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Astrological Influences for June 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on June 1, 2010

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With Saturn now in direct, late-Virgo motion, June’s underlying theme is effective productivity, particularly in areas which are meant to bear fruit in a longer run, involving others and/or the greater world. What we do/how we go about doing it also ultimately works best when motives are about accomplishment rather than self pleasuring, but this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Nor do you have to be “conservative” or fuddy-duddy about your aim or approach—far from it! With Uranus having just sounded the bell of change by moving into the “I Am” sign of Aries gives us a June during which things are on the move and energy, focus and attitudes are shifting.

Do new parameters mean we have to rethink? Maybe. Will some of us resist? Absolutely—count on it! But when we consider that not only has Uranus moved out of emotional, fantasy-oriented, inspirational Pisces into the do-or-die (or at least be really ticked off!) sign of Aries, with June also being a pre-(solar) eclipse month…? This is a double dose of status quos beginning to break down. So resistance isn’t likely to work. July’s eclipse highlighting twists and turns of destiny, we can all expect a few shake ups and shake outs. So we can change with the times or be changed by the times—that’s the option!

But let’s focus on June…the first few days of which are likely to bring adjustments and the recognizing of things unfinished and things that just need dealing with. The more we try to avoid, the harder life comes at us about these things; while you may be able to run away, don’t be surprised if that brings about some sudden crunch of (apparent) “fate.” For those willing to work through what shows up, there may be interruptions, discomforts, annoyances (maybe even an upset or two) but this isn’t about negatives: its feedback. Life is trying to teach us where we need to be more “solid” with/in ourselves. Why? Because the more internally connective and self-responding we all, the more we will get out of things soon to come. So if these days are stressful, try to focus not just on immediate feelings—ask yourself why you’re so reactive. That answer will be important to your ability to achieve goals going forward.

The next step in June’s process is Mercury conjuncting Sedna and Achilles in Taurus on June 4, a little test of maturity. Personal petulance surfacing now may manifest as entitlement, projected hostility or emotional selfishness which you may feel or have thrust upon you. No matter which way the door swings, the real question is whether you have the strength of willingness to resist the (Achilles) temptation to fight only for the vain glory of victory…which if you remember the story, gets Achilles killed (not good). And because Sedna is all about our ability to accept that true potential is only discovered after we let go of what we want in favor of what we’re capable of…

…yes, we may have to exert ourselves a little. We may have to put out effort. But this effort isn’t about the thing or other person—efforts now are about growing into a new understanding of the need and benefit which comes from governing the person we are.

Interestingly, since Jupiter enters Aries on June 6 (June 5 in the Americas and Pacific region) there’s reason to think all this has a positive personal purpose. Those who work through challenges are likely to garner some sort of “earned opportunity.” Even those who don’t pass “Go” and collect their cosmic allowance are likely to experience a resurgence of confidence under this influence. Is it a rainbow after the storm? The dawn of a new day? Maybe. But given that Jupiter in Aries (especially early Aries) is very pro-active, all will be better for your taking new opportunities and really running with them. Or running with them in a new way. Or to a new purpose. Or using new tools or contacts.

There is a down side however…some folks experience Jupiter in Aries as arrogance. Or overblown grandeur. Some will overspend or overexert themselves. Under Jupiter in Aries, we often “finally” see things we denied under Jupiter in Pisces. Or which were there but we didn’t see the true potentials of. You may not have felt emotionally in the right place to deal with these challenges before—now you do. So go for it!

For those who are truly brave, Jupiter in Aries is also a useful time for restructuring your life. That may be financial, that may be personal, physical, moral, emotional or intellectual. During the next year, many people will “reinvent” themselves. Or find they need to. Uranus in Aries carries a big dose of this theme to which now we’re adding Jupiter in Aries. This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so: who do you really want to be when you grow up, considering what you know about yourself as a person?

The stability and sobriety for the month comes from several sources. Part of it is Saturn moving through late Virgo (the challenge to “do better” and “more effectively” towards a worldly goal which can support us as a person). But the engine’s power-pack is all Mars, a planet which describes not the pace of life, but the pace at which we tackle our life. Having been in exuberant but self-testing (and testy!) Leo, Mars moves into Virgo on June 7 (June 6 in the Americas and Pacific Basin).

And as it does so, it encounters TNO (Plutino) Orcus. Mars in Virgo (“very steady wins the race”) tells us this is a good time to….Read the remainder of Boots’ Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s unavailable on the free site—with a Premium Subscription, just $5.95 per month.

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