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Crystal Pomeroy

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January Cancer Full Moon

by Crystal Pomeroy

Our spiritual magic for the New Moon preceding this Full Moon emphasized empowering our most transcendent goals and consciousness of unity. Truly, Divine Love can provide and is providing all the miracles and guidance you need to express the victory of good in each and every one of your concerns.

However, elevating the level of our love and faith can seem to be a rather ominous challenge. Anyone who has made a sincere effort to rise above judgmental tendencies, unless they are a monk or a hermit, has experienced just how challenging it can be to remain in a peaceful, sweet mind frame in the midst of apparent insults, aggression or injustice. On the stage of world affairs, the difficulties of sustaining unity and kindness are played out as the constant threat of planetary disasters caused by contending political blocks.

Those of us who are concerned about current initiatives towards massive military destruction will appreciate a metaphor shared by Daykeeper reader M. Lovette, in a poem about a mouse who asks a dove the weight of a snowflake.

"Nothing more than nothing," is the dove's reply.

The mouse than procedes to describe how he's been watching for hours, counting the snowflakes that pile up on a branch.

"Their number was exactly 3,741,952. When the next snowflake dropped onto the branch— nothing more than nothing, as you say—the branch broke off."

The dove concludes, "Perhaps there is only one person's voice lacking for peace to come about in the world."

And what if that voice is raised in effective prayer? Our individual prayers, voiced singly or with small groups, to persist in a peaceful, loving attitude, as we also hold to that awareness for world relations, may make the most significant difference available so that the branch of war, of separation and of discord may drop from the panorama of Earth's future.

Following Maya's signals, this Full Moon is a especially powerful time to strategize for unconditional love. Furthermore, the Sabian symbol she shares emphasizes an Indian tribe. A powerful strategy for personal and planetary peace and unity would certainly include a program of prayer or meditation, which many Daykeeper readers may already sustain. At this Full Moon, a particularly timely, strategic intervention is the East Cherokee prayer bundle, designed to align ancestral archetypes of native guides and physical elements with our decrees, thus breaking through any apparent resistance to the miracles we seek.

Those who venture to apply this esoteric strategy will quite likely discover for themselves that the Great Spirit and the native guides on the invisible plane are very much present to intervene on our behalf, and that certain prayers can be palpably weightier in the balance of things than a snowflake.


Materials to have on hand for each participant:

• An approximately 4" x 4" square of blue cotton material (or cotton mix).
• A fifteen-inch (or longer) strand of blue or red yarn.
• Three pinches of cornmeal.
• A slip of paper.
• A feather.

Each person should also have their own gifts for the spirit of the West, (which is related to inner knowing, emotions, right brain functions). These can be natural or personal objects such as a very special shell, crystal, piece of wood or jewelry, and so on.

To quote the East Cherokee source for most of the bundle instructions, "Remember, you're asking the spirit of that direction for catalyzing help; so don't be "stingy" about your gift or gifts. What you put out, you receive in return."

Making the Prayer Bundle

1. Light your incense and candle, and, facing the West, call on Native Guides and Spirits, which may include for this ceremony Grandmother Deer, Grandmother Medicine Bear, and the Great Spirit, as well as your own favorites.

2. On a slip of paper, concentrate fully as you write a decree to the effect that:

"Love is working in me and in my world to tip the balance towards peace and unity in my awareness and affairs. Love is now at work in every inhabitant of Earth to tip the balance towards peace and unity in all nations and between all nations now."

3. Wrap your prayer slip, gifts and three pinches of cornmeal in the piece of blue cloth and tie closed, with your feather on the outside (to take your prayers flying), with a piece of yarn. 

4. Give thanks that the guides and spirits are assisting you and all beings in releasing any tendency towards guilt or blame, and that they and the Great Spirit are now moving in your consciousness and in all creation to express loving, peace-filled outcomes now.

5. Take your prayer bundle to the most natural woodsy or bushy area you can find, and after requesting permission to do so from your favorite leafy friend, tie it to a branch on the west side. 

6. Interestingly, this prayer bundle is said to begin showing results within two weeks, if your free will can choose them. Given this time frame, it would be most effective along with a daily affirmation for receiving your highest good during the remainder of this Moon Cycle (two weeks), such as,

"I receive the peace and joy that divine love has put in my midst. I envision the entire planet responding to the divine love, peace and joy that is touching it now."

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