograde winding down for release on June 12, after a stupendous culmination on April’s New Moon (the 3rd). We’re in the thick of Pluto’s transformative process, since its retrograde started on April 9; the energy is building toward its full point on June 27.

Are you ready for next eclipses? The first one is on June 1 (Solar, at 11°02′ Gemini), with a fairly rare two more to follow (6/15 and 7/1). Not sure you’re complete with the ones we’ve already got (December 21 and January 4)? Remember that eclipse processes overlap: We have a full 18 months to complete fulfillment of an eclipse process. This is especially important if it contacts a significant pattern in our natal chart.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, May 2011

Sunday May 1

After a long sequence of contacts yesterday, the Moon completes its journey through Aries at 10:58 pm PDT (UTC–7), tagging Jupiter and Mars early on to invigorate our weekend activities. At 8:20 am, the Moon takes us into the nether worlds when it goes void of course. This is a time to enter a receptive mode so we can listen to what exists between the worlds. When the Moon goes into Taurus at 10:58 pm, we can resume normal activities.

Monday May 2

The Moon in stable Taurus makes harmonious connections with Neptune, Chiron, and Pluto, supporting the manifestation of our dreams and goals. Don’t let self-doubt influence your forward motion. The New Moon hits the reset button and sends us searching for fulfillment in a slightly new direction at 11:51 pm/12°31′ Taurus. The planetary tension is greatly relaxed now as Mars has passed the cardinal heavy hitters; the deepest secrets are out, and now we are relieved to know that we can move forward with clarity. The new energy pattern is beginning to take shape. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars make merry together in the coming lunar cycle, bringing to a conclusion the relationship dance that we are currently engaged in (as other dances continue). Since this time last year, we’ve built incredible strength to use as a foundation for building our future. If it was painful, it is because we were clearing massive amounts of old, stuck energy. Now we’re freer, lighter, more mobile—ready to go!

The Moon goes void of course once it makes the New Moon connection, although in Taurus this is an extremely useful period, where energies from the hidden realms can be brought into direct manifestation.

The chart cast for Washington DC, depicting events in the US, carries the cluster of Aries planets in the 2nd house. This suggests renewed vigor in the US economy as the nation begins to find its feet after the recent world events. The relatively unaspected New Moon brings focus to the 3rd House, suggesting that the mainstream media have become somewhat irrelevant.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Taurus depicts “a porter [cheerfully] carrying a mountain of heavy baggage”. Even though we have a large task ahead of us, it is very good that we know what to do. It is fairly straightforward if daunting, but patient application of effort will get that baggage where you want it to be—even out of your life.

Tuesday May 3

The Moon remains in Taurus all day, void of course but still useable. Communications through the psychic wireless are especially effective, so keeping your thoughts in the positive potentiates this lunar month with powerful good outcomes.

Wednesday May 4

At 10:00 am, the Moon enters Gemini and enhances our social interactions. We may be a bit bewildered about what’s happening as the Moon passes by Neptune’s degree at midday, but the afternoon brings clarity through intuitive insights from Uranus.

Thursday May 5

It’s so much easier today, as Moon harmonizes with Saturn, Venus and Mercury. All those unresolved relationship threads get woven more neatly into our life tapestry. Communicate! Today’s events may be a bellwether for what’s coming, as our love and friendship connections sort themselves out over the month. We can choose how we want our happy endings by hitting the ball back over the net today, if the ball’s in our court.

Friday May 6

The harmonies continue as Moon sextiles Jupiter and Mars. This is more exciting, involving more action, but we’ll want to engage in background activities or introspection once the Moon goes void at 1:12 pm PDT. However, conditions change as she enters Cancer at 7:32 pm, when we make an emotional connection with our ideals and the forces of spirit behind them through a contact with Neptune that lasts throughout the evening.

Saturday May 7

Today we’re reminded that we still need to pick up the shovel and keep digging away at our projects. The Moon is in the cardinal sign of Cancer, connecting with all the strident energies overnight (Uranus) and over the course of the day (Pluto, Saturn). We can use these energies more effectively now that we know more about where we’re headed. It feels good, even though some situations remain unresolved, even chaotic.

Sunday May 8

A Moon sextile to the Sun infuses our dreams with a gentle support that carries over into the day, when a series of squares bring new awareness. The gathering of planets in Aries is still with us, and it’s not too late to move in our desired direction if we’ve been hesitant to launch. We’ll feel lots of energy today, but we may feel burdened or overwhelmed by the sheer force of it all. Let go of expectations, and it will flow more smoothly. This Mother’s Day may be better spent in a low-key celebration. At 11:52 pm, the Moon enters its void period, but it is still completely accessible to us for activation while in Cancer.

Monday May 9

At 2:35 am, the Moon enters Leo, and we feel the build-up toward tomorrow’s First Quarter Moon. We feel the fire of ingenuity and invention through a trine to Uranus, then the power of our focus and persistence through a sextile to Saturn. The big event of the day, however, is Venus’s conjunction to Mercury. This is a fairly infrequent event that only occurs when Mercury is recovering from a retrograde and still traveling more slowly than usual. Mercury catches up with Venus next Monday for a second conjunction. This creates a story in our lives about an incomplete communication, where the normal protocol is reversed. Allow yourself to engage in an unusual encounter today. It will all become clear and/or be brought right next week on the Full Moon. Until then, rest easy in the strangeness of it all.

Tuesday May 10

The Moon continues in Leo, reaching its First Quarter contact with the Sun at 1:33 pm/19°51′ Leo. The energies are still opening for this lunar month, and we remain uncertain about where things are headed, but we can see a plot emerging. The flow of energies today is beautiful, with the Moon heading into trines with the power planets of the month—Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. If we are alert today, we’ll see the story for this month played out in its current form, which we can modify over the coming three weeks to move it toward our desired outcome. The underlying theme is love and “right relationship” (connections which truly support us and are based on soul connectedness, not on ego). Take it where you want it to go, but be aware that the object(s) of your affection also have free will. If you emphasize freedom, they’ll be more likely to come to you, as feelings of entrapment come up now but can be removed more easily than at other times. The Moon is void-of-course from 9:52 pm until tomorrow morning.

In the chart cast for the US, Saturn rising and Uranus on the Descendant place an emphasis on international relations, especially with “adversaries”. This suggests an unexpected crisis in an international situation that already exists. This most likely has to do with events in Africa. The outcome is likely to be mixed, but the good news is that many nations are now collaborating to solve world problems.

At 20 Leo, the Sabian Symbol is, “A group of prehistoric American Indians are seen in the course of an elaborate and impressive invocation to the sun.” [ME Jones version] The power of group consciousness to bring in light-ening energies should not be overlooked. We have the chance to apply our focus to positive outcomes in a profound way today.

Wednesday May 11

At 0:04 am PT, Mars enters Taurus, leaving its dignity for its detriment. This slows Mars’s energy down and moves it into the physical realms—excellent for manifesting our goals. Think of it as the Earth-Mover. However, the slow-down may generate impatience in some, in others relief at the more languid pace. The Moon enters Virgo at 6:59 am, just in time to snag a trine with Mars to invigorate our ability to organize and move mountains if needed. The day is devoted to dispelling illusion primarily though, as the energies weave into those of Monday (the 9th) and presage the yummy events to come as Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter form a puppy pile that expresses itself through the end of the month. Today connects the dots in a communicative way. Initiate contact if it’s not already coming your way, and good things will happen.

Thursday May 12

Moon advances in Virgo, far enough to bring a union of head and heart as she trines the Sun. We will find sweetness in today’s events, augmented by a Mars sextile to Neptune and Chiron. Dream away, then act on what you dream. The Moon enters its void period at 7:52 pm, inviting us into our inner sanctum until tomorrow morning.

Friday May 13

At 8:56 am, the Moon crosses into Libra, drawing attention to our issues areas once again. There’s a sense of impending challenge that has nothing to do with superstition, but we may just get lucky enough to see through it all and come up roses.

Saturday May 14

It’s almost a relief to be at the end of the week, even though we don’t want to wish our lives away. Heaviness may fill our dreams, but that’s a good place for it. We are released and freed to enjoy the day, even if it’s only a breather between bouts of “life”.

Sunday May 15

The excitement is over by the time we wake, as Moon connects with the cluster at the end of Aries (Jupiter, Mercury, Venus). We open our eyes to a new perspective, a lighter feeling, and relief at the simplicity of it all. We just have to act. It almost doesn’t matter what action we take—it will guide us onto the runway no matter what, once we have momentum. At 9:01 am, the Moon takes us on another journey between the worlds when it enters its void period. This is one of the now-rare brief ones, lasting only until 9:32 with the Moon’s entry into Scorpio. Her connection with Mars brings the wanderer back in contact. Even if it’s not good news, it’s still good to know what’s what. Venus and Mercury lead us into the land of manifestation when they enter Taurus at 3:12 and 4:18 pm respectively. Venus is still ahead of Mercury, but she’s about to be tagged by the messenger as he picks up speed. We’ll experience the same.

Monday May 16

At 2:25 am PDT/0°34′ Taurus, Mercury catches Venus and drops a message in her inbox. It’s quite a packet. With so much to say, perhaps little will be said but much will be meant. Forgiveness is the best remedy when the heart is in the right place. The Moon is in stealth mode today, gliding silently through Scorpio with no contacts.

Tuesday May 17

All is revealed as the Moon reaches its opposition to the Sun, the Full Moon at 4:09 am/26°13′ Scorpio. Well, as much as can be considering the nature of Scorpio. Don’t mistake lack of openness for coldness—at the root of Scorpio’s reticence is sensitivity. Approach gently, and you’ll be amazed at the response. Action now requires faith in the outcome, because the Full Moon also opens the door to the Moon’s void period. This means that conditions will change by the time we figure out what’s going on and how we want to respond to the revelations. We feel momentum once the Moon enters Sagittarius at 10:22 am, but a square to Neptune brings the hesitation needed to allow more pieces to fall into place. The clarity that results leads to sudden plot twists later in the day. Don’t for a minute think that these are random events; they have been in the works for months (maybe years), and they are culminating in the “long now” that constitutes our new beginning.

In the US, it’s all about the people and how we care for them, especially the aged and disadvantaged. Those in power in the House continue their posturing, while the sages in the Senate patiently wait them out. Emphasis goes to the jobs picture, which is receiving more attention these days. The outlook is still cloudy but more attention will eventually lead to more solutions. Industrial toxicity rises as a concern.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon degree of 27 Scorpio is, “Scintillating with the flash of the instruments and the colors of the banners and uniforms, a military band is marching.” [Jones] There is power in numbers, and we get a chance to reevaluate who we align ourselves with now. Do those we adhere to share our deepest values, or is our allegiance based on habit and appearance, the enticement of a catchy phrase or flashy slogan? As the truth emerges, many will be shifting their affiliations.

Wednesday May 18

It’s dealer’s choice today, as the Moon in Sagittarius makes a solo contact to Saturn (a sextile), and you’re the dealer. :)

Thursday May 19

With Aries nearly emptied of its occupants, the Moon has one more contact before its void period opens, a trine to Jupiter. The void period that begins at 7:17 am gives us an especially fortunate morning, since the Jupiterian energy resonates into the empty space in a most beneficial way. Use this time to initiate events, and you won’t get “no” for an answer. The Moon goes into Capricorn at 1:16 pm, bringing a profusion of possibilities as harmonious contacts dominate over the next two days—quite a shift from the most recent Moon-Cap occurrences. Today gives us the usual journey into the depths through interactions with Uranus and Pluto, but with sweeteners from Neptune and Venus.

Friday May 20

The nighttime is filled with unconscious revelations as Mercury, Mars, and Pluto receive contacts from the Moon. Write down your dreams and use them to inform your decisions and activities. This is really part of a triple interaction, harking back to the one on January 17 and even more powerfully to December 13. It’s like a trip back in time. Did you do it right then? Here’s your chance to refine your right-ness now. Head, heart, deep longing/purpose, and action all rolled into one unifying experience: This means we see how all the areas of our life are really one big unified process, where an action in one area profoundly changes all the others.

Saturday May 21

Before the Moon goes void of course in Capricorn at 2:04 pm PDT, it challenges us to expand more thoughtfully, based on the realizations still emerging from yesterday’s planets. In fact, we may want to hold off on a few things. The Moon gives us time to reflect and work on background activities until 7:32 pm, when it enters Aquarius. At 2:21 am, the Sun enters Gemini, turning our emphasis from earthing our experiences to sharing them with others. Venus makes a lovely trine to Pluto, bringing the rewards of the past three months of deep development in our relationships. Private feelings come to the surface more fully now as awareness of what we really mean to each other grows.

Sunday May 22

The doorway to Neptune’s wormhole (passageway across time) opens today with the Sun’s square to this mystical planet. The Moon exposes all the weaknesses in our understanding of how things are working for us, so if you breeze through the day you know you’re on track. If not, get busy. You have support from a Moon trine to Saturn. Disentangle yourself emotionally, then you’re free to do what needs to be done. Honest communications may be just the thing.

Monday May 23

At 1:27 am/9°01′ Taurus, Venus conjoins Mars to conclude the Rapunzel saga that began last August 20. Even if this does not bring the fabled happy ending, there are always more planetary energies to unfold. This degree will be triggered later this year, so events today will be seminal rather than conclusive. The general pattern is harmonious, supporting warmth and loving outcomes.

Tuesday May 24

At 0:40 am, the Moon goes void of course, a condition that lasts until 5:24 am when she enters Pisces. Our overnight experience leaves us sanguine with the Moon’s sextile to Jupiter, and the relaxed energy continues as the Moon blends nicely with Neptune and Pluto. The Sun’s sextile to Uranus gives us more perspective on what choices our most recent awakenings are bringing to us. At 11:52 am/3°16′ Pisces, the Moon reaches its Last Quarter square to the Sun, the closing lunation event of the month. For the coming week, we’ll play out the integration and assimilation of all that has transformed us during May. In this chart, the Moon is “confined” by Chiron and Neptune, suggesting that we could feel limited by circumstances from the past to which we must surrender for the moment. There is the promise, however, of many good things to come.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, big events are afoot that carry a deeper impact than usual because they tie into the Solar Eclipse coming next week. Foreign powers are using their economic leverage to manipulate the nation’s global policy, as weakness in production and manufacturing and weather extremes continue to undermine stability. President Obama handles it all well, with objectivity and equanimity. Events now will leave a bigger than usual imprint on us.

The Last Quarter Moon’s Sabian Symbol (4 Pisces) states, “The narrow isthmus between two summer resorts, both sparkling with life, carries crowded holiday traffic safely.” [Jones] Even though uncertainty and obstacles may be part of our lives right now, we need only raise our eyes to the longer range goals and the fulfillment that lies not too far off. It’s in sight now—don’t give up.

Wednesday May 25

The Moon in Pisces opens us to joy and light as it reconnects Mars, Venus, and Mercury over the morning hours. Although it goes void of course at 11:15 am, it is still useful for our enterprises, since it is in a Jupiter-ruled sign. That’s a good thing, because the Moon is in the void zone until tea time tomorrow.

Thursday May 26

The Moon continues its void-of-course transit of late Pisces until 5:36 pm with its entry into Aries. With no contacts today, we get time to assimilate what has gone before. Enjoy!

Friday May 27

The Aries Moon reaches the cardinal heavy hitters over the day—Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. This brings out our most significant challenges of the moment, but chances are good that they are not as urgent right now, perhaps even on the road to being resolved. Look for opportunities as the Moon sextiles the Sun. We’re gaining wisdom.

Saturday May 28

Once it’s over, it’s over, and the planets’ heyday in Aries is certainly past. This gives us a day of unfettered activity as we apply ourselves to our favorite projects with no new fires to put out—there are no planetary connections today.

Sunday May 29

The Moon goes void after its conjunction to Jupiter in Aries while we sleep, at 3:28 am. If you’re still partying by then, it’s time to go to bed. At 6:02 am, the Moon enters Taurus and finds where all the planets have been hiding. With a sextile to Neptune and a trine to Pluto to smooth our path, today promises to flow evenly toward our desired conclusions.

Monday May 30

We get a return to our experiences of a week ago, as the Moon reconnects Mars and Venus over the day. Relationship harmonies abound!

Tuesday May 31

The Moon makes its last contact before leaving Taurus a good one, as it conjoins Mercury at 8:37 am before going void of course (if you want to call it that in this Moon-dignified sign). It’s a good thing we can use this time fruitfully, because our largest satellite doesn’t enter Gemini until 4:56 pm. A square to Neptune opens us to a wistful energy, a more acute sense of what we’re learning to surrender to as we head into a Solar Eclipse tomorrow and Neptune’s retrograde station later this week.

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Carol Taylor May 19, 2011 at 1:53 am

Hi! I see the title of May 17th’s article says “All is Revealed”.
Well, between Schwarzenegger and the IMF head I have to wonder what’s up – 2 powerful men getting caught when decades of bad behavior are revealed.
Is this something to do with Pluto? Also one thing that bothers me is the complicity of the women, altho many complaied and tried to get justice. Still… it is confusing. (Written at the end of May 18, 2011)

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