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Oak Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

As tends to be the case around the beginning of each new year, Luna’s new cycle begins in Capricorn. Her influence now gets us in the moon for setting goals. This year’s portal, however, presents a special set of alternative unfoldings, which include major problems and/or dynamic opportunities for inner and outer progress.

The lunation is connected to the New Year, whose chart has been described by Maya Del Mar as presaging hard work, problem solving and spiritual growth. A series of tight squares in fixed signs indicate notable challenges. How will these pressures play out in our lives and what kind of problems can we expect to be working on?

If we take into account the enormous creative power invested in our energy beings, we can see the coming year, and especially this initial lunation, as a chance to exercise our sacred free will. If we choose to focus directly on lasting spiritual growth, we will receive both that growth and the greatest victory in any upcoming challenges.

Spiritual growth is a vast subject, with as many variations as there are individuals. However, the Sabian symbol for this New Moon hints at a particular area to be emphasized now, an area which just may hold the key to planetary wellness.

Note: Maya Del Mar was the first astrologer to begin including the symbol for astrological degrees from the Sabian oracle in her moon reports. In doing so, she set the pace for what has since become a contemporary tradition.

At this portal, the symbol is both short and moving as it alludes to the power which can carry us through the coming year with success. We shall share the full quote from Maya’s Daily Success Guide:

“AN ALBATROSS FEEDING FROM THE HAND OF A SAILOR. The overcoming of fear and its rewards. The communion of love and compassion can bring together the most disparate of lives. The power of such a culture of harmlessness and compassion generates TRUST everywhere.”

How can we glean universal guidance for spiritual goals from this symbol? Almost every spiritual tradition retains some version of the Golden Rule, which basically refers to love as the central energy of relating to ourselves and others. Physicist Dan Winter goes beyond the Golden Rule to what he calls the “golden mean,” a term referring to the specific electromagnetic frequency emitted by the heart when we synchronize with feelings of love, a frequency capable of awakening our DNA’s unused potential. To overcome the barriers that keep us from loving others and ourselves… this can be the work not just of a year, but a golden trail to follow for many lifetimes, in the process achieving miracles of freedom: releasing our spirits from the ego’s stranglehold, and releasing the planet from the myths of fear and separation that distance us from others nations, peoples and species. These same myths are promoted by imperialist concerns, which can render humanity mentally and politically divided and conquerable.

Pre-Prayerations for the New Year-New Moon

Energize your space with a tree, branches, sprigs, or leaves, either pine or oak, as well as white or pink onyx and rose quartz crystal, and sea water, sea fossils or shells. You may choose to dress in Capricorn colors such as black or gray, combined with white. Burn white candles. Light pine or sandalwood incense, invoking Archangel Hanael and/or The Angels of Sustained and Focused Efforts to assist you in creating and consolidating your goals.

Establish your goals for alchemical love

Reflect on the Sabian symbol and the possibility of a more loving planetary community. Then ask yourself what kind of progress you personally most need to manifest this ideal. State your goals for love awareness for in writing. Some examples for inspiration:

  • Releasing resentment or fear towards a certain group or individual (specify).
  • Dusting off and acting on good intentions as I reach out to help a certain group, individual or species (specify).
  • Learning to trust the Love that comes to me through all people and situations.
  • Giving myself permission to receive all the love that the Universe has for me.
  • Healing my inner child as I learn to love myself unconditionally.

Affirmations for the Capricorn New Moon

This is an excellent portal for beginning a cycle of prayer to raise personal and planetary love vibration. Words like the following can help you reach this most magical of all goals and move Terra into the dimension it longs for. Repeat your love affirmations for about 15 minutes.

There is a force of love in my heart, I now remember that force. (Slowly and with attention placed on heart area:) I connect with my love for myself and for (name one by one those persons and groups that you have felt fear, irritation or discomfort towards. Do this slowly, remembering any kind of kindness, human concern or compassion they may inspire and focusing only on those feelings until you really are centered in love toward each of them). I trust the love that flows between us and that generates only good in this and in all my relationships. The love and trust that I now feel in my heart connect me with the love and trust in the hearts of all others, and we enclose the world in victorious love and trust now.

Follow Up

Refer to your love-goals each morning, refining them as desired and committing to act on them at least once a week, along with your daily, prayerful initiative, based on the above affirmations—or your favorite equivalent. Repeat them at least 15 minutes a day.

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