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November 2010 Daily Success Guide – Free Astrological Forecast

by Terry Lamb on November 1, 2010

Daykeeper Journal Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, November 2010

We enter November in the midst of transformation, but we may be wondering where the action is. We want it to be over—fast!—but that’s not what’s happening energetically right now. The planets have us on a slow burn, allowing us to manage the transformative process more easily. In the meantime, it may feel more like we’re walking slowly over a large bed of hot coals than that we’re making progress toward a wonderful new future.

All energies point toward November 18, when five major planetary events occur in a rapid staccato. They are all part of cyclic processes that we know in our body wisdom. As we ache for the release that comes, we have plenty to do to prepare to make the best of this time.

Venus is taking us on her own journey through the Underworld, revealing to us our obstructions to love. By November 1, we know what the journey is about, but there are still a few surprises in store! As we establish our focus for the next 18 months (until Venus’s next retrograde), we have to tend the other irons in the fire as well.

Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, and Uranus are all near the end of their retrograde period. We feel ready for the next step. We’ve learned something(s) very important in the past four to five months, and we’ve adjusted our course. We feel eager to move ahead on a wiser and more delicious path than we would have taken last spring. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is the first to return to (apparent) forward motion, on the November 5. He is followed by Neptune on November 6, Jupiter on November 18, and Uranus on December 5. This gives us a continuous period of release in four steps (Chiron’s and Neptune’s at the same time).

After a cycle lasting 64 years, Chiron and Neptune have come together to begin afresh. They have been in a dance together in late Aquarius since early 2008. Although they only make one official conjunction on this round, they make their second near-miss on November 5 at their station.

This is still a very potent period for healing our Great Wound, the perception that we are separate from each other. Chiron-Neptune are giving us the chance to find where we are trapped by this illusion, dissolving our old ways of being through subtle changes in perspective. For instance, if you find it in your 12th house, you will be dissolving your perception that you are separate from the Cosmos; in the 7th house, you learn that you are not separate from your partner.

All four of these planets are also near the same degree, so that the Sun reaches and triggers a release of light from them, all within 3 days. November 18 brings the culmination of this peak, but wait! There’s more! We get a magnified dose of spiritual love as both Jupiter and Venus are stationary direct (SD) today as well. While this day will not be free of disappointment for everyone, it promises good things to come even if current events are unimpressive.

Our focus shifts right after the Full Moon on November 21, as Capricorn energy takes center stage. This begins with an event that is not in Capricorn, involving connector Mercury and activator Mars. On November 20 they conjoin (the first of 3), but their energies will be masked by the powerful ones on November 18 and the nearly Full Moon. Over the course of December and through January 17, Mercury will be piercing the veils that mask the truth, and Mars will be piercing through obstructions. This comes as they contact Pluto and the North Node. We get a strong brew of transformation and action when these planetary energies combine.

In general terms, this period (November 20 – January 17) is a time of reckoning, of choosing where we want to go. If we don’t choose to move forward, we will be choosing to stay where we are.

While there will always be other planetary windows to make major changes, this one has the force of many planets behind it—at your back giving you guidance and support. Because of where they are in their cycles, we get a powerful boost to new beginnings during this time.

The second planetary event from this series occurs when the backward-traveling North Node reaches Pluto. The (Mean) North Node reaches Pluto on November 27 (the True Node on November 8).

Mercury enters its retrograde shadow on November 22. The coming retrograde occurs partly in Capricorn, contacting the Lunar North Node, Pluto, and Mars, but also Neptune-Chiron, and Jupiter-Uranus. Mercury will carry messages to us from all the parts of our nature—a Great Integration. Integration is the key to clarity, and this is how and when our inner questions get answered. This process will “make it real.”

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast, November 2010

Monday November 1

The month opens with Moon in early Virgo, giving us a harmonious and productive ride through the day after a restless and revealing dream experience overnight. Venus retrograde sextiles Pluto, the second of three contacts on this Venus journey. We get to send up a periscope and see what progress we’re making here in the underworld. It’s not half bad!

Tuesday November 2

The Moon stays in unpretentious Virgo all day, contacting the planets of ingenuity and surprise—Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. Surprising results may surface from events on October 18-20, when the Moon conjoined Jupiter and Uranus. Mercury brings delicious hidden factors to light. This lasts until 5:36 pm, when the Moon’s void period begins. Her entry into peace-loving Libra at 10:19 pm sets the stage for exploring the depths tomorrow.

Wednesday November 3

In the wee hours, the Libra Moon squares Pluto, taking us on a dream journey into the deepest unconscious realms—the goldmine of true self-knowledge. We see how we need to apply it in real life when our lunar orb connects with Mars to boost our vitality and desire to act; and Saturn to motivate us to take another step toward accomplishing our greatest goals.

Thursday November 4

Lovely harmonies fill the day as Mercury trines Jupiter. It’s a great day to make agreements. The energies of the universe support us today if we can surrender to them, as Moon trines Neptune and Chiron. The trine to Chiron opens to the Moon’s void-of-course period at 4:49 pm, lasting until her entry into subtle Scorpio at 11:15 pm. Enjoy an evening off the path of activity and intention!

Friday November 5

We are in the dark of the Moon, the balsamic phase of vision and insight. In Scorpio, we have a unique opportunity to discover our core truth about our most pressing situations. Relationships are on the front burner before we wake, as the Moon occults Venus then sextiles Pluto to carry forward the theme of “it must be deeply meaningful or I’m outta here.” At 9:52 pm, the Moon conjoins the Sun at 13°40′ Scorpio—the New Moon, heralding a new lunar month. Mercury actively squares Neptune and Chiron to bring clouds to our mental perceptions, allowing our inner senses a greater place in our awareness. We’ll see into the invisible world more easily tonight and tomorrow. Chiron is stationary direct (SD) today at 11:39 am. This ends five months (since June 4) of learning through the invisible forces how to heal our Great Wound of separation. You can use this energy by looking at where you feel burdened, for this is where you are trying to carry on alone instead of harmonizing with the universal flow to co-create what you want.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the New Moon occurs on November 6 at 0:52 am. This places the Sun-Moon conjunction exactly on the IC. This promises to be a significant lunar cycle for the nation, and with the mid-term election on the November 2 just behind us a new political balance is unfolding. The outcome is loved by the financial industry and may be a blessing in disguise. With Venus retrograde in this chart (and at the time of the election), the biggest battles are with and over women. The dynamic in the Senate will change more than that in the House.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Scorpio is “Through a seemingly inaccessible mountainous country the telephone linemen carry their thin lines of communication.” (ME Jones version) Communication occurs through the inner connection that we have with each other, even if we appear inaccessible on the surface. This is true for all of us: the veil of separation does not exist. By being conscious that all our thoughts communicate to others, we become aware of how we impact others, and how others impact us on hidden levels.

Saturday November 6

At 11:05 pm, the other shoe drops when Neptune returns to forward motion (stationary direct, SD), bringing further clarity to this year’s quest for spiritual meaning and healing. This occurs at the end of a busy day for the planets, as the Moon in Scorpio hooks up with the planets at the tail-end of the signs. The action starts in mid-afternoon with trines to Jupiter and Uranus and squares to Neptune and Chiron. It’s a great time to be alert, since the Moon will send signals about how we’re doing with them as they change directions. New understanding and a compelling direction could emerge. Mercury finishes its interaction with these giants as well with a trine to Uranus, bringing miraculous communications, pleasantly surprising plot twists, and ingenious insights. The Moon enters its void period at 8:44 pm when it conjoins Mercury to bring head and heart into perfect harmony. You deserve a break!

Sunday November 7

At 1:27 am (just prior to the return to Standard Time), the Moon goes into sojourning Sagittarius, conjoining Mars and sextiling Saturn over the day. This gives us focus and discipline to get our to-do list done! Save this day for those tasks you’ve been putting off around the house, or get out and do something else postponed. You’ll feel lighter when the job is done. At 7:07 pm, Venus returns to Libra in its retrograde travel. We have a change of heart about things emotional, and we are more ready to allow our feelings to surface. As we’re more sure of what we feel, we take action.

Tuesday November 9

Our dream state is enlivened by Moon-Uranus, with a happy ending courtesy of Moon sextiling Venus before we wake. It sets a tone of contentment that lingers throughout the Moon’s void period, which starts at 4:35 am. We can resume normal action after 5:36 am, when the Moon enters savvy Capricorn. This puts us in a more sober mood, as the Moon moves over Pluto’s energy field. We know more about what’s really going on by the end of the day.

Wednesday November 10

What responsibilities have you let fall between the cracks? You could dream about them, as the Moon squares Saturn before you rise today. Recovery is easily possible and solutions available, as the Moon sextiles the Sun to foster a day of productivity.

Thursday November 11

The Capricorn Moon gives us another shot at a door of opportunity that we may have passed up previously, when it sextiles Jupiter and Uranus. As these planets slow to turn direct, we are seeing such options in a new light. A simple, brilliant solution could be at hand. At 11:57 am, the Moon squares Venus before entering its void period. Don’t let a bad mood spoil this lull in the action—understand it, retreat from social contact if needed. You’ll feel better when the Moon goes into airy Aquarius at 2:32 pm.

Friday November 12

We are saturated with mental-social energy as the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius, then trines Saturn in Libra. Mind and body act as one, disciplined by the desire for peace, harmony, and balance amongst all beings.

Saturday November 13

The Moon reaches its First Quarter (waxing) square to the Sun at 8:39 am/21°12′ Aquarius. With conjunctions to Neptune and Chiron, and a trine to Venus active at the time, we are challenged to use our deepest understanding, our connection to universal love, and our feeling of connectedness to someone special to free us from the bondage of attachment and separation. Mercury and Mars will conjoin in the next week, bringing the truth to the surface. What a relief! At 10:33 pm, the Moon goes void on the soft aspect to Venus, which lasts until tomorrow at 2:24 am.

In Washington DC, the chart of this lunar event places the Sun on the Midheaven. This places the spotlight on the President, who will be called upon to chart a course for the nation as the new balance of legislative power becomes apparent. He may have a few tricks up his sleeve that will work well for the nation, its economy, and him in his role as leader of the nation.

The First Quarter Moon’s Sabian Symbol is 22 Aquarius, (Jones) We are laying a new foundation now. For some, this will mean a literal move to a new location, with a new "carpet" under them. For others, it will be more symbolic. Take a moment to enjoy life at this new plateau. Whatever form your new reality takes, it opens a new field of possibilities.

Sunday November 14

Dreams and visions rule as the Moon enters Pisces at 2:24 am. New possibilities are potentiated by a sextile to Pluto, but we’ll have to figure out how our dreams will fit into or replace current plans and coordinate with others under a square to Mercury. Balanced and focused action is not only possible but virtually required as Mars sextiles Saturn. Don’t let this one pass you by—you’ll be wishing you’d taken that step in the coming three months.

Monday November 15

Moon in Pisces brings out the static in our situation when it squares Mars just before rising. Chances are we overdid it in our efforts to get everything done on the weekend! Listen to your body instead of pushing through, or injury may result. With the Sun also trining Jupiter, we want to push through, doing "just one more little thing". We feel a little omnipotent now—better if we have reserve energy, not so good if we’re depleted. There is no need to rush, as we’re in a window of open opportunity that will last at least a week.

Tuesday November 16

The Moon completes its sojourn through Pisces today, going void of course at 8:37 am. It goes out with a bang, making conjunctions to stationary Jupiter and Uranus; but a trine to the Sun smooths the way and creates the ingredients for miraculous events. At 2:59 pm, the Moon enters pioneering Aries and plunges us into the depths of the hidden realms as it moves toward a square to Pluto. It’s a good time to hibernate a little—restore, refuel, retreat, sleep.

Wednesday November 17

We feel the energies of release gathering once again, adding to those we experienced on the 5th and 6th, even though tomorrow is the official day of the shift. For today, the Moon in Aries helps us coordinate a direction for our next move. Action is the key word, as Mercury, Saturn and Mars come together to help us engage in swift, efficient, and coordinated action. Apply it in whatever areas of life you want. Mercury sextiles Saturn today, supporting the smooth execution of plans.

Thursday November 18

This is the big day, full of major planetary events that have been felt for at least several days now. Both traditional benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are returning to direct (forward) motion in a sign of their rulership—Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Pisces. This is very auspicious for happy outcomes and wonderful new beginnings. Although the Sun squares Neptune and Chiron to reveal what needs to be done to heal ourselves before the next cycle starts in February, a Sun trine to Uranus lifts us to new heights of ingenuity in resolving our dilemmas. Think outside the box! The Moon’s magic gets drowned out in the din of the other planets, but it plays its role in Aries, supporting the larger processes of the day by sextiling Neptune and opposing Venus. It goes void of course at 9:33 pm for the remainder of the day. Take note of your experiences today, because they will cast a long influence forward into your life.

Friday November 19

At 2:04 am, the Moon goes into artistic Taurus, allowing us to get friendly with Pluto as it trines this Lord of the Mysteries. Open yourself, and you will understand more about the hidden influences on your situation.

Saturday November 20

Ready for action? Mercury conjoins Mars today, the first of three conjunctions (second and third on December 12 and February 20) that will create a story of movement and manifestation in our lives. Whatever happens today (in fact, over the past week) will factor into our decisions and experiences through this time frame. The Moon in Taurus sextiles Jupiter in the late evening to bringing a warm feeling that should not be wasted. Cozy up with a loved one, or connect with friends over dinner and a movie.

Sunday November 21

Our experience of the lunar cycle that began on November 4 culminates today in the Full Moon at 29°18 Taurus/9:27 am. On its way, the Moon helps us pick up on an area of confusion and difficulty that needs attention, when it squares Neptune and Chiron, then heightens our intuition with a sextile to Uranus. Right after the Full Moon, the Moon is void of course until 10:46 am, although in Taurus the lunar energy is still accessible. On this Full Moon, it’s all over but the shouting by the time the Full Moon arrives. We understand that we need to look at things in an entirely different way than we thought, perhaps even dramatically changing our plans. This could be a warm and pleasant experience, but even if it is not, it is essential to eventual balance. We’re headed into a week of uncovering hidden surprises, as Mercury squares Jupiter and Uranus for the first of three times, part of the chain of events that will carry us to where we next need to land in our life. At 10:46 am, the Moon enters chatty Gemini.

In Washington DC, the Full Moon emphasizes commerce and foreign trade/relations. Economic issues loom in the background as solutions that support long-term economic health become essential. Our fearless leader is heard frequently and convincingly as complex matters facing the nation must be understood by the public. The American public is confused about what’s happening and where the country is headed now that they see the effects of the election more clearly.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is 30 Taurus, "A peacock parades its splendor on the quiet lawn of an old palace garden in dignified solitude." (Jones) Beauty is still beauty, even if there is no one to behold it. Hold to what you know is true and move in the direction of truth when the opportunity appears.

Monday November 22

Today, Mercury enters its retrograde shadow (the degrees of the zodiac that it will later return to in its retrograde transit). Pay attention to how activities, communications, and connections with others fall in your experience. (Mercury’s retrograde begins December 10.) At 2:15 am, the Sun enters Sagittarius, bringing the energy of transcendence into our lives, after delving into the dark and hidden mysteries in Scorpio. The Moon in Gemini helps us get our work done when it harmonizes with Saturn and opposes Mars. We’re energized, but being in a hurry will slow us down and reduce our enjoyment.

Tuesday November 23

The Gemini Moon makes the rounds of the planets today, and we will benefit by leaving some space in our schedule for unexpected events and interruptions, especially in the morning. A surprise invitation could be in store, as an air grand trine is created when the Moon trines Neptune-Chiron and Venus. Social connections made today will be extra beneficial. Find your peeps and see what’s cooking! The Moon goes into its void period at 1:56 pm, until 5:14 pm when it enters caring Cancer. This is a better day for travel than tomorrow, if you’re thinking of making the holiday journey.

Wednesday November 24

The Moon in Cancer opens deep feelings through our dream state when it opposes Pluto as we sleep. This fosters maximum awareness of what’s real in our lives as the Moon moves into a square to Saturn over the day. This may be uncomfortable but it helps us define our path. Holiday travel is likely to be even more slow and challenging than usual for this day.

Thursday November 25

Thanksgiving Day finds us with timing issues as Mercury squares Jupiter. It will be hard to coordinate visits and get the people all together in one space that we want. Meals may be marked by food under- or over-cooked, with some items not finished on time. This is not a problem if you go with the flow and remember that the purpose of the gathering is not to provide a perfect meal but to share with those we love—the Moon’s message for the day. At 7:44 pm, the Cancer Moon goes void of course, entering lively Leo at 10:01 pm.

Friday November 26

The Moon in Leo trines the Sun, building a warm glow of gratitude in our hearts for those we love and the abundance we share with them. With a sextile to Saturn ending the day, we find comfort in our social connections.

Saturday November 27

Clarity comes in the morning on Mercury sextiles to Neptune and Chiron. If you remember your dreams, take note. They contain the seeds of solutions to areas where you feel blocked. Mercury later squares Uranus, adding volatility to our speech and mood, and bringing unexpected plot twists into our current story. Moon-Mars and Moon-Mercury trines lift our spirits and spread joy. Laughter will clear our hearts of sadness.

Sunday November 28

At 0:30 am, the Moon enters its void-of-course period in Leo carrying love and optimism from a sextile to Venus. This grants us a brief period "between the worlds", until she enters Virgo at 1:34 am. A trine to Pluto keeps it real and leads us into the Last Quarter Moon square to the Sun, at 12:36 pm/6°30′ Virgo. A parting of the ways is at hand, as Pluto and the North Node connect. We’ll feel like it’s time to make life changing decisions, and we are challenged to balance what we want with what we feel is "reasonable" or "practical". In the end, we need to follow the path with heart, or we won’t have the energy to complete it.

In Washington DC, the chart shows no hot-button patterns in critical places, but the patterns are there for future challenges that are rooted in legislative gridlock, to come out during December. The economic health of the country as well as foreign relations are likely to be impacted as events unfold.

At 7 Virgo, the Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon is, "The women’s quarters of an Oriental palace are revealed: Here are the bright and unafraid eyes of cloistered souls." (Jones) There is a difference between protection and confinement, and it has to do with whether the doorknob is on the inside or outside of the door. A situation where we feel confined may actually be a protection for us. During the coming week, we may hear of groups of people who are enslaved in various ways, as well as others who see their confinement as a protection.

Monday November 29

The potential for conflict exists today as Mars squares Jupiter, but this is most likely to feel like internal agitation or unrest about the things we are still trying to accomplish this year. We feel in a hurry to get on with it all. Venus re-enters Scorpio at 4:35 pm, leading us one more time through the mysteries of love, now with less drama. The Moon, still in Virgo, creates a T-square with Mars and Jupiter-Uranus to stimulate our desire to act, but with a tendency to scatter our forces rather than act efficiently. The reason is that there are many small tasks that must be completed to support the larger one you want to get to.

Tuesday November 30

At 3:17 am, the Moon enters its void period in Virgo, following a square to Mercury that makes for restless dreams. At 4:15 am, the Moon enters Libra, bringing deep feelings to the surface as it moves into a square with Pluto. Our new awareness feeds solutions that arise out of the Moon’s next contact, a sextile to the Sun. Mercury takes us into more cautious ways of thinking when it enters Capricorn at 4:11 pm.

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