Astrological Poem—Full Circle

by Susan Ironfield on November 1, 2009

Human nature:  text in twelve parts. Imagine
first the full round displayed, lore-mandala
rose-window twelve-rayed across the dark,
vibrant but flat, to make the global legible.
The shaped separate bits of colour hold their right
share of light—graded, aligned, integrated
to images that mirror meaning in mind and matter,
in each signed sector. These are distinct but linked,
cyclic elemental geometry of trines:
fire, earth, air, water, states of being
radiant-active, solid-bodily, gaseous-mental,
fluid-feeling. Behind the modal panels, planets
move and glow. Solar-drawn—but look up!
they are where they are, with sun and moon, around us.
The resonance of the macro-microcosmic field,
the archetypal governance, the guiding lights
of old gods are in every detail demonstrable.

Here the signs speak—are spoken to—as types.
But people are composite, although sun-centred.
Each life-chart weaves a world that time’s transits
help to lead along a learning-curve, to turn,
with luck and good management, negatives to positives—
not burned: warmed, not buried: firmed,
not dispersed: inspired, not drowned: resolved.

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